The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)


Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Two that caught my eye:

This skinny lad with an Ichabod-ish quality came across as a real character.

Male Actor _MXGS-826 -2.jpg
Male Actor _MXGS-826 -1.jpg

From Teacher Breaking Club (with Komachi Akizuki) [MXGS-826]. Actor nicknamed as Gangly.


JUX-509 Gangly.jpg

Gangly was also in JUX-509; screen credits may be found behind the "Spoiler" button below.

JUX-509 MALE CREDS -1.jpg
JUX-509 MALE CREDS -2.jpg

Gangly is possibly one of the names from above. (After the first one, which most likely belongs to Foul Baller.) Three other male actors in the movie included Eyeful (松山伸介), Roman Polanski Twerp (富田 or 這田 ケイスケ) and Nerdy (奥田 待)... I don't see matches for any of these with the lettering above. Very disturbing.


He played the main villain in Lady Butterfly, the Phantom Thief [SSPD-128], with Tsubasa Amami and Minami Natsuki.

Villain - SSPD-128 -0.jpg

Given that he is an older actor, he probably has a long career behind him. He actually looks sort of familiar, and perhaps we have already covered him... and I'm just not recognizing him.

The movie had extensive end credits, and (given his prominent role) he is most likely the second name below (first name is Minami Natsuki's), or possibly the third. See sixth post up (#273) for the rest of this movie's screen credits (underneath our coverage of Loom-Mean, visible behind the "Spoiler" button), in case this actor's credit came later.

CREDS - SSPD-128 -0.jpg

Below, Electromog has figured the second name as 冴山季希, which "dirty translates" as "Masaki Sajiyama." Actor nicknamed as Polished.

EDIT: I suppose there is a good likelihood Polished is really Grey Woof (冴山トシキ); alternate: (冴山俊樹). His English name has been figured to be Toshiki Saeyama.

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Akiba Citizen
Dec 7, 2009
The only thing I can find about the second name 冴山季希 is that he plays a guy convicted for a hit and run during a street race in the 2005 (non porn) movie 囚人プロレス.

The third name, 大島丈, is this guy:

So I'm guessing 冴山季希 will be your guy, but as I couldn't find a picture of him, nor a streaming version of the movie, I can't be sure.
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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
The second name (大島丈) is Moptop. I featured the same "bow-tied" photo in Moptop's coverage, adding it must have been a mistake. Moptop has a thin face, and the face of the man above is round. I had to finally admit the man was Moptop after all... he must have looked so different when younger. (Jarring.)

Thank you so much, Electromog. The SSPD-128 villain's name mechanically translates in a very corrupt way, "Saeyama KiNozomi," and "Sae-san ki Nozomi." We will need a member proficient with the language to provide the correct name.

Here is a new face (at least one I am not familiar with)... an unexciting one... who served as the main villain for ADN-099. I wanted to make a note:


Actor - ADN-099.jpg
Actor - ADN-099-2.jpg

After the credit for the female star, the next two were these:

CREDS - ADN-099-2.jpg

Odds are the first name is the villain's. The second main role in the movie was played by Stringbean, once again the loser husband.

I have made a note in Stringbean's section. What bothers me is that we had closed the book with Stringbean's I.D., and then a discrepancy emerged with another of his screen credits (in SHKD-631). Now there is this new discrepancy, as the name above (Stringbean's should be the second one) is not at all like the Japanese lettering we have for Stringbean's name.

I've been running into these discrepancies lately... another wrinkle has been presented with Smirker. My guess is that these male actors have multiple stage names, which makes our job of pinning them down all the harder.


An additional note, for RBD-793; this new (new to me) actor played the heroine's husband and work colleague:

Beckoned Banana

Actor - RBD-793] -0.jpg Actor - RBD-793].jpg Actor - RBD-793]-4.jpg Actor - RBD-793]-2.jpg

After the female lead's screen credit came these two. The first one belongs to Humdrum ( 上田昌宏 ), who played the villain. Most likely the second name is for the husband.

CREDS - RBD-793]-2.jpg

Is this the same man?


RBD-794 had screen credits in English:

CREDS - RBD-794.jpg

Last three are:
Matsuo Iiyama (who was also listed in SHKD-631's English credits; dirtily translated as 松山松雄), Yumiko Kawaguchi and Masayuki Sinjo.

My guess would be "Shintaro Yagi," the "dirty translation" of which is 慎太郎八木 ... which does not match the second name above, from RBD-793.

The husband from ADN-086 looks like the above actor as well; his credit should be the top one from the two credits below. It does not match the RBD-793 credit above.

Actor - ADN-086.jpg
Actor - ADN-086-2.jpg
CREDS - ADN-086.jpg

EDIT: "Beckoned Banana" was brought up a year ago in Post #131 here, and screen credits for SNIS-343 were provided; best guess was this one:


Yet another additional note; plays a husband who sees Rio Ogawa get "Violated Right in Front of Him," in SHKD-679.


Actor - SHKD-679.jpg
Actor - SHKD-679-2.jpg

Should be his credit:..
CREDS - SHKD-679.jpg

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Mar 28, 2015
I first noticed this guy years ago.

His style of kissing where he was licking all over Hitomi Tittynaka's face was quite hilarious.




His role as a r**ist in RBD-743 has earned him the nickname THE r**ist.

He really has a r*** face.

He can't help himself, and needs 3 grown men to tie him down to stop his raping spree.

Watching him so he doesn't act on his r**ist instincts.





I can't find him on this list

so I assume he's not taken.


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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Elaborating further on Ghostbird's "r**ist"....

RBD-743 - r**ist.jpg

Screen credits at the end of "...Courtroom Turned Wet" [RBD-743] point to this credit as likeliest belonging to the actor:

RBD-743 - Rapost CRED.jpg

In case not, the rest of the credits are provided underneath. EDIT: Credit confirmed in SHKD-557.

The first one from below probably belongs to the second actor with the most screen time, the husband and fellow attorney:


RBD-743 - Attorney-0.jpg
RBD-743 - Attorney-1.jpg
RBD-743 - Attorney-2.jpg

RBD-743 -  CRED-2.jpg

Guess there has been a sale on lookalike actors in eyeglasses playing husbands recently. (See this page's beginning Post #281, above.)

Here are the next three credits:

RBD-743 -  CRED-3.jpg
RBD-743 -  CRED-4.jpg
RBD-743 -  CRED-5.jpg

Another featured player:


RBD-743 - Actor.jpg
RBD-743 - Actor-2.jpg

Then there was an actress whom we see from time to time as a "Side Lady" ... referred to here.

RBD-743 - Side Lady.jpg


Robbus, ever since you first made your beautiful presentation of The Golden Archer from the same movie (SOE-121) one year ago, when you had nicknamed him "The Doctor," I've been seeing him in more JAVs playing doctors (for example, RBD-760).

Coincidentally, I have recently referred to the Archer myself, but hardly in the same loving fashion.


From his Avdanyu page... the Golden Archer in drag ??

dbe80b3d188dc316483d249d5329ea5e.jpeg ... daaf125ea2ded7550a6710730113983d.jpeg ............ Milton Berle.jpg
(Please click to enlarge)


Let me wrap up with a shot I've just run into, of an actor I like:

TENANT in JUX-575.jpg

From last year's JUX-575; ahhhhh, good old Tenant is showing his age.

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Mar 28, 2015
Good guy Manlet helped Julia when she was new.

I: So how did you feel going into your first AV shoot?
J: I was super nervous and have barely any memory of it. I do recall it was a POV shoot with Ken Shimizu. What was supposed to be said before and during the shoot was still new to me so I was really surprised when the camera got rolling.

I: Since most of those POV shoots generally just involve you, the actor, and maybe a director, didn't you feel more at ease?

J: I'm not a good talker so suddenly being on my own with a guy I never met before was a recipe for extreme nervousness. However, Ken Shimizu could tell I was still real new to this so he gently guided me through the whole affair and it was over before I knew it.


Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Sounds like the first time Manlet (Shimiken, A.K.A. "I'm the greatest thing since sliced teriyaki") has thought of anyone besides himself!


This photograph struck me:

HNB-065 - Actor-2.jpg


(From Widowed Wife Mistreated By Father-in-Law [HNB-065], starring Ayumu Kase.)

HNB-065 - Actor-1.jpg
HNB-065 - Actor-3.jpg

I think I have seen him in a movie where he played another crazed father-in-law. I don't enjoy watching the old-timers, but since we will never see the end of them in JAV, what a shame they don't use this guy more often. (He's got a... crackle to him. We'll call him Crackle!)

HNB-065 - Actor-4.jpg


I am performing an addition to this post with this EDIT.

Who is not aware of the adorable Naked Transfer School Boy from 2010's SDMT-201?


He almost made the Concentration Camp Survivor come across as a bundle of energy!

I have now run past Feet01's loving 2013 review of the movie (three years later, Kharo88 would offer his analysis as well), and the question was raised as to whom the actor may be. The wondrous Electromog lent his magical powers to the guessing game, and semi- figured on whether a blog author named CHAIN Zong (CHAIN宗) could be the culprit.


I'm sure E.M. based his near-conclusion on solid evidence, but "CHAIN" has a picture (and caricature) of himself on his blog, and he looks like a middle-aged guy, so... I dunno. (Last entry on the blog is from 2012, and I guess a person can't change that much in a couple of years?)

(By the way, the "Spoiler" button below will reveal what @Motiman had to say about this actor: )
I wonder what happened to this actor. He was always a great shota actor but haven't seen him in a while so i guess he may have retired. Does he still have that 'deer in the headlights' look throughout as he mumbles his way through. That guy always had a creepy look but as a fan of shota movies i have to say he was one of the best. Good luck to the guy whatever he's up to these days.

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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
ATID-234 had credits in English and Japanese... let me make some notes.

End credits were in English, and here were the names, in order; ones colored in red are the ones we know about.

1.. Moomin
2.. Bassy
3.. Ryu-Ichi
4.. Shogo Takamizawa
5.. Kikubon
6.. Ken2
7.. Kenta Kudo ... (Little Big Shot)
8.. Asao Taiga
9.. Katsuya Ichihara
10. Ryo Kurihara ... (Tough Old Feller)

The Japanese credits appeared at the movie's beginning, almost following the order above.

ATID-234 - CREDS - mumin.jpg
... must be Moomin, although what we have is ムーちゃん
ATID-234 - CREDS - bassy.jpg

ATID-234 - CREDS - 3.jpg

ATID-234 - CREDS - 4.jpg

ATID-234 - CREDS - 5.jpg
... This will be Kikubon, or キクボン
ATID-234 - CREDS - 6 (Ken2).jpg

So up to No. 6 for Ken2 matches the order for what is above. Here is the seventh credit:

ATID-234 - CREDS - 7.jpg

That should have been Little Big Shot, but his credit appeared as the next one:

ATID-234 - CREDS - 8 (Kenta Kudo).jpg
... what we have is 工藤健太

No. 7 here turned out to be No. 8 in the English language order... it is Asao Taiga, or ...太賀麻郎

ATID-234 - CREDS - 9.jpg
... This will be Katsuya Ichihara, or 市原克也

ATID-234 - CREDS - 10 (Tough Old Feller).jpg
... what we have is 栗原良 for Tough Old Feller.

I put up the unknown English-spelling names into the Warashi site and into a general Google search.

Got a hit for Kikubon ( キクボン ), but as a director. (Example: DCRY-003.)

Got a hit for Asao Taiga ( 太賀麻郎 )... his Warashi page, with no info other than a photo. He's got a Nonkeav page, with just a photo:
Asao Taiga.jpg
.. He is thin. His Warashi photo: ..
Asao Taiga-2.jpg

Looks like two different men. I don't recognize either from the movie... dubbeth: Ah-So-Hah.

Also got a hit for Katsuya Ichihara ( 市原克也 ); his Warashi page; no info except for a couple of photos, and because he is bald, we may guess who he is from the movie. This must be him:

ATID-234 - Bald Guy 1.jpg
ATID-234 - Bald Guy 1B.jpg

Dubbeth: Cashew-head

So to whom do the rest of the names belong to? The other prominent male actors from the flick were these guys:

The "students":

ATID-234 - Student 2.jpg

ATID-234 - Student 1.jpg
ATID-234 - Student 1-B.jpg

ATID-234 - Student 3.jpg
ATID-234 - Student 3B.jpg
. EDIT: Same? (IESP-584) . IESP-584 Male-2.jpg

Those last two jokers look like they are forty-years-old.

Various gangsters and bad men:

ATID-234 - Bad Guy 1B.jpg
ATID-234 - Bad Guy 1.jpg
... (He's got a blond ponytail!)

ATID-234 - Bad Guy 2.jpg
ATID-234 - Bad Guy 2B.jpg
... (He was appropriately cool.)
(Could he be Ah-So-Hah? Photos above of Asao Taiga were from days of youth,)

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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012

Tako Kato.jpg

Tako Kato ... ( 加藤鷹 )

Making an entry for the legendary and now-retired JAV actor was prompted by this reference page from Avdanyu. See also article 1 and article 2 (third one), from the news department. In addition, a 2013 one announcing his retirement.

Taka Kato.jpg

I see Galactus has brought up this actor on another thread wondering about the identity of Tenant. I also liked the plot description of this 2011 "futuristic" movie where Goldfinger had appeared.

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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Kishi ... ( )

Kishi JUC-944-3.jpg

Kishi JUC-944-4.jpg
Kishi JUC-944-1.jpg


Kishi VENU-271.jpg
Kishi SW-142.jpg

VENU-271 .......... ...................................................................................... ......... SW-142 (Unsure about this one; he is in the movie, though)

Filmography from Avdanyu.



Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Hard to get a bead on this fellow, because he is so generic-looking.

DRS-082 Male-.jpg


We'll call him Commoner.

GAR-285 Male.jpg
GAR-285 Male-2.jpg


IESP-584 Male.jpg


DRS-086 Male-.jpg

DRS-086 (Unsure about this one; he is in the movie, though... and that is the lovely Nanako Mori, at right.)

HUNT-451 Male-2.jpg


Caribbeancom Male-.jpg

A search for his Japanese name results in a healthy number of hits from the uncensored world. Above, playing a guard from Secret Female Accommodation Prison ~ Part 2, a Caribbeancom movie.

His name is くるみ太郎 , which mechanically translates as "Taro Kurumi." His filmography from Avdanyu, and from Nonkeav.blog44.

Now, in regard to the second from last photo present above from HUNTER, there was a JAV actor from the screen shots who looked a lot more interesting. Here he is:

HUNT-451 OTHER Male1.jpg
HUNT-451 OTHER Male-2.jpg
HUNT-451 OTHER Male3.jpg

He... let's call him Haphazard... was also in HUNT-445:

HUNT-445 OTHER Male3.jpg


I was watching Female Marriage Consultant [JUC-234] with the sensational Shino Manami, and guess whose wacky face came on screen. That's right, Haphazard's!

JUC-234-Haphazard   Male Actor.jpg

The movie had end credits as well, so now we will (in time) perhaps get a bead on his name:

JUC-234- Cred.jpg

JUC-234-2 Cred.jpg

The movie had a few other recognizable faces, so we could weed some out. One was
Weakwill ( 山田伸夫 ). He is the fourth one down the list. (I don't think the first line is for an actor.)

Another was King Geezer. ( 徳田重男 ). The fifth line sort of matches, except for the second character.

We also had Mushman ( 日比野達郎 ), pictured underneath. Alas, I don't see a match with his name.
JUC-234-Mushman   Male Actor.jpg

Haphazard had a good amount of screen time (as did Weakwill), so I figure his name may be among the two or three above Weakwill's.

The remaining male actor was the interesting-looking fellow pictured below, playing a Jerk of a husband:

JUC-234-   Male Actor.jpg
JUC-234-2   Male Actor.jpg

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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012

RBD-414 Male2-.jpg
RBD-414 Male-.jpg


REQ-090 Male-.jpg


MDYD-714 Male2-.jpg
MDYD-714 Male3-.jpg


MDYD-714 Male-.jpg

A pretty massive fellow, in height and in girth.

MDYD-714 Male4-.jpg

His name is 越井貴行 , which mechanically translates as "Koshii Takayuki." His filmography from Avdanyu.

While examining the photos from the movies above, I also wanted to pay note to these interesting faces:

RBD-414 Male-OTHER-.jpg
RBD-414 Male-OTHER2-.jpg

From RBD-414... a "good guy" type, but with character. He's... All-Right.

RBD-414 Male-OTHER3-.jpg

Then there was this Coolcat from REQ-090:

REQ-090 Male-OTHER-.jpg

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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012

Grro  PPSD-038.jpg
Grro  WANZ-033.jpg
Grro  WANZ-033-2.jpg

PPSD-038 ......................................................WANZ-033

Grro  VSPDS-652.jpg
Grro  WNZ-463.jpg
Grro  RCT-656.jpg

VSPDS-652 ............................................. WNZ-463 .................................................. RCT-656

Grro  WNZ-463-2.jpg
Grro  WNZ-463-3.jpg


His name is ゴロー , which mechanically translates as "Goro." His filmography from Avdanyu,

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Mar 28, 2015
Stealing this guy before he gets taken



Here he is with Hyena


The title also features my favorite short guy Shimimanlet.

Alpha as fuck sex instructor



Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012

Weirdo - Male Actor -4.jpg
Weirdo - Male Actor -5.jpg

Weirdo - Male Actor -1.jpg
Weirdo - Male Actor -2.jpg

Weirdo - Male Actor -3.jpg
sigourney alien.jpg

As seen in r**ist Living Under The Same Roof [GVG-401], starring Kaho Shibuya.



NDRA-028  Male Actor.jpg
NDRA-028 - Male Actor.jpg
NDRA-028 2  Male Actor.jpg

As seen in Housewife Who Became The Sex Slave Of My Neighbor 3 [NDRA-028], starring Miho Nakazato.


NGOD-021 - Male Actor.jpg
NGOD-021 - Male Actor-2.jpg

Playing the boss in Cuckolded How My Wife In Accounting Was Sexually Harassed By The Well-Hung Boss At Our Awful Job [NGOD-021], with Ayane Suzukawa.


NGOD-031  Brute.jpg

From the same series as the movie above, NGOD-031 (with Harua Narumiya); the actor playing the husband was the same fellow presented below.

The actor playing NDRA-028's husband (let's call him Cuckolded) is a familiar face:

NDRA-028 - Male Actor Husband.jpg
NDRA-028 - Male Actor Husband 2.jpg
NGOD-031  Male Actor.jpg


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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Making a note, after discovering Weekend Slave [RBD-803] (starring Airi Kijima) featured end credits in English:


Actors Numbers 1, 2 and 4 have been identified. (As Humdrum, Grey Woof and Loser, respectively.) The third listed name, Minoru Hisamichi, must be the actor with the most screen time beyond the others:

RBD-803 2  Male Actor.jpg
RBD-803 1  Male Actor.jpg
RBD-803 3  Male Actor.jpg

The remaining three credits are:

Naoya Godai
Tadanori Kanai
Ryoji Yushima

The other actors were:

RBD-803 2  Male Actor-4.jpg
RBD-803 1  Male Actor-3.jpg

RBD-803 3  Male Acto-2r.jpg
RBD-803 1  Male Acto-2r.jpg
RBD-803 2  Male Acto-2r.jpg

RBD-803 1  Male Actor-4.jpg
.. and ..
RBD-803 2  Male Actor-3.jpg


English screen credits for the secondary male characters at the end of SHKD-546...

SHKD-546-English screen credits.jpg

Kenta Kasukabe must have been this gentleman who played the husband:

SHKD-546-1 - Male Actor.jpg
SHKD-546-3 - Male Actor.jpg

As for Manjiro Tsurata, the only other actor I could spot (from fast-forwarding the movie) was the baldie at right... whom we only saw from the back of his head!


Another "husband" wearing glasses, from SSPD-130:

SSPD-130-2 - Male Actor.jpg
SSPD-130-1 - Male Actor.jpg

SSPD-130  Creds.jpg

The first credit belongs to the Creep, so we are looking at the second credit. It is possible that credit belongs to a "Side Lady" who also appears in the movie, but the odds are against it.

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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012

Second time I've taken note of this actor in recent days, and figured I should make a note.


TwoMoles NGOD-012-2 - Male Actor.jpg
TwoMoles NGOD-012 - Male Actor.jpg

As seen in I Want You to Know the Story of How My Wife Was Seduced - Wife Who Gave Herself to the Repairman [NGOD-012], starring Sayuki Kanno.

TwoMoles NGOD-012-3 - Male Actor.jpg


Who is this... Behemoth?



Is he the same man as "The Bear"?


I'd say there is an excellent chance that we have our man... given his bodily mass, and the fur on his chest.



MXGS-848 ..................................................................................... MXGS-788

(The next movie is listed in our man's filmography, but this is a different fat boy; around the fifty-minute mark, his chest is revealed as hairless. Still, let's leave him in as another actor with some bounce.)


His name is 盛高見, which mechanically translates as Mori Takami or Sakari Takami; his Kimomenav page.

He is also briefly mentioned on this page.

He is a nova of an actor Kimo! Full body hairy, fat and shoulder body with impact! Massive ejaculation is also good skill and quantity is super class! He is!

The film featured from that last link is GVG-262, where our big guy is joined by Weirdo and the Golden Archer among others, all focusing on the star, Yui Hatano:


The movie also features this other phenomenon from the nature world; other shots.


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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
I never was consciously aware of this actor, but now that I've learned about him, I can see he has been a minor JAV heavyweight in his own right... he has had a share of big roles.

Sassy -JUX-531 Male Actor.jpg
Sassy -JUX-531-2 Male Actor.jpg


He seems to have a smart-ass air about him, so let's call him...


Sassy -JBD-188 Male Actor.jpg
Sassy -JBD-188-2 Male Actor.jpg


Sassy -JUX-637 Male Actor.jpg
Sassy -JUX-637-2 Male Actor.jpg


Sassy -JUX-569 Male Actor.jpg
Sassy -JUX-569-2 Male Actor.jpg


He is 笹木良一, which dirty translates as "Ryoichi Sasaki"; his Kimomenav filmography, as well as his Avdanyu one.

The bottom photo at left bears resemblance to "The Captain," who was brought up in this post. Same fellow? (One connection: both actors are tall.)


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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
While investigating this next actor (whom I knew nothing about), I was determined to get some great, clear shots of his face because he has been in a million JAVs (after apparently beginning in 2008). I rely on the screen shots provided by DMM/R18, and I've got to tell you, I must have clicked on a hundred of his movies.

Most of his movies are of the "Debut" variety (where a new actress is featured) and it was amazing how his face was either cut off or obscured. (Once in a while, a clear view of a male actor would appear, but because our actor's movies are usually of the kind where several male actors are presented, the rare view would be of somebody else. I was surprised, by the way, about how often lovable Tubby would appear in these types of "Debut" movies, which I ordinarily do not watch.)

Sideburns -  Male Actor.jpg

So I'm giving up. I'll put up what I have come up with, which isn't much... and which will help little with identifying him. He has a portrait in his Avdanyu filmography (above), which I was reluctant to use because I prefer "fresh" photos... but after all of my work, it is this photo which provides the best view of his face.

Here is the miserable lot I came up with, otherwise:

Sideburns -DV-1430 Male Actor.jpg

DV-1430; frankly, I'm not even sure if this is him.

Sideburns -BLK-298 Male Actor.jpg
Sideburns -OBA-304  Male Actor.jpg

BLK-298 ................................................OBA-304

Sideburns -MIGD-753  Male Actor.jpg
Sideburns -FINH-027  Male Actor.jpg

MIGD-753 .............................................................................. FINH-027

He's a fairly good-looking guy, and has a decent build. Funny, out of the endless barrels of movies he has appeared in, I did not run into a single one where he was featured. He usually appears amongst others, as mentioned, and is barely more than a stunt cock.

What shall we call him? The only characteristic of his that I can distinguish is his sideburns, which taper to a sort of point. Because I'm a bit upset with him now for putting me through so much torture, I'm going to suggest...


(After all, if nobody can figure out who he is, what's the point?)

His name is 貞松大輔, which "dirty translates" as Daisuke Sadamatsu. His Avdanyu filmography, and the one from Kimomenav.

He has a Warashi page, as well. A Caribbeancom trailer was put up (starring Chihiro Akino as a cleaning woman), and that led to this following profile shot:

Sideburns profile -  Male Actor.jpg


Another actor hard to get a handle on for similar reasons (a concentration on debut movies, only one of several actors in the same movie, nothing that particularly stands out) is...


(So named because of the little goatee he sports in some of his roles.)

YojI Agawa-2  Male Actor.jpg
YojI Agawa  Male Actor.jpg

YojI Agawa HJMO-317 Male Actor.jpg
YojI Agawa KAWD-751 Male Actor.jpg

KAWD-751 .......................................................................................... .................. HJMO-317

His name is YojI Agawa ( 阿川陽志 ); his Avdanyu filmography, and a more extensive one from Kimomenav. He also has a Warashi page. Plenty of pictures in his Nonkeav page, and a few from his Avactor page.

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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Here is an actor I was definitely aware of. I recall thinking not long ago, "Who IS he?" when I saw him in yet another JAV, terrorizing a heroine, given my knowledge of how prolific he has been. I've thought of him as particularly effective (in villainous roles) because his eyes are a little more closed than usual, giving him a bit of a sinister effect... and I realize that is an incorrect thing to say, but blame the lasting effect of WWII propaganda posters.

Takashi Sugiura JUX-993-4  Male Actor.jpg
Takashi Sugiura JUX-993-3  Male Actor.jpg


As a result of my unkindness, I will call him...


(Also because I don't know what other characteristic he has, that stands out.)

A few other views of him from Made to Put On a Tight Skirt… [JUX-993]:

Takashi Sugiura JUX-993  Male Actor.jpg
Takashi Sugiura JUX-993-2  Male Actor.jpg

According to his Warashi profile, Slit has been at it at least since 2006, where he appeared in "Victim Woman," with Mai Hoshino (which was also exciting, because I had recently taken note of Mai... who was in only a handful of movies), apparently uncensored, as was 2008's School Girl Kurumi with Kurumi Katase:

Takashi Sugiura School Girl Kurumi 2008-  Male Actor.jpg
Takashi Sugiura OBA-306  Male Actor.jpg

Youthful days (2008) ........................................................ 2016's OBA-306

From Breaking In Mom [BRK-01], starring Rena Fukiishi:

Takashi Sugiura BRK-01  Male Actor.jpg
Takashi Sugiura BRK-01-4  Male Actor.jpg
Takashi Sugiura BRK-01-3  Male Actor.jpg
Takashi Sugiura BRK-01-2  Male Actor.jpg

His name is Takashi Sugiura (杉浦隆志); his Avdanyu filmography, and one from Kimomenav, as well as his Warashi page.