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Did you ever find yourself seeding a torrent because no one else was

Discussion in 'P2P Discussion' started by Ceewan, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    It amazes me how many leechers are out there. You can always tell when people aren't sharing back but sometimes that is due to other seeding priorities as determined by their bittorent client, so I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. But when you find a number of hit-and-run downloaders, from the-world-over mind you, on nicely ripped encodes of over 10 GBs, when I only have a max upload speed in the kilobytes range myself, it is kind of sad. So sometimes I find myself partially seeding a torrent for weeks of and on just because no one, not even the original uploader, bothers to seed the poor thing. It would be one thing if there were other alternatives or better rips but in those cases I wouldn't even bother to seed more than my fair share. So I just keep hoping someone else will pick up the seed for awhile and when another seeder appears I give it a rest so I can catch up on other seeds. I check back in a day or two and sure enough, no one is seeding the poor thing and I try to give it a boost all over again. Of course my patience isn't infinite and sooner or later I will remove the torrent.

    Anyone else ever have this problem? Maybe I should have posted this in "The things that piss me off" thread but literally this just makes me more sad than anything else. If people aren't going to help share they really should just look for a direct download somewhere, they just seem to be missing the point of the whole thing. Know what I mean Vern?
  2. pikuseru

    pikuseru Well-Known Member

    The problem with torrents is you have to keep the exact same file names and file locations and folder structures to seed. It is very inconvenient. That's why I never seed torrents. So I upload with eMule only (to eD2k and Kad networks). eMule you can change file and folder names and move them around and reorganize them, no problem, it still recognizes the files as the same. I have uploaded 1.46TB worth of files with eMule and 99% of that is JAV. I have uploaded 3.45GB of JAV today but I did not seed any torrents.
  3. 01AKUser10

    01AKUser10 Well-Known Member

    Both good points!

    As for leechers, I have seen a number of times where there would be 100+ leeching, then the moment they reach 100%, they drop off in a matter of millisecs. Later there might be 1-2 seeders beside the OP. Then a day later you find the same file(s) being offered on other A-O imitation sites, often of lesser quality. (Sigh) Such is the nature of the machine sadly. Fortunately, alot of kind members will honor an seed request. Hmm.. exclusive seeders club, I wonder...
    Ceewan likes this.
  4. pikuseru

    pikuseru Well-Known Member

    I think at the very least people should upload 100% that they download. If torrent is unhealthy then maybe higher than 100% is needed, like 120% or something.

    What bothers me is not the lack of seeders, but when even other leechers don't upload. It's just more burden for seeders.