Help in restoring former account


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Sep 27, 2008
I already tried pm'ing coolkevin, but i probably didn't explain well enough what my problem is (thanks anyway!), so let me try again.

Description: this isn't my account! i'm user "Desu"

Details: due to a new built pc and a total formatting i lost all of my passwords.
when i tried to retrieve the lost password here, i tried inputting each of the 3 or 4 email addresses i'm currently using, but the only one of them present in the system was the one associated with this account
(which i probably registered back when Akiba was on the old server and wasn't easily browsable, so i forgot about it).

Problem: whatever the email connected with the account "Desu" may be, i can't access it anymore

Solution: i don't know? :p
maybe connecting this email with my real account?

as i said to kevin, i'm aware that i'll need to prove my identity as the rightful owner of that account, and i thought about different things, like posting something on my website
(which is the same as the one in Desu's account), but the only true proof i can bring up is in said account's PM folder:
one of the last things i did was sending a PM to a mod (i don't remember who, sorry) asking for "my" thread in fetish jav DDL to be un-sticked because all the links were dead and it would have been misleading leaving it there
(i'm pretty sure these are more or less the same exact words i used).

so, could anybody please help me?

(sorry for the long text, and for my 2 infractions too :p
apparently i've been away for too long...)


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Sep 27, 2008
i probably registered this before the Desu one, and then i forgot about it.

i thought it would be impossible for me to prove that the other one was mine, and being constantly out of space in my seedbox, i began posting before deleting stuff.
coolkevin could also confirm that i PMed him some days before my first post

not exactly fair, i agree, but only later i thought i could bring the PMs -and other things- up as proof.

it's not that big of a deal, anyway: i'm quite fond of that username, but if nothing can be done i won't complain


Jun 25, 2009
feels good being myself again :)
you can block/edit Meh. account now, if you wish.

@elgringo, coolkevin, idolfun, and the admin who fixed my account:
thanks again, and sorry for the hassle; i owe you guys :hi: