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    Request SSL encryption for Akiba online

    A nice idea, but SSL increases server load and this site already likes to show 503 Service Unavailable messages as it is. I do recommend HTTPS for the staff members though. Enable HTTPS on the server for staff and then use the HTTPS Everywhere add-on to automatically rewrite all normal links...
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    More colours for fonts

    Wikipedia has nice color samples here:
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    Non-English Thread Titles

    I personally would be happy with just the actress's name in English. Google Chrome makes it fairly simple to machine translate every page on a site and I have used this function on Russian sites but I have not tried in the mixed environment here.
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    This website is from which country?

    Because we don't want the server to be hungry, or cold, or lonely... we need to know it receives ethical treatment and has a safe working environment.
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    Kim Dotcom says Mega offer free 50 Gb per user.

    I figured it out. I use Linux and Adobe stopped releasing new version of the Linux Flash plugin a while back. Mega detects the old plugin and complains. Google releases new Flash versions for Linux bundled with Chrome, but they use a different plugin system called PPAPI that the other...
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    Windows XP support ends one year from today!

    Microsoft will not release any security updates for Windows XP after April 8 of next year. If you or someone you know is still using XP, it's time to think about moving to a newer operating system... unless being part of a botnet sounds like fun. :pandalaugh: What are the options? 1. If the...
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    The Slow Adoption Of Windows 8. The Next Version Of Windows. Windows Blue. Soon ....

    I got to work on a Windows 8 computer recently and I was surprised how Microsoft was willing to release something with two different UIs stapled together like that... it feels very hackish. I was able to install the free Classic Shell add-on and get the computer to boot to the normal desktop by...
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    Kim Dotcom says Mega offer free 50 Gb per user.

    I actually saw Mega links in a thread here yesterday but I admit I can't find it. In any case this is what you see if you click a Mega link and aren't using Chrome. :scared:
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    Kim Dotcom says Mega offer free 50 Gb per user.

    Too bad Mega has decided to treat everyone not using Google Chrome like a moron. Websites that work in only one browser are so 20th century. :gayprance:
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    movie in is totally fake ?

    Yes, everything on that blog is fake. Here's the other fake sites I have found:
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    Suggestions for a JAV noob (Currently A Julia fanatic)

    Pretty face and big boobs... what else do you need. :) Check out these girls: Airu Oshima 大島あいる Ria Sakuragi 桜木莉愛 Rui Akikawa 秋川ルイ Chichi Asada 浅田ちち Rin Aoki 青木りん Fuko 風子
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    Japanese Tsunami debris hauls invasive species across Pacific to US shores

    I've heard Godzilla has quite an appetite... :scared:
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    Kim Dotcom: Megabox is Not Dead

    He almost like a martyr now, isn't he? Best of luck to him with the legal morass that will surely drag on for years... Maybe someday I can upload to MU again. :)
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    ORON slow as hell now?

    The problem is... as soon as money is involved, community and courtesy take a backseat. People post what's already been posted, people start using a robot to make posts, people stop paying attention to rules about allowed content and hosts. Sites like Megaupload and Mediafire were always nice...
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    Use Mediafire for backup files

    Actually, it must be a mistake. A blog that isn't trying to make money? Unpossible.