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new releases May + June 2010

Discussion in 'Hentai Discussion' started by redrooster, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. gakido

    gakido ヒガンバナ

    RIN X SEN:

    Kijima: The loan shark.

    Urara: Fiancee of Takazuki (doesn't appear in the episode 1), is blackmail by Kijima to work at an academy named Kokudo because Takazuki borrowed 5 millions yen. When she get nervous or excite she has the urge to pee.

    Kurase: The silver/white hair dude at Kokudo Academy. Leader of a group of delinquents. Really close with Kijima.

    Anime start of by Kijima coming to Urara house to collects Tazazuki debt; Tazazuki business didn't do so well and is on the run. Kijima proposed that if Urara work at Kokudo Academy for a month, he could consider it as a payment and forget about the debt that Takazuki owe. The first day working at Kokudo nothing happens but later that day at home she got a called from Kijima asking her to do whatever the male students asks of her.

    So the next day Kurase and his gang start to request Urara to do things...like masturbate in front of them, asking her lewd things (e.g. Who do think about when you masturbate), etc. scene end with everyone cumming on her.

    The next day, Kurase asked Urara to give everyone fellatio, saying that the guys in his group are virgin and doesn't know what it's like to be given a blow job. She's forced to complied since it's for Tazazuki sake. The only thing she doesn't want to give up is her virginity because she want to save it for marriage and offer it to Takazuki but in the end Kurase took virginity anyway. The scene end with Kurase saying "I would have came inside you but Kijima asked me not to." then told his gang to do Urara. Urara scream and the episode end.
  2. xeruel

    xeruel 黒英雄伝説

    I enjoyed Gakido synopsis very much, this could do more discussion and make most of us understand the general plot, atleast until subbed version came out

    these kind of posts very much appreciated, maybe red could also add Gakido synopsis post link to the relevant title besides the d/l link
  3. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    i was having a discussion with red regarding the pixy dvd-box set specials and found that there's actually info on what their content is on the Pixy site. so i decided to post this here in case there are other people interested.

    Ikusa Otome Suvia-
    特典映像はフルングルニ劇場か!? 堕落した戦乙女スヴィアとシグルドが冥府の底で嬌態を晒すショートエロス

    Bonus footage is a theatre in Hrunting !? A short eros of the corrupted Suvia and Sigurd at the bottom of Hades exposing their coquetry

    Sokokijo Iris-

    特典映像には本編では描かれなかった娼館シチュが!? 肉体を一体化して生殖する異星人に買われるイリス。四肢を吸収されて異星人と一体化したイリスは未知の悦楽に白目を剥き、何度も何度も壮絶アクメ!

    What's in the bonus footage is a brothel situation that was not drawn in the original story!? Iris who was bought by an alien who reproduces by uniting thier bodies. Iris who had her four limbs absorbed by the alien and become one with it opens her eyes wide to an unknown pleasure, and experiences sublime orgasm multiple times.

    :exhausted: well that was rather difficult. especially the iris one. feel free to point out any errors i've made. too bad the earlier box sets didn't contain any special footage. they did mention something about edited scenes though.
  4. pila13

    pila13 Guest

    Made some HQ WMV9 rip -

    Oni Chichi -

    My - [​IMG]

    Ugly DivX rip - [​IMG]

  5. pila13

    pila13 Guest

    18禁アニメ) 鬼父 下巻 「はしたない清楚なレギンス」 (DVD 704x396 WMV9)[Pila13 - Raw].avi pila13IBrcLBLzX5 322,580,480 e0ccbfe4d95a4f3ea994a27675824a594bb7dafb

    Forget add :gayprance:
  6. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    looks great :grassdance: much better colors. and here i thought the oni chichi rip had the best quality among this month's releases. now if only the june releases would also have that quality. what software did you use? there's a whole bunch of releases that need re-ripping.
  7. pila13

    pila13 Guest

    If some one help with fresh DVD iso i made HQ rips :joker:

    I downloaded 1.9Tb DVD iso, left to download another 800 GB and I do a lot normal rips)

  8. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    which dvd iso are you missing? btw are you the one doing the ripping for all the videos under your name at share? how come some of them don't have the same quality as your oni chichi 2 one?
  9. gakido

    gakido ヒガンバナ

    There's going to be an act 6...good grief...this series needs to end~! They are really draining the life of out Yuuki Seto works...
  10. pila13

    pila13 Guest

    This is my first rip that I upload to the Share , the other is the DL video Pixy.

    WhiteBear -
    妖囁/Youshou/Midnight Strike Force [uncen]

    かぎろひ~勺景~ 下巻「触手調教」 初回限定版  / Kagirohi: Shaku Kei Vol.2

    監獄戦艦 Vol.1-3
    装甲騎女イリス DVD-BOX (or Vol.1-4)
    魔法少女イスカ Vol.01 邂逅
    魔界騎士イングリッド Vol.1-3(When DVD BOX out i buy it and made HQ rips):thief:
    宇宙海賊サラ Vol.1-4
    戦乙女スヴィア DVD-BOX (or Vol.2-4)
    シオン Vol.2,4
    奴隷メイドプリンセス DVD-BOX  (or Vol.2-4)
    対魔忍アサギ Special scen only
    奴隷メイドプリンセス Vol.2-4(or DVD BOX)
    特務捜査官レイ&風子 DVD-BOX (or.Vol.3-4 or DL .wmv Vol.3-4)

    Milky+Platinum Milky
    牝教師~淫辱の教室~ #3 私、仕合わせです…   / Mesu Kyoushi: Injoku no Kyoushitsu Vol.3
    魔法少女アイ Vol.5 (Can't catch hash - (DVDISO)(18禁アニメ) 魔法少女アイ Vol.5 「愛」.ISO f78fe95e279602493a82ce4d1e17a0bdca701da8
    It's FAKE
    学園催眠隷奴 anime:01 あんたって本当に最低の屑だわ!   / Gakuen Saimin Reido Vol.1
    超昂閃忍ハルカ 弐 龍の者   / Choukou Sennin Haruka Vol.2
    殻ノ少女 / Kara no Shoujo
    カンブリアン 1st stage (uncen)
    優遇接待 孤島の極楽へようこそ Vol.1-2 (uncen)

    Suzuki Mirano
    RIN×SEN~白濁女教師と野郎ども~ 上巻  
    Last Waltz~白濁まみれの夏合宿~ 上巻

    Pink Pineapple
    アッチェレランド~堕天使たちの囁き~ CONTENTS.3 / Accelerando: Datenshi-tachi no Sasayaki Vol.3
    アッチェレランド~堕天使たちの囁き~ CONTENTS.4 / Accelerando: Datenshi-tachi no Sasayaki Vol.4
    ストリンジェンド~エンジェルたちのプライベートレッスン~MY BLOW JOBER ACT.5 / Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson Vol.5
    お嬢様はH がお好き~THE ANIMATION~ celebrity.1「浴衣も水着もお風呂も好き」   / Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki Vol.1
    夏蟲 THE ANIMATION molester.2「冬虫花葬」   / Natsumushi Vol.2
    いっしょにエッチ / Isshoni Ecchi
    M.E.M. 〜汚された純潔〜 第1巻 / M.E.M.: Yogosareta Junketsu Vol.1
    M.E.M. 〜汚された純潔〜 第2巻 / M.E.M.: Yogosareta Junketsu Vol.2
    ゆんゆん☆ パラダイス  
    亜紀子 Vol.1-2


    聖徒会長ヒカル 公開処女喪失 Vol.1

    later I'll add a complete list of all the studios, as new and old series :gayprance:

    I would be very grateful if you help me find these serials. I do not know Japanese, so I can not use utatane :cry:
  11. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    i'm actually not using utatane yet. i could try searching in PD but the files there are usually no different than the ones at Share. there doesn't seem to be a need to find the Pixy ones since the giant wmv versions are already the original files from dlsite. i doubt the dvd versions would be any better.
  12. pila13

    pila13 Guest

    No, the DL version is worse than DVD, I like ripper can say 100%
    , I post the DL version studio Pixie in the Share, I can say that for instance -
    Newmanoid CAM DL version is worse than DVD, but I can do to rip where the difference between the DL and DVD versions will be invisible
    If you can help me find any DVD from my list.

  13. Jan55

    Jan55 Member

    Download a DVD over Utatane is impossible for User with slow upload speed.
    And the Users in Europe (me too) has a slow upload to Japan.

    So I think you have to wait until you or a other can find it in Share/Perfect Dark
  14. pila13

    pila13 Guest

    My upload speed to japan = 10 megabit ~ 1.000 kbps
    I try to download and try connect with japaneses in utatane but....no one don't give me access :cheer:

    All dvd that i can find i downloading, but why no one don't upload fresh DVD iso :thief:
  15. Jan55

    Jan55 Member

    So, you already upload over Utatane to a Japanese User?
    And then you have 1.000 kbps o_O
  16. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

  17. pila13

    pila13 Guest

    Yes, someone try download my files.
    Need learn japan language :grassdance:
  18. chobitsx

    chobitsx New Member

    is so good~
  19. calimike

    calimike Member

    :bow-pray: Great Info, I've look for...
  20. pila13

    pila13 Guest

    プリンセスナイト☆カチュア Vol.01 零落の竜騎姫 - Princess Knight Catue ep. 1 (Valkyrie++)

    already in the Share , but probably fake :puzzled:

    Sorry, its game animation rip :cheer: