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Rapidgator billing disaster

Discussion in 'Filehost Discussion' started by Justme4jav, May 18, 2016.

  1. Justme4jav

    Justme4jav Member

    I had to cancel my credit card that I was using for my premium Rapidgator subscription due to fraud. The same day, they tried to bill my card for the recurring membership. They charge obviously did not go through. They tried 3 more times I the next day. I contacted them through email and was told to cancel my subscription and buy a new premium account with my new card. It won't work. I guess they are not allowing the charge to go through because of the previous declined attempts.

    I have contacted them again and even opened a support ticket. All they keep telling me is how to cancel my account. They do not understand what I am saying as English is not their native language. Now they have completely stopped responding to me all together and I can not purchase a premium subscription. Was going to try with a paysafe card but no one around me sells them. So I am wondering about going through a reseller. Are they safe, does anyone know which ones to use as they offer quite a few. Or is there any other way to buy a subscription to them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rapidgator is my goto filehost and I need to be able to get premium again.
  2. ShogunXXX

    ShogunXXX Active Member

    When something like that happens Rapidgator is not responsible, looks like someone was able to get your CC details and tried to use them, but usually the frauds or attempts of frauds are quickly identified and stopped. Paying with PaySafe or NeoSurf is advised when available. Usually the host has its official resellers. You can also use a debrider that allows remote uploading.
  3. Justme4jav

    Justme4jav Member

    I know Rapidgator wasn't responsible for the fraud issue. That was from someone else. My problem is that because I had to cancel that card and get a new one, I can't sign up for a new Rapidgator premium subscription. Their system does not allow me to change my card # so they billed the old #, it did not go through and now they locked my account. I'm trying to explain to them that I am attempting to buy a new premium account and they still think I am trying to cancel my subscription. They don't understand what I am saying and there doesn't seem to be a phone # or even a live chat option. They accept paysafe but no one in my area carries them anymore. I only use rg for downloading and do not know what a debrider is. Very frustrating, all they need to do is allow me to change my cc# or unlock my account but they don't understand.
  4. ShogunXXX

    ShogunXXX Active Member