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    Movies using TENS UNITS / EM Stimulation devices?

    Hi Everyone, Recently after viewing some movies using TENS UNITS for EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) on amateur girls & mature women I got fixated with it. I like it when its used heavily bringing subject to multiple forced orgasms with wild convulsions & eyes rolled up. I got to see many...
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Loli list (ordered by height): Reina Nakai (中居玲奈) Height: 133 cmJAVLibrary DMMRiko Yukino (雪野りこ) Height: 134 cm Three sizes: B70 / W50 / H72 Cup size: A DOB: 1994JAVLibrary sougouwiki erodougazo minnano-av DMMKurumi Kawashima (川島くるみ) Height: 135 cm Three sizes: B77 / W58 / H79 Cup size...