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May 21, 2019 at 6:37 AM
Dec 8, 2009
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Akiba Citizen

201flyer was last seen:
May 21, 2019 at 6:37 AM
    1. doncarlito
      Great shares! really appreciate your work thank you.
      1. 201flyer likes this.
    2. bongkey
      thanks for all the torrents..especially the old school jav, do you have any maria takagi and azumi kawashima?
    3. Raconite
      Thanks for all the great shares at the torrent section!
      1. svc3166 and 201flyer like this.
    4. DarkDeveloper
      Thanks for the Old School JAV Torrents! Would you have any of the legendary Ai Nagase?
      1. 201flyer
        I have these- I think all uncensored.
        Ai Nagase “Dolu 1” decoded 57:39 (dvd#41)
        Ai Nagase “Goose Vol.05” uncensored 2 cds 99:12 (dvd#41)
        Ai Nagase “Japanese Angel 5” (uncensored) 56:40 (dvd#41)
        Aug 20, 2018
      2. 201flyer
        Ai Nagase “Japanese Angel 6 ” (uncensored) (dvd#41)
        Ai Nagase “Nice Body Shocking” (dvd#40)
        Ai Nagase “Sparky #8” 59:11 (uncensored) (dvd#41)
        Ai Nagase “That’s 08” (uncensored) 52:10 (dvd#42)
        Ai Nagase Super Idol Vol.22 FantaDream 2 cds: 120:31 (dvd#41)
        Ai Nagase Super Idol #2 Fanta Dream (DVD#001)
        Aug 20, 2018
      3. DarkDeveloper
        Wow!, any chance you could torrent them? Big Thanks in advance if you can!
        Aug 22, 2018
    5. Scrappers
      Thanks for all your toorents, I'm a big fan of old S1 movies.
      I looking for some movies, especially ONED-656 (Mami Adachi), ONED-640 (Miki Yamamoto), and Marin Akizuki
      Best regards
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      2. 201flyer
        I recommend that you post at NYAA. If you don't then the tracker won't work. If you only post it at Akiba (without a tracker) it will work but you won't get many people downloading. Once you try it really is quite easy. I think easier than uploading to FJ for sure! Experiment, have fun.
        Aug 22, 2018
      3. Scrappers
        Sep 9, 2018
      4. 201flyer
        Good for you! I put a cover up on your post here at Akiba. Thanks for letting me know because I didn't see your post.
        Sep 11, 2018
    6. uk21
      Hi 201flyer

      Great job over at the Torrent section!!!
      1. allnight likes this.
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