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Apr 21, 2013
Hi I'm new to Akiba-Online in last several months and love the site but I have no tech/computer skills so I'm learning as I go! I'm interested in u-15 torrents! Especially of present u-15 beauties Kana Takasugi, Miyuu Sasaki, Chika Shimizu, Eriko Mizusawa, and Sara Mizuki! And past u-15 girls Yuuri Haruki, Kanon Tsuji, Yuna Wakou, Maki Mizui, & Natsuki! And any others of that ilk!
I've found out that if the seeds and peers are low I have almost no chance of getting a torrent in great condition! Is there anyway to get torrents of the young ladies above when they are not in swarms of 80 to 150+? I don't understand most of the technical things to do or look for so any help you all can give me would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! RSHERMVIKES :puzzled::study:


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Mar 30, 2007
:hi: Hello and welcome

I hope you will enjoy your stay here