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Share FAQ

Discussion in 'P2P Support' started by Fuurin, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    Triggers and Queries are separate sections of Share; modifying one doesn't automatically change the other.

    Queries is where you just do your standard searching. The exact results you get in Queries varies as you connect to different nodes, meaning you have to constantly refresh your query to see the latest search results.

    Since constantly manually refreshing your queries is difficult, you can add a Trigger, which will perform the search you specify in the trigger (eg: filename, hash, user ID, or any combination of the three) while it connects to different nodes. As soon as it finds a file that matches the trigger, it will automatically add it to your Downloads list.

    If you're following this logic, you will now see that getting triggers to work depends on what nodes Share is connecting to. In order to get Share to connect to nodes that are more likely to have the files you're trying to get, you need to (lastly) configure your Clusters (search back towards the setup guide and you'll find instructions). Setting up cluster keywords that have nothing to do with what you're trying to download, or not having cluster keywords at all, will make it harder (and longer) for Share to find files matching your triggers.

    Also keep in mind, if your triggers are very old, the file might not be available on Share anymore, meaning the trigger will probably never go through, period. How old is "old" varies by file type, but anything more than 3 months may take quite some time to download, and anything over 1 year old might not download at all.
  2. Marupinku

    Marupinku New Member

    Alright, thanks. I was confused on the Triggers/Queries thing then. Using a query rather than a trigger is actually bringing about results, which before I wasn't getting any, so thank you for your help.
  3. clint999

    clint999 Banned

    You can download as many as you want. I usually limit myself to ten or less at a time.

    It is scanning the nodes each in turn for parts from your requested files. Click on show sleep nodes to show which nodes you have connected to. They are more stable.

    Set up a couple of DB-only triggers for the titles you want. Let them run for a while, and then run a query to see if they turned up what you want. Once you have a hash, run a non-DB trigger, and it should start. If it doesn't, run another query for the hash, and start it from there. Make sure you delete your DB-only triggers once you've found the hash.

    You can download plugins within Share itself. There are lots of plugins, but they only help with search in indirect ways. Rendakun sends out search requests repeatedly. Jibikikun adds search results to your DB. Trawl Plugin records all keys you scan to your DB. They strike me as overkill, but you are welcome to give them a try. You might want to click on Clubs at the top of this page, and join the Share EX2 Users Club because we are talking about plugins there.
  4. Wakanda

    Wakanda New Member

    Hello, I'm back with a different sort of problem; I'm trying to request a possible reupload of the files I had trouble with on 2ch's download board as suggested, before realizing that I can't actually post there due to their IP blocking and requirement for cookies. Is there any other way to request a reupload (or bypassing 2ch's blocks)?
  5. Fuurin

    Fuurin Active Member

    You could use a Japanese proxy, and allow cookies.
  6. Dingaling

    Dingaling New Member

    So If I understand this all correctly, in order for a download to start Share must find all of the pieces of the file which is depicted by Status. I'm not entirely sure what "Nodes" represent, are we waiting for someone who has the pieces to upload them? Does it matter what is in your nodes.txt at all?
  7. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    Share doesn't need to find all the pieces, it just needs to find peers that are still sharing/uploading pieces of the file. A download will still start even if the file is incomplete (missing pieces), however since pieces are missing it will be impossible to finish.

    In such a case, you have two options: 1) change your cluster keywords (as described previously) to try to connect to other peers/nodes that might have the missing pieces, or 2) use a plugin like CacheDumpEx and manually convert the file, filling in "0" data for the missing pieces. The latter technique works for some videos (as long as the first few pieces have downloaded properly) and some DVDISOs; other than that, it's hit or miss.

    Nodes basically represent peers, though it's more like groups of peers rather than "1 node = 1 peer". Nodes have cluster keywords associated with them (again, see above), which helps you connect to peers that are more likely to have the files you want (because they too share the same cluster keywords). nodes.txt will be automatically updated, however when you first install Share it is necessary to copy some nodes into nodes.txt.
  8. Dingaling

    Dingaling New Member

    Oh that's cool then, so you can fill in data for ISOs? Videos are a given, but I always thought in order to use an ISO you'd need to have it fully completed, thanks.
  9. xiuhei

    xiuhei Active Member

    Thanks for all this information. Does anyone know anywhere else to download the latest version of Share besides Megaupload? In the original post there is a link a French website, but I can't figure out how to download from that (I can't read French and have clicked the various links to no avail). The MU link there has been taken down. There's an active one here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7TQGU8A7

    But I can't access MU from my connection (and with a proxy it doesn't work). So please let us know if you find any other places to download Share. Thanks!

    By the way, this tutorial also seems helpful:
  10. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    Get it from the semi-official site:
    You can also find some of the latest nodes on p2p-db.net.
  11. Summer-Time-Fun

    Summer-Time-Fun Well-Known Member

    Can't believe it, The dreaded "disconnected due to port failure" error is once again back.

    I ran EX2 for over a year rock solid, no issues at all. Then stopped using it for a few months, moved the program folder to another machine, set my folders up, but it just keeps disconnecting after so many seconds. It connects fine and stays connected for about a min, I can even do searches and I get results, but then it goes off line. I already tried moving the time back, 1, 2, three hours, than forward. Tried setting a different time zone from the regional settings in XPs control panel. Setup a new TCP port in the 20000 range in my hardware firewall, XP's software wall is off. No go.
  12. Tiger33

    Tiger33 New Member

    Great thread folks
  13. Tiger33

    Tiger33 New Member

    quick question though - when searching for a a star do you need to type the name in japanese?
  14. Syobon

    Syobon (´・ω・`)

    all in japanese, or your chances of finding files decrease. alot.
  15. Summer-Time-Fun

    Summer-Time-Fun Well-Known Member

    And if I'm not mistaking, I believe out of the two Japanese syllabaries, it is better to use Katakana for your searches and clusters rather than the hiragana. But don't quote me on that, I just remember reading something about that in one of the EX help sites.
  16. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    There are actually three systems: hiragana, katakana, and kanji -- and Japanese do in fact also use the western (English) alphabet. Additionally, katakana and alphabet (英数/ei-suu) can be written (on computers) as either half-width or full-width characters, each with their unique Unicode (or SJIS) codes.
    If you're keeping track, that comes to a total of 6 different writing systems in use on Japanese-related computer software.

    Which one to use depends entirely on context. When searching for a person, you almost always use their kanji (広瀬香美). Foreign loan words typically use katakana (テレビ, アニメ). There are a lot of songs that use hiragana. Some TV shows or music groups write their names using English alphabet (EXILE). Therefore in order to get proper search results, you need to find out on your own which method of writing is most commonly used for whatever you're searching for.

    For the smaller differences between hiragana/katakana and half-width/full-width characters, modern software can automatically handle simple conversion (eg: searching テレビ will also search てれび and sometimes also テレビ). However, kana/kanji/alphabet conversion is (currently) not a possibility (eg: searching "Utaban" will not automatically search "うたばん" or the proper phrase "歌番組").

    If you don't know which writing system to use, the best thing is to just use them all in separate searches and find out which one works best.

    Last, as has been mentioned dozens of times already: Share cluster keywords are intended to be general, while the searches themselves should be specific. If you are looking to download the latest Arashi album, do not put "Arashi" or "嵐" into your cluster keywords. Instead, put general keywords like CD, アルバム, 音楽, EAC, FLAC, etc into your clusters, then do an Arashi-specific search separately. As above, whether you should use kana, kanji, or alphabet in cluster keywords also depends entirely on which keywords you want to use. I will give you that a lot of cluster keywords use katakana, but there is no shortage of keywords that use kanji or alphabet (and also hiragana).
  17. Summer-Time-Fun

    Summer-Time-Fun Well-Known Member

    Thank you guy, and my apologies. It totally slipped my mind. I have known about kanji for some time, but in my mind I separated it from the other two systems probably because I thought that it was the only system that came from the Chinese. it "should" have been mentioned in my post. My statement probability wasn't the best for someone trying to learn.

    Thanks for the information above, coming from you it's always helpful and very appreciated! [​IMG]
  18. rejer

    rejer New Member

    I have a problem and I was hoping if somebody could help me. My computer got crashed while running share on it a few weeks ago. I didn't launch it again until today. When I launched the exe it deleted most of my cache files. What's more, I hadn't yet converted my downloaded files because of not having enough hdd space.
    Well I searched my hdd using a recovery software and found the deleted cache files. I was wondering if there was a way to put them back into share. Also I've forgotten the files' names. At first I thought share was putting a file's hash value as name to that file's cache file. But it seems that's not the case. I was hoping if we could use the cache file's name as a way to get the hash value or name of the file.

    Thanks and sorry for my english.
  19. Syobon

    Syobon (´・ω・`)

    the best is you re-install share, download it again and configure in a new folder, if you had low hdd space the deleted cache file was overwritten by other files, making them near impossible to recover.
  20. shikun

    shikun Member

    just wanted to ask.. how often should i be updating the nodes list?