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Multi account - question

Discussion in 'Account Help' started by dawidox19, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. dawidox19

    dawidox19 Banned

    Hi, my question is, how do I give my uploads in this forum when I'm still banned for multi account my first account (dawidox12) has been banned for the Sdin multi account and it was not even me, so I set up a new account hobek85 and also been banned, so I ask how I can upload here and tell me how because it will probably also account banned.

  2. CL™©®

    CL™©® "Sucker for Seifuku"

    IF u were banned for having muli accounts, why would u make another account?
    You're IP is going to be banned & you will have no access to AO.
    I'm sure if you followed our rules you wouldn't be in the this situation. :study:
  3. RyuKaze

    RyuKaze 龍風

    :exhausted: Um...Even if you originally did not create multiple accounts, from your post it is obvious that you have now; therefore you are breaking the rules of these forums. If your account is banned (due to multiple accounts) and you feel that it is in error, the best thing to do is contact the site admin (Rollyco) and clear it up with them; but as the situation stands now I think there is little chance he will see things in your favour.

    I forgot to add; this really should have been posted in the Account Help forum.
  4. dawidox19

    dawidox19 Banned

    Can I use this account? Can I make posts with my uploads?
    Because as I add some hentai just probably will be banned again...
  5. CL™©®

    CL™©® "Sucker for Seifuku"

    You can until a mod notices or this thread get reported.
    Ryukaze is right you should contact Admin or a Super mod.
    This really should be in Account help.
  6. kbryc08

    kbryc08 Master Cheef Super Moderator

    First you need to learn the basic rules about posting in a forum, its because you break multiple rules when posting that you get banned.

    Let's make a list of the rules you've broken under all 3 aliases.

    1. Multi-account (x2)
    2. Posting in the wrong section (x4)
    3. Posting from the do-not-upload list (x2)
    4. Double posting (x1)
  7. dawidox19

    dawidox19 Banned

    I never again will break the rules in this forum, please unlock my first account (dawdox12), I want only to write posts with hentai again according to the rules.
  8. kbryc08

    kbryc08 Master Cheef Super Moderator

    Just stick with the name you have now and consider yourself lucky for not being permanently banned from here. Thread closed.
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