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Webseeds ?

Discussion in 'P2P Discussion' started by vyadra, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. vyadra

    vyadra New Member

    Was not sure where to post this, i know very little about P2P / bittorent but i have several websites/servers and i always wondered why it was not possible to put parts of torrents on http to be seeded, say a file is 50mb ... and i had 10 http servers..

    i could split the file into 100x 512kb chunks and spread them over on web addresses and add them to swarm to manage who requested them, or even add a small php script to interact as a web front end for this to limit connections, like an emergency pool when swarm of seeders is low etc. it can fall back to webseed sources. is this done or possible?

    I ask because i have a rack with 1tb of b/w a month, i know i could install torrent software on shell and get it to seed but what of hosting packages people dont have root access or wanna help seed a file well past its prime, not many will seed more than a month, i regularly seed but lots go into queue, and i check which need seeders and try to help but this would be a way to give even more.
  2. loremipsum

    loremipsum Member