The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Tubby! (And: Film ID)


May 17, 2017
This guy is an automatic skip for me. He's been around awhile and some of the older AV's he's in I don't mind but anything new I just can't. He and a couple other actors are either too odd to look at, act weird, or don't perform the way I like, that even if the chick they are fucking is one I like, they ruin it for me because of aforementioned reasons.

As an aside, I've never posted on this thread but it is the most hilarious thread that I come back to now and then. I love the nicknames Jugulear and other posters have come up with for these actors.

If I were to name this guy it would be "Birthmark boy" because he has a large birthmark on his hip that is absolutely hideous.


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Mar 17, 2024
Can anyone identify who is this actress? It seems like an old video, but i cant find it. Ginji Sagawa is the male actor. The video shows the girl is in a red body stockings, being forced to have sex.
Where you get this image?