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    JAV Gossips

    @ding73ding Thanks for the awesome thread. I really enjoy all the small random bits of info about the jav industry. Keep up the great work. I will be looking forward to reading more post as they come up.
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    Suggestions for a JAV noob (Currently A Julia fanatic)

    My suggestions are: 1) Aimi Yoshikawa - Since you love Julia, she should be up your alley. 2) Kirara Asuka - another busty JAV idol that you should enjoy as well. 3) Riku Minato - a more average and girl next door look JAV idol but she has an extensive video catalog under her belt...
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    Bring jav through airport security

    I would think that bring such a large volume would raise some questions. the only think that comes to mind is how on doesn't allow the export sell of jav dvd.
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    Quick question... what is NAMPA?

    Thanks for the info. Thanks you for the additional information and distinction. Thanks. I need to brush up with all the jav terminology.
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    JAV Actresses with Golden ratios [Pictures please]

    Here are some JAV idols i didn't see on the forum. Saki Tsuji. Hikari Hino Haruka Sanada
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    Incredible Alchemy between Yuma Asami and White Gaijin

    Yes I know about her. She has an amazing body and was quite a good performer. I enjoy her movies. I have already watch it, I really love Yuma performance in it. She really does show of her amazing acting skills.
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    Incredible Alchemy between Yuma Asami and White Gaijin

    Yuma Asami will be one of the all time beat. She always seen to give it 110%. She was one hell of an actress, because she always when all in with all of her scences. I haven't seen all her movies but I seen a lot, and an can not think of a single bad scene of her. I have my personal favorites...
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    Uncensored famous JAV actress videos?

    I know their are some leak videos of Yuma Asami and Julia.
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    JAV Actresses with Breast Implants

    Yes she still looks good and seems to be in amazing shape. While she doesn't look the same as she did during her heyday in the wwe and fitness modeling. She still one hell of a beauty. Saki Tsuji is one of my all time favorite she was cute, she had an amazing body with some killer curves of a...
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    JAV Actresses with Breast Implants

    I would also add Sora Aoi to the list of legendary big boobs. A lesser know but nice boob jav is Saki Tsuji. I think that Torrie Wilson would had made a great Wonder Women. She hot and beautiful plus she was a fitness model. Unfortunately she is probably too old now. She still looks great but...
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    JAV Actresses with Breast Implants

    I really miss Yuma Asami. She was amazing. Her body was amazing and I really love it. Her H-cup breast where amazing plus she had an angel's smile. She always look so happy and enthusiastic look in her face while giving a BJ. Kirara Asuka boobs look amazing in her more recent movies. Maybe she...
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    What Happened to...

    Its been a couple of months since she release a solo JAV, but I really do hope that she hasn't retire. It sucks that she quit twitter, because she was pretty active. although I do like the fact that she is still active on IG. mainly because she has completely disappear from the public eye.
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    JAV challenge not to... shoot too quick?

    I really enjoy your these videos. They are something different.
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    "Who Will Blow Up/Dominate in 2017" Predictions

    Thanks, I will definitely check them out.
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    JAV Actresses You're Most Excited To See New Vids From

    I just hope that this push the big studios to push beyond their conform zone and try some thing new things. And help the hold industry move forward.