Things to boost libido


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Jun 20, 2008
Lately with work piling up and me not getting enough sleep my libido's gone downhill. My dick is just not sensitive as it used to be. I've even gone limp a few times in the last month when trying to do it with the girlfriend. (She ain't happy now and I don't blame her.)

You guys have any tips what things I can do or supplements I can take to get that old feeling back?
Mar 27, 2008
My advice would be:

* Don't waste time/money with remedies or medications (such as Viagra)
* Accept it as a natural thing that happens to most guys sometimes
* Don't worry about it
* Tongues and fingers never go limp


Jul 23, 2008
You guys have any tips what things I can do or supplements I can take to get that old feeling back?

Actually...I do. There are a number of tricks that work really well, the pharmaceutical companies have earned their gold stars there Also a "cock ring" would be of service and might be an interesting addition to your love scene but I admit that is more a matter of taste although it would indeed improve performance time.

Viagra, (Sildenafil citrate), is prescription and very effective. It is a great drug with more positive attributes and very few side affects. Go for it. Cialis, (Tadalafil), and Levitra, (Vardenafil), are similar to Viagra and from what I hear very effective.

Herbal supplements...well they actually do work contrary to popular belief. I have had my urologist scoff at me but I have used them and as long as I kept up the regimen of daily doses the results were...startling. Herbal supplements center around increasing the blood flow with the intention of targeting the lower half of the body. The effects take around a month to fully show all benefits but your sexual appetite improves much sooner. I actually developed my own concoction by mixing over the counter supplements, just to see if I could, and was pretty pleased with the results. However this is a lot of trouble and a lot of pill popping....not to mention monetary expense. Did my penis grow in girth? Yes it fucking did! my dick got so fucking hard it curved when I had an erection and was just a big chubby when I didn't. I cannot guarantee that it would have that affect on everyone, I just know it did on me. The effect wasn't permanent either though, and went away when I stopped taking the supplements. You are probably better off just getting a prescription from your doctor for Viagra. They work fast and are proved safe.


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Dec 3, 2010
You should be prepared to work, eat and sleep properly . you should use some sort of medication to help prolong sex . such as Viagra ....... And do not forget the tongue and fingers can also help your girlfriend to orgasm


Mar 3, 2010
Exercising, eating healthy, and good sleep.

Honestly, a healthy lifestyle is the best play to bo0st sex drive.


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Jun 6, 2007
get your gf to explore any fetishes you might have. this doesn't have to be something extreme. example: buy her some sort of cosplay outfit. if you are here, you must like seifukus. turn her into a japanese schoolgirl, or cheerleader, or bunny or maid etc etc. a little preparation/explanation can overcome initial reluctance.