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FileJoker links in Idol Downloads

Discussion in 'Idol Downloads' started by chompy, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. chompy

    chompy slacker Staff Member Super Moderator Emperor

    FileJoker links are required for all new threads and content posts in the Idol Downloads subforum.

    This means that you must include FileJoker links if you post a new thread or reply to an existing thread with new links in the Idol Downloads subforum.

    If you wish to post links from another site as well, you must post FileJoker links above any other links.

    Failure to comply with this rule will result in your thread being removed, and repeat rulebreaks will result in suspension or banning.
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  2. Dragonus

    Dragonus Active Member

    Should ban aikonhey. He keeps putting up links that expire after a day or two.
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  3. jackston

    jackston ASSMAN

    Ban aikonhey?!!! One of the hardest working members on this site!!! I think we should ban you and your inflammatory comments, as your "active member" status consists solely of you whining and complaining about the stuff you're downloading for FREE, because apparently you're doing THEM a favour by downloading their stuff and they're only doing it for money (Why else should they be doing it, to please ungrateful people like you?!!!). How about you stop downloading (and therefore avoid disappointment) and start uploading some free stuff on various hosts (and therefore put your money where your mouth is). Eagerly awaiting your amazing contributions to this site :rolleyes:.
  4. tchadoobo

    tchadoobo Active Member

    filejoker is getting worse more and more.
    It's time to look for a new sponsor.
  5. GravureMan1984

    GravureMan1984 New Member

    Why is this whole site enslaved to Filejoker?

    Even when you buy a premium pass you get restricted download data limits. What's the point? Is there no competitor who actually gives you unlimited download data with premium?

    Bought FJ premium and it was actually 30GB with a FIVE DAY recharge period. Absolutely bogus.