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Sarasa Hara / Iroha Natsume (夏目彩春 / 原更紗) Official Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'JAV Idols' started by trounce, May 26, 2016.

  1. trounce

    trounce Member

    Sarasa Hara


    Birthdate: June 20, 1984
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Birthplace: Tokyo
    Height: 166 cm (5'5")
    Measurements: 33D-22-32 (85cm(D)-57cm-82cm)
    Blood Type: O
    Hobbies: Listening to music
    Special Skills: Table Tennis

    Sarasa Hara initially debuted with Max-A, and her first video, New Comer (XV-514), was released at the end of March 2007. Her impact on the JAV industry was immediate, as the following write-up from the Sarasa Hara listing on ActionJAV.com suggested:

    There's one nice thing about girls born in big cities. They know how to present themselves. Sarasa Hara is a Tokyo native with a beautiful body, one of the flattest stomachs in recent memory, a big shiny mane of hair, and a gorgeous dimpled smile....

    Sarasa is portrayed gorgeously in the Max Girls compilations she is featured in... but it is from Sarasa's solo work that you can really get to know why this newcomer is making such a splash.

    Sarasa Hara's debut title, "Newcomer", is an amazing start to her collection. She is clearly unsure of herself, but the veteran actors who help her open up on camera make this a document worth notice. Sarasa really finds herself in this one, and you'll want to watch this flower take bloom over and over again. Sarasa's wide white grin is comforting in the very hot "Tsubaki". This is one with a lot of straight-up sex in a variety of situations. You can't fake a shower scene, and Sarasa looks amazing. Again, Sarasa lets it all out in the open in "Erotic Body" which showcases her beautiful features in some very erotic outdoor scenes, as well as some indoor strip sessions. You could bounce a quarter off that tight stomach, but why stop with coins?"
    Much to her fans' dismay, Sarasa suddenly stopped performing at the end of 2010. Her departure from the scene was unexpected, but as Zophos pointed out in the Scanlover forum:

    Sarasa had a great run with Idea Pocket, starting as a fresh faced teen and growing into a stunning woman, petite body, pretty face, eyes and smile, great legs, killer abs; there's nothing I don't like about this woman. As cute as she is in pictures, she appears more stunning in her scenes. She's truly one of those women who could have been a model and you feel kind of amazed that she even did porn and feel lucky to have such a legacy of films to enjoy....
    Iroha Natsume


    Happily, Sarasa reappeared under the Moodyz banner in July of 2013 as Iroha Natsume. Since then, she has been featured in a number of Attackers videos. The reason for her disappearance was never fully revealed, as Scanlover contributor Yourmother's translation of her Moodyz interview indicates:

    1. Why did you decide to come back?
    A: There are things I have yet to do. I talk about it in this work so please watch it.

    2. It's been 2 years since your last work, did you ever feel lost during filming?
    A. Coming back I felt home and I never felt lost. While I was doing it, it just came back to me and I was able to enjoy it all.

    3. You have the same great body as ever. How do you maintain it?
    A. I love doing situps and I do them everyday!

    4. Are there any hobbies or things you have gotten into lately?
    A. I've been drinking coffee lately so I like going to lots of cafes. I like traveling too.

    5. Can you tell us what will we see in this work?
    A. It's been 2 years and I was really nervous but I really tried to be enthusiastic and passionate.(hard word to translate) The actor(s) for the best threesome I had, I got to work with again so I felt really at ease. At that section the real me was really exposed.

    6. After this what kind of AV work do u want to do?
    A. Its been awhile so I want to do some cosplay like nurse or stewardess. I want to be fucked while wearing a cosplay hat. (fucked implied but not said)

    7. What would you like to say to your fans?
    A. I want people to please watch the adult Natsume Iroha.


    Sarasa Hara

    Iroha Natsume

    Sarasa/Iroha Movie Subtitles

    A number of Sarasa/Iroha's fans have cooperated to generate accurately translated English subtitles for her movies. Many of these have been donated; others are available for a small fee that has been used to defray the cost of translation. You will find many of these with a quick search of:
    akiba resident JAV subtitlers & talk of JAV subtitles*NOT A SUB REQUEST THREAD*
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2016
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  2. qwerty07

    qwerty07 Member


    Hopefully the transition is smooth.
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  3. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    Excellent work, Trounce. I am going to mail you some more info about resources.
    trounce likes this.
  4. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    Trounce, who/what is Yourmother?
  5. trounce

    trounce Member

    Page updated. Thanks Rezzo!

    He's a contributor to the Sarasa Hara thread on the SL forum. I've edited the posting to indicate this.
    Last edited: May 31, 2016
  6. trounce

    trounce Member

    June Release: I, being fucked in you... (RBD-777)


    Iroha0. Iroha1. Iroha2. Iroha3. Iroha4.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
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  7. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    Most beautiful legs ever!
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  8. trounce

    trounce Member

    While I don't disagree, I'm compelled to add that no discussion of beautiful legs is complete without a mention of JAV legend Akira Watase.

    Check her out here and here.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2016
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  9. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    I remember Akira Watase. She seems to have fallen into oblivion, at least for me. Sarasa/ Iroha doesn't have real competitors. She is in a league of her own.
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  10. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    July release: a bit of incest apparently.

    July. July 2.
    Title translated by Google: "Six tatami story of beauty and transformation father who dream of humanity rape"
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  11. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    Meanwhile I remind you that fresh English subtitles for ADN-087 (Immoral Home Helper) are available at Erojapanese.com
  12. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    image. A new pic of our princess in yoga gear just posted in her blog. She is announcing a new video but doesn't give details. It doesn't look like an Attackers production. Will it be BeFree again? We will have to wait 5 or 6 months to know
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  13. lovingit

    lovingit Member

    Her videos have gone downhill with attackers. She needs to change studios!
  14. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    I know, Lovingit. I am also praying for her to change - back to Moodyz ideally. The video she announced in her blog, as mentioned above, doesn't seem to be an Attackers production, though.
  15. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    She will release her first video under the Madonna label on 7 August: image.
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  16. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    Looking forward to working with Madonna. Its a label which is focussed on the more mature lady and I guess now Iroha has reached 30 she qualifies for them.

    Its a studio that has great production values and always tries to tell a story so I have great expectations for the movies to come. Hopefully she will also branch out to other studios as well although I doubt it. Whether she still has a contract with Attackers and this is just a one off, or this really is a new beginning in her career, I doubt she will veer from the one movie per month schedule she has had recently. I don't think that's a bad thing as it always leaves you wanting more rather than seeing too much and getting bored.

    The actual movie also looks good. Part of the 'husband doesn't know' series, I'm looking forward to seeing some great action centred around her naughty affair. My guess from the cover is that she will be reluctant and unwilling at first but will eventually get more into it. The whole 'sex in jeans' seems to have become popular with them too. I remember Ski Sasaki doing a movie from the same series and she had her jeans on too.
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  17. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    She is now 32 years old, Motiman. She marked the date a few days later with a post in her blog and the following picture:

    Granted, she needed some advice in the lingerie department.
    Regarding work for other studios, remember that she recently announced in the blog a video involving yoga. Although she has not identified the studio, I say it may be BeFree again.

    The Madonna video story seems to follow the Attackers pattern: reluctant first, willing later.
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  18. lovingit

    lovingit Member

    I am still watching her in her Ideapocket days, which in my opinion, she looked the best.
  19. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    She may have looked better in her IdeaPocket days but I find her sexier now. Of course, I watch her IP works now an then too, and even the ones she made before IP to AliceJapan and Max-A. Indeed, I have got every single one of her videos.
  20. lovingit

    lovingit Member

    I'm probably one of the few that think she didnt look as good in the beginning. I actually think she was sexier in the IP days when she was in her prime.

    Why do jav girls do that wave motion with their hand? It's like a hello but not really.
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