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What games are you playing?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Maximus_Ahriman, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Ghostbird

    Ghostbird Make Somalia great again!!

    Looks really good from what I've seen.

    It has been about a decade since a good japanese (non nintendo or souls game) was released.
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  2. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    Bayonetta, Yakuza, The Last Guardian, MGSV, Street Fighter, Persona 3 & 4, Zero time trilogy! Just a few that came to mind.
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  3. EzikialRage

    EzikialRage Active Member

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Just started it. Its basically more like a buggy/glitchy version of Far Cry game instead a tactile first person shooter. You have a safe house, you have to unlock new weapons and upgrades. you can craft items, you can go to sleep and wake up and what ever time you want like in Far Cry series, drive around in a car.Hopefully there are some updates to fix the bugs/glitches.
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  4. kharo88

    kharo88 Well-Known Member

    Tekken 7. It's a lot of fun even though I'm still struggling with the controls. Putting in commands at the right time is so hard! Anyway, I decided to go with the keyboard as I can't seem to be able to pull off some combos with a controller. Yeah, I know... I obviously don't have any ambitions, but seeing the difference between the pros and poor old me just makes me want to learn the game so much at least to the point where I don't feel like a complete scrub. If anyone's on PC, in Europe and would like to play a bad Steve PM me and I'll add you on Steam!
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  5. incertus

    incertus New Member

    Baldur's Gate,my favorite RPG。
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  6. incertus

    incertus New Member

    Also I bought Fallout:new Vegas and Dark souls III, but alas, I installed to many mods for FNV and it only has 20FPS,also my laptop can't meet the requirement for Dark Souls III,so I have to play the old time games...however, I REALLY love Baldur's Gate。
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  7. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    I have the same problem with fighting games myself. I just can't press the damn buttons fast enough. I never play fighting games for this reason, which may be part of the problem obviously, but my twitch reflexes never seem quick enough which is why i tend to end up playing rpg titles instead. For instance, i saw some gameplay from Injustice 2 recently and was amazed at how good it looked. I remember downloading the first game as a freebie a few months back so thought i would give it a go. Big mistake. I just could not seem to get into the rhythm of it and most matches ended up with me simply hitting simple kicks and punches as i was crap at pulling moves. I definitely think playing with a controller does not help but surely it can't be that hard. Anyway, i gave up out of frustration and returned to Nier Automata (30 hours and only just got ending B).
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  8. kharo88

    kharo88 Well-Known Member

    My problem with the controller is that I just can't get the movement right. It doesn't matter if I use the arrows or the stick, I end up putting in commands that I don't want to happen, for example jumping backwards when I simply wanted to move backwards. The diagonal moves are a lot easier to execute with a stick though. Also, sometimes a button just registers twice and breaks the combo... I'm not even sure if I'm just that lame or if it's the controller (it's a fairly old one). Another problem is that some button-combinations just won't register on a keyboard... So I really don't know what to do. I'm definitely not at the level where I'd be justified in investing in a fighting stick. So I guess for now I'll just keep struggling!
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  9. I play Civilization V and VI, and Europa Univasalis 4.
  10. EzikialRage

    EzikialRage Active Member

    F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate.So far it doesn't seem to have the endless office buildings that the original has and it has some extra weapons that are not in the original.
  11. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    Oh forget playing on a keyboard. That's much tougher than even a controller. I just think it's one genre i'm going to take a pass on. I hate playing multiplayer games and so rarely touch fighting games. I just thought the story mode looked cool and something i could actually get into. Is there an easy mode where i can just one punch my way to victory but still win. Actually, that would just cheapen the whole experience, and just like watching it on twitch or something, i don't want to experience the brilliance of it without having earned it.
  12. notsure69

    notsure69 New Member

    League of Legends currently :p
  13. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    Yakuza 5! So nice to join Kazuma once again. It's been a few years since i played 4 (or was it dead souls?) but it's nice to fit back into the life of the hardened former gangster kicking ass all over town. It's been discussed here before but dating JAV models too!
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  14. supersam

    supersam Loves Bukkake, Loves Lesbians & Loves Gokkun!!

    Just finished Nier Automata (All playthroughs), having withdrawal symptoms :(
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  15. ognop

    ognop New Member

    Trails in the Sky. Kind of clunky but somehow nostalgic.
  16. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    Amazing game! The ending was simply fantastic, i hope you stuck with it and didn't give up. I know someone who decided to keep his save file, the numpty! Completely defeated the purpose lol.
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  17. ramensama

    ramensama New Member

    I'm working on Hollow Knight. It's pretty hard in places.
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  18. Javvee

    Javvee ユニコ - Only

    For ANDROID - Roll the Ball (Puzzle) 1.0 And 1.7.8 Versions


    Danger ... This can be very addictive!!.

    Roll The Ball Alpha Level 1-60 (Classic - Basic A)
    Lösung - Solution Walkthrough

    1.0 Version

    1.7 Version
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  19. Chinzu_87

    Chinzu_87 New Member

  20. Hans Kowalski

    Hans Kowalski Well-Known Member

    Hint: If someone gets hit during the credits shmup section, the other's save file isn't really deleted from the server, it's just make-believe.