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Jun 29, 2010
As a matter of fact, yes, registered Filejoker users, those who use us for download and storage will also get some perks!

Like a long overdue increase to the download cap?

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Nov 11, 2015
why do files only stay online for an hour before they get deleted its hard to download anything even with premium
the service itself seems offline quite often too for example right now the site or downloads wont load at all
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Aug 14, 2010
the site works quite nice.
do you use a server or a VPN?

unfortionately they have blocked most of them :(


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Sep 2, 2010
Guys, you need to earn less than $15 per day to receive minimum payout weekly. This is not that much. That's like what, 3000 downloads per day or 1-3 sales per day on average. Our minimum payout is set to $100, because making tons of $1-50 payments simply is not reasonable. First of all we pay once a week. Secondly, every payment, every single time is checked by us for fraud and various cheating techniques uploaders may use. That takes time and effort.
We are mostly looking for serious webmasters who want to earn serious money. If a partner earns say around $150 weekly or more it doesn't matter what is the minimum payout is - $10, $50 or $100. If partner does uploading just as a hobby and it is not a source of income partner relies on, in that case the minimum payout doesn't really matter as well and it sure is nice to get a 100$ or more instead of like 20$. Fixating on highish minimum payout is a waste of time.
Our main goal is help our partners to earn as much as possible and we do our best to achieve it.

It would be very nice if the minimum payout for wire transfer would also be $ 100 instead of $ 1000 and of course with a more normal fee instead of $ 60. (From the FileJoker website: Min. payout for Wire Transfer is $1000. Transfer fee is $60.) :(
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Jan 20, 2009
I'm trying to pay for premium for this site but my cards won't be accepted. The PayWeb method even blocked my IP for making too many requests. The nerve! Maybe if my cards were accepted in the first place this wouldn't happen! Anyone has a recommended reseller to buy from? That seems like my only option.

EDIT: I've looked through them and they all trick you into making an account just to put you either through PayWeb again or some other wallet service. Seems like buying bitcoins is the only option here as I do not want to sign up for any of these services and deposit my money into God knows what.
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Mar 26, 2008
I've had problems with download limits in the last week. As an example, an hour ago I was told I had 39 GiB remaining. Less than an hour later, after downloading less than 1 GB of data, I'm told I have 834 MiB remaining. I've used the Contact Us form and email, but I've not had a reply yet.


Mar 9, 2015
The last 2 requests are not regular or often cases. The best solution for any situation is contact me via PM with detailed explanation and username (or e-mail).


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Jul 27, 2015
Yet another download from Filejoker failed right before completion. So I have to wait another 6 hours. Is this intentional?

Making it impossible for free users to download could encourage them to buy premium, but it could also do the opposite. It doesn't seem like a good strategy. I am starting to lose patience myself.
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Jul 23, 2008
Is weird, cant "Like" posts, message error appears and say im posting when im just i pres Like :(

That is just a system error of some type. A programming bug. Post in the "Site Support" section or just ignore it. The posters just want your downloads not your Like's anyway (when it comes to the direct download sections anyway). If it really bothers you all you can do is remind the Admins they need to fix that.


Jul 27, 2016
The traffic limit should be mentioned somewhere on the FileJoker website!
I know I can see my remaining traffic in the "My Account" section but because it doesn't reset every day it is really confusing. I logged in today and saw that my traffic didn't reset and I only thought "but why?".
I had to search on Google to find the answer how much traffic I have and when it will reset.
In my opinion you should at least write about it in the FAQ question section!
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Apr 12, 2007
Yeah that's one important detail they've never included before signing up. One could conclude that bait and switch is at play, so really they are liable if they don't include that somewhere. Is it written down in small print anywhere?
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Mar 9, 2015
The traffic limit should be mentioned somewhere on the FileJoker website!

Actually, anybody can find this information on the TOS page (6. Customer Data):
Premium Account allows to download 40 GB of data per any 3 consecutive days. This limit resets automatically every day in strict accordance with account usage.
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