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Shoko Takahashi 高橋しょう子

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by ding73ding, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    Seems that forum is for posting pix, this forum is for discussion. I don't know... seems that's how it's used. Over the past 30 days, only 5 threads (idols) got 1 or more posts.
  2. paparoach408

    paparoach408 Well-Known Member

    its been dead for years
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  3. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    Yes! Those are more like it. Esp. a 3:45 solo. By comparison Shoko's playing makes me think she trained on Guitar Hero games.

    About idol vs musician, well you are right but I don't think it's as black and white. There are always cross-overs. Musicians (esp. female) who aren't good looking have to be extra good to get a contract and won't achieve as big success as musicians who are good and good looking. And the average J- and K- pop bands, I like looking at them but my ears :confused: usually can't stand more than half a song at one sitting. But it's probably wrong to say none of them have musical talents.

    Problem is you get a band like HöLDERLINS, it's hard to assemble so many good looking members together. You happen to have a hottie but her talent isn't vocal, so you can't have like a "Shoko and the HöLDERLINS". You put the best vocalist as front lady and if she isn't hot, it's not ideal to exploit the good visage of the guitarist.

    Not to say there's anything wrong with exploiting the female form in music. Sexy and music goes together is a fine old tradition. HöLDERLINS is more pure about the music and I respect them. And if Shoko ever make a career out of a bimbo-musician-idol, well good for her too.
  4. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    I just want to throw couple ideas out there: Yua Mikami and Shokotas may take slightly different persona but at the core they are really the same. Yua is a more a teeny pop idol and Shoko is a more goddess kind of idol. Both have her own kind of star quality and both are working as hard to fulfill her potentials. Also both are not young and you know you can't teach an old dog new tricks. They have some talents for music or whatever, and they are good enough to do some occasional gigs. But for a full time career paying for mortgage and food on the table, their only good choice is fucking and sucking for the camera lens.

    The other thing is: in my fantasy alternate universe, 99% of JAV idols would be non-vanilla. They should all be good for orgy, creampie (at least fake one), facial, (light) S&M, and anal sex. And of course all of them would do an uncensored vid at least once a year or two. But then there should also be a couple of royalty, snobby princesses, if you want. They might do what some people call vanilla only. So like all royalty, they may not appeal to every fan, but that's ok. And for these few royalty JAV idols, I think the best candidates are (1) Shoko Takahashi and (2) Yua Mikami.
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  5. paparoach408

    paparoach408 Well-Known Member

    I think Yua is the only modern day girl that gives off the Sora Aoi like princess vibe, while I thought Shoko would end up being the dirty one of the two(even before she went to Moodyz). I'm quite happy where the industry is, because to me if 99% where non vanilla it would be very boring, I need variety not everybody doing the same thing or I would just go back to euro or american porn
  6. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    It reminds me that I had a lot of fun on those games.

    I understand and I agree about pop bands and their "talent". They never sing live and it's pure visual. That's why I hardly listen to Kpop groups. Among the big ones, I only listen to some Twice songs and after, it's "smaller" groups, from smaller agencies as they produce more quality to stand out (those are songs I can listen to, without looking at the MV). You mention cross-overs, and I just remember that one of my favorite japanese bands was formed by 2 former magazine models. The 4 girls play instruments and sing live, it's a mix a pop, rock and electro, and it's really good to me (I received their new album last week). They played in prestigious venues like the Tokyo Budokan and the Yokohama Arena.

    Well, Alice Cooper has a hot chick playing guitar but he has so much charisma and he's a legend that people come for him and his music.

  7. Lodestar

    Lodestar Member

    Talent matters but it's not everything. You need something to stand out and some luck. I like a few Sex Pistols songs and nobody is ever going to call them talented musicians.
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  8. paparoach408

    paparoach408 Well-Known Member

    Die Antwoord is famous...............
  9. arnoldlayne

    arnoldlayne Member

    Nothing about her band suggests its an attempt at being a career so I dont know what the point of debating her future as a musician is, its just a thing she and her 2 friends from gravure started. They are good enough to get gigs at real music venues and when you look at the crowd there arent any creepy otakus, just normal people from the scene who are there for the bands and not to oggle an idol. The fact that they separate Shoko's fame from the band promotion shows that they are dedicated to the music and arent interested in making easy otaku money.

    MoodyZ probably isnt a fan of her being in Holderlins as it goes against the pristine image they try to portray her as. Shoko's fans dont even seem to be on board either since they arent following the Holderlins twitter. The band was started before she did AV so she was probably able to put it in the contract that she can be in the band and do what she wants. I think its good that someone can be an AV idol and still have their own life they dont have to hide from the public, even when that life is the opposite of what they are being advertised as.

    you go to places like this for the love of the music, not the fame or money

    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
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  10. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    I agree. I didn't know about her 2 friends. To be honest, I only watched one video of them and that's about it. I just thought it was decent and cool that she likes rock music.

    In her AV movies, I see her as a cheerful girl. In one interview I saw of her band, she is the same as in her AV, same for her voice. So, if Moodyz doesn't like it, they should know that you can rock on stage and be "classy" outside a gig.
    joe-hottinger-lzzy-hale-arejay-hale-josh-smith-9714b5df478be546. cmt-music-awards-lzzy-hale-main_z1fj4s.

    Still, the fact that she seems to have 2 kind of fans is a good thing for her.
  11. jwlim80

    jwlim80 Active Member

    Moving on with music, she contribute to a weekly column for about a year now where she talks dirty :-


    In essence, she makes sexual connection to events concerning her that specific week.

    Some of the more interesting topic includes her comparing dick size of foreigners to Japanese ones and wonder what it would be like to do the nasty with them. Or how many times she will have sex per day as a newly wed and how she feels about outdoor sex.

    I have my doubts if she herself does actually authored those article herself, I believe they are actually ghost written to portray her persona as an insatiable sexual predator who thinks dirty all day.

    I might try an interpretation myself but popular opinion here dictates that I should let my betters have an attempt before doing so.
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  12. kharo88

    kharo88 Well-Known Member

    Vocal doesn't equal popular! I appreciate your posts (even though they have gotten so numerous that I seldom have the time to read all of them, but I think that's a good thing :D ).
  13. jwlim80

    jwlim80 Active Member