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What games are you playing?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Maximus_Ahriman, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Maximus_Ahriman

    Maximus_Ahriman glasses...

    I just recently finished Rune Factory(great game), Luminous Arc(an ok game), and Zelda:pH(great) on DS.
    I just started Jeanne D'arc(I got this before Rune Factory and Zelda but I have been so addicted to Rune Factory that I forgot about this game. It is a great game so far though). I was also playing Brave Story and TotW on PSP but I didn't play them for a while.
    I just started on Persona 3 on PS2 and downloaded Soul Nomad and World Eater.
    I am planning on getting Front Mission DS, Pheonix Wright 3, FFT PSP, Disgaea PSP, and Hajime no Ippo on Wii. Not all at the same time of course.
  2. Denamic

    Denamic Swedish Meat Staff Member Super Moderator Former Staff

    • WoW
    • NFS: Carbon
    • NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer
    • Portal
    That's it for now.
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  3. handyman

    handyman Super Perv Former Staff

    Half-Life 2: Episode Two
    Peggle Extreme
    Team Fortress 2 (sometimes)
  4. Animan

    Animan The Mysterious Stranger

    Person 3
    Wild Arms 5
    MLB Power Pros
    Advance Wars DS
    Sega Rally Revo
  5. ecchi

    ecchi Godly Moé ! ( ¯‿¯)

    - trickster online
    - kinryu vs. xentex
    - unreal tournament
    - persona 3

    might try to play TF2, havent installed that game yet
  6. Law240

    Law240 Member

    Battle Field 2142 Free Multiplayer Demo (addictive ass hell O_O)
    Higurashi Daybreak (Very Good filler for SSBB super funny Multiplayer)
    Marvel VS Capcom
  7. akuma2002

    akuma2002 Moe is my life!

    At the moment, i'm playing :
    .Hack//Gu : Redemption (PS2)
    Fate Tiger Colosseum (PSP Jap)

    Next : Persona 3
    Finished recently : Jeanne d'Arc.
  8. lockh33d

    lockh33d Member

    Just finished playing Persona 3 and Halo 3:full:

    Currently I'm enjoying Blue Dragon(disc 3..whew), NBA 2k8 (this is way better than live08, IMO) and PGR 4
  9. clip

    clip New Member

    Ys Origins, Dreamfall, SevenHearts.
  10. Denamic

    Denamic Swedish Meat Staff Member Super Moderator Former Staff

    Dreamfall is a great game.
    Second only to Beyond good and Evil in the genre, not counting the monkey island games, as they are in a class of their own.
  11. Sarasa

    Sarasa Lost In The Web

    Finished Recently :

    Obscure II
    HL 2 Ep2
    Halo 2

    Playing :

    Princess Maker 5
    Vampire The Masquerade Bloodline (replaying with the "True VTMB 504AT" patch)
    Ufo Afterlight (replaying)
    Two Worlds

    Next: Timeshift
  12. kun

    kun New Member

    i play

    in thi moment i play sexy beach 3
  13. AccentGear

    AccentGear New Member

    The games I'm playing at the moment are:

    - Bioshock (PC)
    - The Witcher (PC)
    - Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (PSP)
  14. lockh33d

    lockh33d Member

    currently i'm playing cod4! but i hate prestige mode....:(

    add me up, my psn id is marui_man.
  15. kbryc08

    kbryc08 Master Cheef Super Moderator

    NWN2: OC and MoTB
    Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
    UT 3
    Final Fantasy Tactics (via Playstation emulator)
  16. taboolover

    taboolover Member

    I just finished playing Final Fantasy XII.

    I recently bought 5 games: Manhunt 2, Smackdown vs. Raw 2008, Medal of Honor Vanguard, The Simpson's Game, and Syphon Filter Dark Mirror.
  17. lockh33d

    lockh33d Member

    playing eternal sonata :)
  18. gesicki107

    gesicki107 New Member

    Right nao
    FFVII (awaiting Crisis Core)
    World of Warcraft
    Resident Evil 4
    Big Bang Beat
  19. Sasukeden

    Sasukeden Nin Nin ! ! !

    Replaying Suikoden 3 but couldn't bring myself to continue... It was just plain horrible to what they did with it...

    (If only I had the capacity to remake it to look like its predecessor...)
  20. ssb82

    ssb82 Member

    currently playing wild arms 5 and... sudoku.:sigh: