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Oct 31, 2020 at 1:02 PM
Mar 8, 2008
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rayheng0595 was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Oct 31, 2020 at 1:02 PM
    1. SomeRandomMang
      Hi Rayheng, could you please PM or email me your base? My email is derppotato99@gmail.com. I would also appreciate it if you could tell me how to rip videos from GP player directly. Regards.
    2. LingerieThief
      Hey Rayheng, I miss your content. Please email or PM me your new base. skunkwood@gmail.com
    3. senordescartes
      Hey Rayheng, you are the only reason I visit this forum. Please email or PM me your new base. senordescartes@gmail.com
    4. fyrlandt
      Hi rayheng, could you send me the new superheroine base?

      Email is fyrlandt@gmail.com
      Thanks so much~
    5. fireroy830
      Hi rayheng, been following you for many years and want to thank you for your efforts and contribution. Could you please PM me your new base address?
    6. vincentmax
      Hi Rayheng... long time follower... Can you also show me new base, please?.
    7. roccatae
      Hi rayheng,
      Thanks for your contribution these years. Is there a new form?
      Could you please share me your new base address? My email: roccat@126.com
    8. ericlcw81
      Hi rayheng, been a fan for many many years. Thanks a lot for ur contribution. Pls send me ur new base address. My email: ericlcw81@yahoo.com
    9. R3minscence
      Hey rayheng , firstly thank you for your contributions over the years, have been a fan for more than 10 years. whenever i wanted to find any vid i'll search your channel because i know you'll probably have it. Also could you pm me where you plan to post next ? Thanks again !
    10. wangxixixi
      Hey, rayheng. Thanks for your contribution these years. Could you please send me your new base address? My email: wangxihappyhappy@gmail.com
    11. Rene Sebastian Groyon
      Rene Sebastian Groyon
      where's the superheroine videos despite it got banned? Send me some Rampaigerrene@gmail.com for the links
    12. mani37ova
      Thank you for your efforts for years. I’m a big fan of you.
      Would you please send me messages about your new base of superheroines?
    13. angelB123
      Hi Ray, i am your biggest fans appreciating your great contribution for more than 10 years. Thanks for your all uploads and efforts.
    14. BWdevice
      Sir you've been a real trooper, thanks for your efforts. Can I get a pm of your new base?
    15. arsion
      Just want to add that your posts were THE reason to come to this site. THANK YOU!
      Also could you PM where you plan to post next? Arigatou!
    16. iamxqj
      Hi Rayheng ,you are my hope to stay at this forum. If you still have new base, Pls let me join.Thanks! Email:randalobrien31415@gmail.com
    17. weizard
      Hi Rayheng, also wanted to thank you for all of your contributions. Would be awesome if you can PM me when your new base is ready.
    18. senbonsakara
      Hi rayheng,thank you for all these years' contribution.Would be great if you can pm me your new base.
    19. kitada87
      pm me your new base also
    20. lordstorm
      Hi Rayheng another thanks for all the great stuff over the years and another request for a PM to your new base when set up.
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    Join the files (.001, .002....) with FFJS (download here):
    or hjsplit:
    Mac version of hjsplit:
    I'm not interested in trading atm, please don't send messages about trading. Really sorry for not having enough time to read and reply to each of the messages. : )
    Thanks! : )