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Mizuki Otsuka goes AV?

Discussion in 'Idol Discussion' started by mathematica, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. zandozan

    zandozan New Member

    Forgot to include your quotes so you don't miss out. Kindly view the post above.
  2. xpsp3

    xpsp3 New Member

    zandozan great work. Big thanks
  3. RayesArmstrong

    RayesArmstrong New Member

  4. INever2

    INever2 Well-Known Member

    You could go into the source code of the page and see if there's a non-streaming link.
    Or use a screenium (for mac) type program to capture the movie as it plays.
    vincent_z likes this.
  5. MelonBuns

    MelonBuns Active Member

    Sort of off topic but does anyone know if she is still doing IV? Has she retired? I wasn't really into her till I watched JSSJ-068 and now I just want more.
  6. styner7

    styner7 Active Member

    This is possible using the Internet download manager (IDM)
  7. xpsp3

    xpsp3 New Member

    Think she retired a couple of years ago. Have been curious myself what she's been up to since
  8. xelnagakim

    xelnagakim New Member

  9. newbi

    newbi New Member

  10. zandozan

    zandozan New Member

    I had it up for about 3 months. Sorry you missed it. Maybe someone who did get it can host it somewhere, I don't have the room anymore plus other sites started using my links for their paysites.
  11. Jbugg

    Jbugg New Member

    Does anyone have the videos of chuubous? some of which she is playing with another girl.
  12. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    Yes there were many, many Chuubous titles picked up by the club back in the day. They’re not cheap but I can get them for you. PM if seriously interested.
  13. Jbugg

    Jbugg New Member

    Thank you. Price?

    Stream or DVD?
  14. mamar

    mamar Member

    Damn! Too late! I missed this one!
  15. saza

    saza New Member

    Hey guys, is it still possible for any kind souls to upload:

    CHUUBOUS_JITUGI_AKI1.mp4 and also chuubous jitugi aki2

    Many many thanks.
  16. humbert

    humbert Active Member

    Attached Files:

  17. magusonline

    magusonline New Member

    I wasn't sure whether or not it was relevant. But isn't Mizuki Otsuka (IV Name), Eikawa Noa (JAV Name)? Or were you just looking explicitly for her works as Mizuki Otsuka only?
  18. chesed

    chesed Active Member

    They are not the same girl. They do have some similar features when you look at pictures. That all goes out the window when you see them in motion.
  19. magusonline

    magusonline New Member

    omg I didn't realize it.. I thought she had just taken on a new stage name. Now I'll have to inspect closer