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Fileoker Will Not Answer E-Mails or Activate Membership

Discussion in 'Filehost Discussion' started by Senior Idol, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Senior Idol

    Senior Idol Member

    I purchased a premium membership through a Filejoker reseller. The reseller was paid several days ago and responds to e-mails. But Filejoker will not answer e-mails or confirm my registration. This is the FOURTH DAY with no response from Filejoker. I used their online contact form AND their support e-mail address. What is happening? I am trying to support Akiba.

    Senior Idol
  2. Senior Idol

    Senior Idol Member

    UPDATE: On the fifth day of no response from Filejoker, the website finally accepted my log-in and my premium key. I am now downloading a five-part video at good speed. But customer service still has not answered any of my e-mails.

    Senior Idol
  3. priawteensad

    priawteensad Gokkun Provider

    it's worst, the download limit also take too long to reset.