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Torrent Poster Thread: Need More JAV Posters

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by 201flyer, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. 201flyer

    201flyer Well-Known Member


    I hear you but I'm not sure you are totally correct. For example, if you go to the Jav Downloads page and look at the sticky called
    "Collection of JAV with white actresses" it has 10,507 replies! I picked a post at random: PPD-407 and the search not only reveals the post it then goes directly to the post which is not at the beginning of the page. So, I still don't understand why a different organization in the torrents section wouldn't work exactly the same?

    Personally I think the studio release date should determine which month a movie gets listed in. People can't look up release dates for torrents, but film release dates are clear. Anyway, that is what I would do.

    I also agree with Hairy Bush. Gee how interesting...mostly only SLF Refugees enter into discussions. Why is that? ( that's rhetorical )
  2. chesed

    chesed Giggity Goo

    That is indeed a large thread. Yeah, I got nothing after seeing that.

    Yeah, that's what I went with. I guess if/when a September thread is started, we can retroactively put in the previous September releases.
  3. chesed

    chesed Giggity Goo

    Hm, I'm wondering if we should refrain from having the thread organized by manufacturer, and simply add the titles as they are posted.

    1. By Manufacturer
    + Easy to find titles by your favorite company /code
    - Cannot see newest posts easily
    - One man show​

    2. By torrent release time
    + See newest titles immediately ("Last Message" would actually indicate an update you haven't seen)
    + Anybody can contribute
    - Difficult to find by manufacturer​

    #2 would be closer to how you would want the forum to be like, 201flyer. Still a patch, obviously.
  4. 201flyer

    201flyer Well-Known Member

    There really isn't a clear choice! When I did the lists I preferred to group by studio and put them in alphabetical order. That way, as a poster, I could easily see exactly what was and wasn't posted. That was more important to me than seeing what was new. I'm not drawn to a long list of videos in random order just because of the difficulty of finding a particular video.

    But, what really begs the question and is hard to determine is whether the regular users of the forum will actually use these lists. And, since few care to comment we simply don't know through lack of feedback.

    (I still contend that there is a better way and one that would satisfy all these concerns and wouldn't use any additional bandwidth or tax the search engine.)
  5. chesed

    chesed Giggity Goo

    I think, if I have time to do September, that I will have the thread be updated in the order the torrents are posted. While it wouldn't really benefit the torrent posters much, I think it'll be much better for the majority of the users browsing the thread.

    As it is, I don't think it's as useful for the torrent posters anyway, since all the images pretty much blow up the lists longform. I think torrent posters might find the list as you created in Feb/March more useful.
  6. chesed

    chesed Giggity Goo

    Some of the dates are mismatched for some of the torrents. If I go to javlibrary.com, I see a different date. I'm wondering if some of these dates are placeholders.

    Rather than bug the torrent posters (they already have more than enough on their plate), I'm just going to put the torrents in the correct thread. I urge anybody that decides to help update the monthly lists to do the same, and if in doubt, check another source.

    Edit: actually, javlibrary.com is incorrect, too. I checked an official source for some and yeah... This kinda makes things difficult, going from month to month. I was wondering why there were some September releases in the beginning of August. Guess I gotta be more vigilant. Urgh, yay, more work!
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017 at 11:26 PM