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Mar 23, 2017 at 3:05 PM
Mar 8, 2008
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Akiba Citizen

rayheng0595 was last seen:
Mar 23, 2017 at 3:05 PM
    1. Xillian
      Thanks for all the contributions! You wouldn't happen to have either of the Power Babe or Invincible girl episodes from hero1ne_per1l or ?
    2. wwwkwww
      hey master! please upload 'Mask Of Kashnaktu ep3 ' I love you!
    3. kingston111
      tggp-87 link is down, could you re-upload it?
    4. Rocky123
      Hey, Rayheng can you reupload ZDAD-75 and CGBD-08 ? None of the link seem to work anymore.
    5. Fomebs
      Hey Rayheng, may I ask for a reupload of TRE-68 if you still have it? Looks like nobody else reuploaded it in two years.
    6. Rocken
      Hi Ray

      Are you the same guy who runs thehsfc3.me ?

      Kindest regards
      Rocken :-)
    7. bluedu
      Hi rayheng0595, Could you upload GIRO-26 Justy Wife the Housewife Heroine Episode 1, please? Thanks a lot in advance.
    8. fhkeisuke
      could you upload ZEOD-28? please ! i really want to watch it.
    9. hieutheking
      hi, do you have other jav wrestling ryona ACJ series ? if you have please upload it @@ thanks you very much
    10. tomonedi
      can you reupload gvrd-53? the links you gave us 2 years ago are all dead and i cant find any filejoker links that i can trust.
    11. john belcher
      john belcher
      I was wondering if you have this video (Another SSSGP Grand Prix - Lesbian bout Vol.01), living in the U.S. I'm not able to buy it. I have hundreds of Japanese female wrestling videos and thousands of American female wrestling videos and I'd be willing to trade as many as 5-10 videos for this one video... let me know and thank you (http://www.akibacom.jp/english/products/detail.php?product_id=21584)
    12. past-Huang
    13. eswete
      Dear Ray.
      I'm a bit late and your GHOR-74 links are no longer available.

      Umm can you re-up the k2c part 3 and 4 for the least? Because i got the other 2 already
      thank you :)
    14. nutgras
      By the way, I have both the videos requested by peelo and Hehehaha1234 along with thousands of other videos! I have been collecting for many years!
    15. nutgras
      Hi, I am interested in trading videos. If you are interested you can get me on nutgras@yahoo.com.au.
    16. arnold22947
    17. Tikkler
      Hi Rayheng, looks like you do some amazing work here… I'm wondering if there's way to repost old GIGA titles with YNO and NDH labels - I know these go way back, and the links from 2011 are long gone. I am looking for YNO-05, 17, and 63, and NDH-28 and 30. If you can't repost them here, do you have any other suggestions for how to find them? Thank you.
      1. Tikkler
        Hi Rayheng, just following up on this… is there any way to get access to these older vids? Thanks...
        May 30, 2016
      2. Tikkler
        What's the point of posting all these questions when nothing gets answered? This I don't understand.
        Jun 14, 2016
    18. boukenkabuto
      Hello rayheng, I hope you can upload ZEOD-16, it's talk about evil dress like giga series.
      It's so great.
    19. BlackGloves
      Hi Rayheng,it seems all links are dead in your recent posts of GHOR-18, GHOR-20, TBB-74, TRE-88, GHOR-16, GPTM-33 and GHOR-17. If I may ask, could you please fix any of them? Really appreciate your time and input.
    20. Angelic Kitten
      Angelic Kitten
      I noticed you made a video jpg for the out takes for GHOR-22 but that the link was never posted.

      If there was a problem with the video, that's fine, i can live without them, but if this is an oversight, could you please post the link for the out takes?
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