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Some questions about Direct Download section...and discussions

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Azinours, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Azinours

    Azinours Active Member


    I'm a new user and i could not find answers about some questions:

    -It seems there is only full movies in the JAV Direct download section and it's mostly 1 post= 1movie.
    -I've answered/started a thread in discussion and i'd like to offer some the movies we're talking about in the JAV DD section. But sometimes it's only one scene of the movie.

    1)If i post a full movie in JAV DD section, can i add a link to it in the discussion thread in wich we were talking about it?

    2)Is it possible to post just scenes and not full movies? And multiple scenes/movies in one thread?

    If you look at my two first posts in discussions, is there any way to make the same thread but with download links (Filejoker) for scenes corresponding to each pictures? (some would be movies/some would be scenes)
    Can i create a "thematic thread" in JAV DD section and post multiples scenes/movies in ONE thread?
  2. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    1) yes

    2) yes

    3) it would help if you post links so I knew what you was talking about
  3. Azinours

    Azinours Active Member

  4. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    firstly is the watermarks necessary? and do not forget to say if it has watermarks, (check rule on how to post)

    if there is a thread already, add link to that, if it is a clip, and add the clips to the clip section (links are fine)
  5. Azinours

    Azinours Active Member

    Yes there are various watermarks on some of the movies ...i didn't add them, it's just some files i downloaded long time ago and that are not available on the forum actually.

    I'll try my best to respect all rules when posting (still searching actress list for AFAA-004)!
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2016