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Ayumi Shinoda - where did she go?

Discussion in 'Idol Discussion' started by Scott Michaels, Dec 25, 2020.

  1. Scott Michaels

    Scott Michaels New Member

    I heard several rumors but wondered if anyone knew what happened to my favorite JAV star? I heard she was married while making her movies, over 1228 titles, wow! I also heard her husband wanted her to retire but never confirmed this story. I also heard she made some extremely wild movies under other names including some bestiality. Does anyone have the real deal story? :).
  2. IceCreamSlayer

    IceCreamSlayer New Member

    Well, she just announced her retirement on twitter back in june 2016.. afaik her latest movie is BKKG-026. after that they just re-released new movies under new ids..
    No news, nothing about her since..
    Man, she's the only jav star that made me bought her movies legally. i miss her. i wish she come back, even for just a few movies it's alright.
    But it's been almost six years, maybe she just tired making av. At her peak she was like releasing new movies every day! But who knows what the future holds ?