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The Ultimate Loli Thread

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by needs more loli, May 4, 2015.

  1. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader


    kinda (in KTKZ-007 atleast). I'd say her look is closer to cross of Minori Otani, with a little bit of Shuna. Height wise, she's more comparable to loli's like Shuri and Yuuna, at 156cm.

    You should really watch her in IBW-610, it's unlike any of her previous titles. She's actually in control in this one, and gave her best overall performance. Not to mention, she's was as cute as ever :onegai:

    88. IBW-610Z. 99.
  2. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader

    actually, maybe she is Mimi v2...

    yea, I still need to watch both her FSET's. Let me know which are her best titles. Sounds like you're about to get her entire collection, so I'll wait for you to report back, after you watch them all lol.

    ... and I see she did a doll title (LID-020)!? I'll have to get that later :D.
  3. haynese

    haynese New Member


    This is one of my favorites from the MUM series. MUM-046. The scenes seem so real and hardcore..I guess that's part of the illusion they're striving for.
    This actress was in a few other JAV's as well but nothing truly noteworthy.
  4. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader

    Anyone else watch SDDE-481 yet? Meru's scene might be my new favorite time stop scene of all time! It was even hotter than I anticipated. Meru might be even more loli in this, than she was in IBW-600! The time stop man (played by "the golden archer" lol) was on his A game as always. First fucking Meru's mom in front of her, then doing perverted shit like taking a cookie out of meru's mouth, then taking a bite out of it and sucking on it, and inserting it back in her mouth. Then his "rape fellow Taku" comes over to the house. This Taku guy is a complete savage, he licks every crevice of meru's body, and then gives her a good fucking, right beside her mom (who is also getting fucked). While all of this is happening, the husband/dad is frozen in the background, sitting at the kitchen table :hot:. For the climax, they bring both meru and the mom into the kitchen and fuck them right in front of the husband/dad on the kitchen table! They cum inside of them (of course), then scoop the cum out of the mom's pussy with a cookie, and put the cum covered cookie in meru's mouth!:xD:. He unfreezes time and watches as mayhem ensues lol. 10/10


    Even the dog want's to get a taste of Meru's juices!

    Pretty much all those early MUM's are classics.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
  5. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader



    Another uncensored Yuuna HEYZO release is coming! schoolgirl this time :D
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  6. darksider59

    darksider59 Well-Known Member

    haha that gif ! I still didn't see her first uncensored releases; I will probably skip Caribbeancom – 021717-375 because I can't stand the actor.
  7. grisa

    grisa Akiba Citizen

    Iromegane labely surely does good job in lolifying the girls. I really like their looks there. Hopefully they can advise uncensored studios. ;)
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  8. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader

    This guy? I can't say I'm a fan either, only because it's such an awful scene. What a blown opportunity that release was. They had her in those cute outfits, then they waste half the scene playing with her nose, ears, and neck lol. Then he strips her fully nude when it comes time to administer the generic sex.

    So far, her best uncensored releases are her first HEYZO and first Caribbeancom.
    I have a better chance of becoming an AV director, than uncensored studios improving lol.

    Someone drew a picture of what it must have looked like when Yuna took those bath images from the other day...

    doing more cute things...
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
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  9. darksider59

    darksider59 Well-Known Member

    Yep, this guy. There are few actors I can't stand (3 especially) and he's one of them.
  10. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    One of my favs as well. Still remains as one of my go to videos till this day.

    Brilliant! :cerutu:
    Gonna have to check this out asap.
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  11. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader

    Well, it wasn't CMI-098...

    CMI-104 (April 28th)
    If Yuzuki did retire, it's nice that her final release will be a full blown loli title.

    April is loaded with amazing looking loli releases.
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  12. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader

    I just found another occurrence of this. I "upgraded" my HELL copies, from SD to the new HD ones released by h-era. Well, take a look...



    Here's a untouched snippet of the HD copy, so you can see the new censoring at work...

    Wow.. if a finger gets a millimeter too close, they turn on the mosaic:xD:.

    Odd that both examples are of Aoi Ichigo. They really didn't want her asshole to be seen uncensored lol.
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  13. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader

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  14. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    OMG these guys seriously need to stop with the photoshop! Some of these are simply terrifying, especially the last one. :sedih1:
  15. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader

    A special jacked batch of KTDS loli releases lol.

    Just embrace the ridiculousness of their covers, like I have. I now look forward to seeing what they will do each month lol.

    Kyouka's face looks really loli in this image...

    then they make her body look like this...

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  16. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader

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  17. darksider59

    darksider59 Well-Known Member

    Lol, they make her like she's hitting the gym. Not that kind of muscular body for a girl isn't attractive, but they just make her look like someone else.

    I wish I could play with her tongue too.
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  18. shinjiIII

    shinjiIII Well-Known Member

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  19. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader


    watermarked SD copy of IBW-613 is out!
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  20. tmas3

    tmas3 needs more yuuna Uploader

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