Is Share EX2 Being Abandoned?

The Prisoner

Number Six
Mar 3, 2008
Is the number of users steadily declining? It seems just not that long ago there was not much in the way if IV and U-15 material that you couldn't find there. Now it seems that fake files and incomplete uploads are the order of the day. I've done all the necessary things as far as cluster keywords
and the like. I still find plenty of stuff, just not anywhere to the degree of when I first started using it.
Is there just no getting around this, and is it time to try my luck with Perfect Dark? :perfectplan:


Akiba Citizen
Oct 9, 2007
I've noticed the decline also, I was hoping it was just a temporary slump that will soon pickup. I used to have a backlog of 5-10 videos to share, now I can barely find 1 a week.

I thought Perfect Dark was still in the experimental phase. I need to purchase a new HD to dedicate 40G of space to cache per it's requirement.

Hope someone has better news for us.


People don't dance no mo'
Sep 27, 2008
not knowing anything about share etc but some of the exclusive uploaders here are members of invitation only 'trackers'. i guess it makes sense that 'power sharers' want to keep it in the family, so to speak.


Nov 5, 2007
Yeah sadly it seems like share has been in the decline over the past year.
Has been nice because those handful of IMBD blu ray ISO's downloaded nice and fast in share. but now alot is all the fake files with the guy having fun with his small dolls. Only plus is when there is something new it does go at speed.
Also anything posted over a year ago will probably be hard to get 100% completion. But there is a plugin u can download so u can at least recover what u have downloaded in it.