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Share FAQ

Discussion in 'P2P Downloads' started by Fuurin, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    Share EX2 is a Japanese peer-to-peer file sharing application and network for Windows. Share has perhaps the second largest collection of new JAV releases after OpenNap ahead of WinMX, eMule and BitTorrent. For a popular file with lots of sources, Share has probably the fastest downloads of any P2P client.

    You can download the latest version of Share, EX2, from this Megaupload link from the German share-board.6x.to or the French Numerama site. I have attached the English locale and hint files for you to download below. Create a Share folder in Program Files, unzip Share EX2 to there, and then replace the locale and hint files. If you get a runtime error when starting the program, run msconfig, untick your antivirus and firewall applications, restart Windows, start Share EX2, and then turn your antivirus and firewall back on.

    First, click on Settings, Clusters, and type in five words that describe the type of file you are trying to download. You'll need to choose words that other people have actually used as cluster words, for example, AV, DVDISO, 映画 (movie), 無修正 (uncensored), アニメ (anime), ドラマ (drama), アプリ (application), SOD (Soft on Demand), avi, 露出 (exhibitionism) and アダルト (adult). Once you are set up, you can click on Show Sleep Nodes on the Nodes screen to see what cluster words other people are using. Click in the boxes next to your favourite five, and then click OK.

    Next, Settings, Profile, Settings, type in a Nickname and Password, and click "change key." This will set your ID. On the Network tab, input your upstream and downstream limits. You have to set both for a minimum of 50KB/s, but don't worry. This is only your reported speed in the nodes window, not the actual speed you get.

    On the same dialog box, the port number should be a number between 10000 and 65000, and you will need to open up the same port on any software or router firewall you have running. If you are using the Windows XP SP2 firewall, click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, Windows Firewall, Exceptions and then Add Port, ie. the same number as listed in Share - Settings - Network. EX2 is TCP only, so you don't have to worry about UDP. You can leave Performance, Action and Quota the way they are. Hit OK.

    Next, you need a node list. A node is just the encrypted IP address of a computer running Share. You actually need only one active node, and then Share will automatically download the rest and store them in the nodes.db file. Nodes keep going offline, so you should try to get as fresh a list as possible. mudijp and p2p-db.net are two popular Japanese lists. Node list web sites tend to come, and go, so you might need to run a search for "Share" and "ノード" on Google. Be sure to use EX2 nodes if you are running the TCP version. The UDP version NT2 has its own nodes. Copy, and paste the nodes into Notepad, and save the file as nodes.txt into the Share folder. On the Nodes tab, click "Add node," then "Load from file," browse to your nodes.txt file, and select it. Click "Add" and then "Close." Don't connect yet.

    In Windows Explorer, in the Share folder, create two more folders, one called "Cache," and one called "Download." Back in Share, switch to the Folders tab, click "Add folder," and add your new Cache and Download folders, setting a minimum quota of 4GBs for cache. Set your Upload folder to a folder which has some videos in it which you'd like to upload.

    Once you are all ready, restart Share, and then on the Nodes screen, click connect. It will start trying each of the nodes in your list till it finds an active one, and then start downloading others, and checking them too. It may take a while for it to connect to nodes related to your cluster words. Once you are connected, on the Log tab, you should see "Connected. Global IP Resolved. Loading download manager cache." If you have videos in your Upload folder, you should also see nodes marked Share and Diffuse on your Nodes screen and an UL speed in your Status Bar.

    Next, you need to add some triggers for files you want to download. You can use hashes posted in the Share posts in this forum below, or can search for them yourself in online hash databases such as sharedb.info or hashdb.com. Japanese boards list file info in 4 parts: Filename UploaderID Filesize Hash. If you have the hash for the file you want, click on the Triggers tab, "Add Trigger" and then paste it into the hash field, leaving "Add to DB only" unticked. You might want to set a minimum file size of 100 MBs to screen out text dummies or a maximum of 3000 MBs if you want to exclude ISOs. Click "Add." As soon as Share finds the file, it should automatically add it to your Download window, and start downloading.

    If you don't have a hash for the file you want, you can set up a trigger to get Share to add relevant search results to your DB. First, on the Triggers tab, click "Add Trigger," type words from the title into the Keyword blank, untick the "Delete matching query triggers" box, and add a tick to the "Add to DB only" box. Now Share will search the DB of all the nodes it connects to for that keyword, adding any matching file names and hashes to your DB.

    Once you have added results to your DB, click on the Queries tab, and search your DB. If you can't read the file name, right click on the file, choose "Copy file name," and paste it into the text box on the @nifty translator, select 日本語>英語 (i.e. Japanese to English), and hit 翻訳する(=translate). Google's Language Tools page also has a translation service, but @nifty's seems better. Orange files are the easiest to download, white is neutral, light blue are the ones you are already downloading, and dark blue the ones in your upload folder. Red files are thought to be fakes. If you find a file you want, right-click on the file you want, and choose "Add to Download." If you want to run an auto-download trigger, make sure you delete any "DB only" trigger with the same keywords. Otherwise, Share will just add the filename to the DB rather than starting the download.

    In the Download window, you can follow the progress of your downloads . Order indicates the number of people in the queue ahead of you, and Status tells you the number of pieces that Share has managed to locate. Highest Priority is given to the file numbered 0 and then 1, 2, etc., but you can increase or decrease the Priority by right-clicking on the file. The Tasks window shows you what files are being downloaded at the moment. When the download is complete, Share will convert it from Cache into a playable video, make a note in Tasks, and it will show up in your Download folder.

    Share is always uploading files from your upload folders to neighbouring nodes through Diffuse Up (which you can see in your Nodes window), but you can choose particular videos which you want to share, and push them along. One approach is to go to the Uploads tab, and turn on Turbo. This pauses your downloads, and causes Share to upload to only one or two other nodes. Go to Queries, run a Search for one of your own files, right-click on it, and choose "Add to upload." After the file has been uploaded to another node, the file name should turn orange in Queries, and you can shut off Turbo. To further spread the file, you can right click on it in Queries, and choose Convert. This will add the complete file to your cache, from where it will be uploaded to neighbouring nodes via Diffuse Up. If you want to shut down Share, but haven't finished the upload, you might want to move the file out of your uploads folder, so that when Share restarts, it won't ignore the parts of the file still in its cache.

    drc has also posted an older guide to Share EX2 to the Tech Support channel. You can ask questions about Share on the Winny/Share Download BBS.
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  2. ccue

    ccue NaughtyOMan

    Thank you for your detail guide to Share, ur wonderful
  3. jeanovea

    jeanovea New Member

    Still Confuse :distressed:
  4. jeanovea

    jeanovea New Member

    I'm Lost in Japan Translation...... for SHARE EX2...
  5. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

  6. aXemeXa

    aXemeXa New Member

    thanks for the guide.

    i get "Connected, Global IP resolved," then I get

    08/10/24 02:04:19 Disconnected
    08/10/24 02:04:20 Disconnected due to port error

    i've changed the firewall settings in windows, any suggestions?

    edit: had to change some hings with my router. it connects now, but the speeds are terribly slow so far. like less than 10 kb/sec.

    this program is kind of confusing. it says i'm uploading at faster speeds than i'm downloading, but i have no clue what i'm uploading..and the "Upload" tab has nothing there.

    and even though the bottom does have a download speed, the "Download" tab still says 0 kb of the file has been downloaded so far.
  7. tosat

    tosat Member

    I give up.
    I always get Disconnected due to port error, after I've done everything with firewall, router, ip, port, and all...
  8. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    Port errors always come about because you have not opened the same port specified in Share's settings in your software firewall or router firewall, TCP in and out.
  9. tosat

    tosat Member

    I swear by the moon, and the stars in the sky that I entered the exact five port numbers in every single thing that requires a port (firewall, router, TCP,...). And I tried to change different numbers a million time, still nothing works out.

    It's fine. I'm not upset because of that. Maybe I'll try again later, maybe not...
  10. tosat

    tosat Member

    double post... sorry
  11. Groper_love

    Groper_love Member

    may i ask, is there an alternative program to ShareEX? or another program that can use Share codes?? i really want a specific jav here thats only available in Share and no where else on the net!:(
  12. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    I would say OpenNap probably has all of the videos that are available on Share and a few more besides. There is a FAQ on OpenNap in P2P Support. Share is easier though for people who are new to the Japanese P2P networks.
  13. jplond

    jplond Member

    Something wrong with share?

    Something happen to users on share? or the network?

    Have been using share for well over a year with no problems.

    But none of my triggers are triggering downloads anymore. Ones that were just released and brand new. My ports are still open, and i have tried other ports.

    Im adding new hashes that just were uploaded within a few days for things, and when usually they will trigger within a few minutes because some ones sharing it. I must have added 20 triggers the other day, left it on for 3 or 4 days and not one of them "hit" and started the download process.

    But i still have 2 downloads that are near finish that seem to still work.
  14. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    No need to post the same question in two different threads.
  15. totomo

    totomo New Member


    I followed the guide and set up everything acordingly to the instructions. now i tried to add this hash: c68f733beb72b8b1801a847f27e3480323664d57 to the triggers list but nothing happens. here's the log.

    09-07-07 12:58:47 Connected
    09-07-07 12:58:47 Node DB initializing
    09-07-07 12:58:47 Node DB initialized
    09-07-07 12:58:47 File info DB manager initializing
    09-07-07 12:58:47 File info DB manager initialized
    09-07-07 12:58:47 Catalog DB manager initializing
    09-07-07 12:58:47 Catalog DB manager initialized
    09-07-07 12:58:47 Cache manager initializing
    09-07-07 12:58:47 Cache manager initialized
    09-07-07 12:58:47 Loading key manager cache
    09-07-07 12:58:47 Loading download manager cache
    09-07-07 12:58:49 Global IP resolved (my ip)


    I noticed that I only have like 5 nodes active. And some of them dies all the time.
  16. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    Your log looks normal.
    The nodes are constantly being renewed, and you get connected to two or three at a time.

    For the trigger, well, if there is no source, then it will not resolve. The longer you stay connected, the more chance you find a source. This file was posted in 2006 in hashdb, so it's a fairly old one. This doesn't help the search.

  17. totomo

    totomo New Member

    okay thanks for the reply, also what do i write in japanese if i want dubs of english movies?
  18. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    映画 is for theatrical movie
    For a given title, you have to find out the name in kanjis.

    But I don't get why you search for english movies in japanese P2P networks, it's counter-productive. And I guess they will include japanese subtitles on-screen.
  19. totomo

    totomo New Member

    no I'm searching for Dubbed english movies. So it's english movies but they speak japanese. I can take a move i've already seen in english and watch it in japanese.

    Edit: downloaded a movie now, it seems that many users had it, but now it won't play, I have tried with many different players and i have cccp pack installed so i'm sure it's not a codec error. Any help?


    tried another file, it went well. That movie was probably just a fake.
  20. beliar

    beliar New Member

    Wow.... I could have screwed around with this program myself for hours and not gotten it to work but thanks to your guide I was up and running in just a few minutes. Kudos to you sir!