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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by chompy, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. KaiEr

    KaiEr Active Member

    You misunderstood. I’m not talking about any safety/security issues; I’m referring to the irony issue.
    The idea that we are forced to use a site that has an awesome response time for copyright violations, yet this site is pretty much nothing but a forum for sharing copyrighted material.
  2. KaiEr

    KaiEr Active Member

    Jeeze.... First they throw out that idiotic change where you need to actually be on the page while the 2 minute counter counts down, now they have "free download slots"?
    "No free download slots are available at this time.
    Please try again later or upgrade to Premium and download right now!"
  3. Senior Idol

    Senior Idol Member

    Does Filejoker even exist? I purchased a premium membership through a reseller two and a half DAYS ago. I received the key 28 hours ago, promptly registered with Filejoker, but Filejoker STILL has not sent my confirmation e-mail so that I can use my key. In the old days, other file hosts provided instant access and had real customer service. If any of the Akiba moderators read this, PLEASE contact Filejoker and tell them to WAKE UP! I am trying to support Akiba and have been a member for many years.
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  4. jongroove

    jongroove Active Member

    I hope someone can answer my Filejoker question.
    I purchased Premium account yesterday using the link provided here on Akiba.
    Today on my account page I see that it has a LIMIT of 70MiB left for me.

    I emailed them with no response.

    Can someone tell me what the issue is?

    Thank you.
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  5. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    There a 40GB per 3 days limit so if you downloaded some already, that would be why.

    Yesterday was pretty weird though, my limit disappeared in my account so they may be making changes or maintenance and that's possibly the cause of the problem.
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  6. granatnik

    granatnik Well-Known Member

    Probably the same change as the one that disabled logging in...

    ...without the browser at least. Download managers report bad account/password. That's a travesty.
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  7. _2old_

    _2old_ Love those pretty panties

    Same here. Confirmed that both my username and password are correct but Download Manager is refusing to accept them.
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  8. granatnik

    granatnik Well-Known Member

  9. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    You don't see/click the ads on their website if you use a download manager software so less potential revenue for them was my first thought, but I don't see any of them so... no idea.

    Maybe the server gets too many request from download manager trying to download more files or updating remaining bandwidth because of the long 3 day refresh rate is pretty much all I can think of, but I doubt it would be that big of an issue.

    They may just have switched to a new website framework and that's one of the default feature, might change in the coming days.

    Would be nice if they told us what is actually happening these past couple of days.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2016
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  10. granatnik

    granatnik Well-Known Member

    Bug for JDownloader has been marked as resolved, but I'm getting empty pages, no captchas, no logins... Got to wait.
  11. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    They just released(well, sometime in the past couple of hours) another update that actually fixes it.
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  12. fungyinho

    fungyinho Member

    Can anyone tell me the reason why quite a lot of filejoker download link upload by members become ineffective in just a few days?
    some download link become ineffective even was uploaded on yesterday
  13. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    Because robots automatically report a lot of the links posted here and filejoker(or any other host) has to comply and remove them.

    That's why I use a 3rd party site to hide my links, that way they stay up for a long time.
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  14. PJB

    PJB Spam filter killed all my posts! :(

    The limit is now 30GB per 3 days, 10GB less..
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  15. tslvr170

    tslvr170 Akiba Citizen

  16. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    Works fine for me even though that website says it's down.
  17. C00Lzero

    C00Lzero Administrator Conqueror

    filejoker will block out dedicated servers.
    my VPN and my dedicated server are blocked out by filejoker :)
  18. MaxFJ

    MaxFJ Representative

    Any partner can contact us and we will fix any issues with access from server/VPS/RDP/VPN etc.
  19. tslvr170

    tslvr170 Akiba Citizen

    Well I can't access using IPVanish.
  20. MaxFJ

    MaxFJ Representative

    Answered via PM.