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What games are you playing?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Maximus_Ahriman, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. supersam

    supersam Loves Bukkake, Loves Lesbians & Loves Gokkun!!

    I haven't played the Zombie entry yet in the Yakuza series and I also wonder if they will release Yakuza Ishin western side too.
    Yeah if you can, borrowing your mates PS3 is probably the best option to play the game for now. I missed out on very much of the persona series, in fact I have such a huge catalogue of games to play mainly consisting of JRPG's.

    I have Persona 4 golden on the Vita but never got too far into it and forgot all the game mechanics. It's just finding the time to get back and give the game a proper run.
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  2. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    Same here. I also want to try the fighting game and even that dancing one too, and all this has to be done before 5 comes out in the west. I think i still have a year to get it all done.
  3. Blood_Doll

    Blood_Doll Well-Known Member

    Valkyria Chronicles.

    Loving it.
  4. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    PS4 remaster, I want.
  5. !!liger!!

    !!liger!! New Member

    I have been wasting a very large amount of time playing Panzer Corps over the last few weeks. :D
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  6. lordsuperjesus

    lordsuperjesus The Great Gokkun Sage.

    i've been playing Valkyria Chronicles as well. pc ver is good. it's a odd little game but alot of fun. it's a good change of pace from all the dark souls 3 i've been playing.
  7. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Kamidori Alchemy Meister pc

    played it before, got stuck on the second play, thought I would give it another go. Like most games, its' tougher on the pc but you also get all the ero so it balances out.
  8. !!liger!!

    !!liger!! New Member

    Playing through the Shadowrun rpg series that was released by Harebrained Schemes a few years back.
  9. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    I heard a lot of good things about Nier on the xbox 360, and with a sequel on the way, i thought it would be a good time to play it. I have heard the story is really good and really ramps up in the second act so i'm looking forward to progressing through it. Already, a few hours in, i'm enjoying the rather odd mix of action adventure/rpg/shooter genres that it has. Weiss (a magical talking book) and kaine (a scantilly clad warrior lady) are already proving great charachters. The graphics are so-so but the soundtrack is awesome. Lot's of side quests too if you like that kind of thing, i've already spent far too much time fishing for quests but it's gotta be done.

  10. !!liger!!

    !!liger!! New Member

    May have to try this one out. Looks pretty interesting.
  11. EzikialRage

    EzikialRage Active Member

    Doom (2016). I like it.It sort of feels like the original Doom a lot more than Doom 3 did. It has secrets you got to find if you want to make upgrading your weapons and expanding your health,armor and ammo capacity a little easier. Not as awesome as Wolfenstien The New Order, But it is still awesome. It was whats called glory kills which are like finishing moves and adds a bit more gore to the game and you do get a little health and armor(after a upgrade) in return. Using the chainsaw on a enemy results in lots of ammo being dropped out the enemy, so its good for refilling ammo. Some enemies do require more fuel than others.
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  12. mealtimeshadow

    mealtimeshadow New Member

    AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake). Brilliant fan work. Very well done.
  13. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    Just pre ordered Persona 5. Valentine's day can't come soon enough. :rolleyes:

    To prepare, i have began another play through of P3 FES, which will be followed by P4 Golden, P4 Arena, P4 Arena Ultimax, Persona Q and P4 Dancing all night. Going to be a busy few months lol. Can't forget Catherine too, if i have enough time. :p
  14. genki_desu

    genki_desu Well-Known Member

    I decided to play Skyrim again after being gone from the game for nearly a year, almost forgot how immersive the game is.
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  15. TravelingWind

    TravelingWind That Bastard

  16. kaido327

    kaido327 New Member

    Can't find a game that I still enjoy after a week of playing. I guess the only game I'm still active at is dota 2 and occasionally w3 dota 1.
  17. TimmyChin

    TimmyChin Collector of Porn

    Pokemon Pearl Version. Stopped for a few years and recently got back into it.
  18. eshwaa

    eshwaa Well-Known Member

    Overwatch. If anyone wants to group up PM me. I don't get too competitive, just like having fun in the game.
  19. baro

    baro New Member

    Dragon Quest Builders
  20. kharo88

    kharo88 Well-Known Member

    Not playing it yet, but kind of looking forward to Tyranny, even though Pillars of Eternity was a massive letdown.

    Also, could anyone here please confirm that Shadow Warrior 2 is at least half as good as the first one was?