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Mac and iPhone help JAV VR video file not transfering from Mac.

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by ahegaaotv, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. ahegaaotv

    ahegaaotv New Member

    The second cry for help in the same week, I have been trying to transfer my freshly unpacked JAV VR video files to my iPhone from my Mac but they will not transfer, I tried Airdrop I tried third party transfer methods nothing seems to be working as they will not be saved to photos or anywhere on My iPhone I was told by one error on a third party transfer site that it has something to do with the audio codec, if that's the case what would I need to do? I am so very close.. Thank you to all that respond in advance. also, I have been trying to find the best player for these JAV VR video formats. and have not found many good ones.
  2. ahegaaotv

    ahegaaotv New Member

    The issue is resolved with a big workaround. this is for anyone with the same issue. you need VRPlayer app on your iPhone a mega account.
    and mega app also on your iPhone, upload files to your mega account from Mac/PC and once they are all loaded open VRplayer, hit the + and add Mega to the option of accounts download from select video files in mega account and Ta-daaa! files are now on the iPhone and downloaded into VRPlayer.

    (If anyone knows of a more direct simple way please let me know)
  3. Ceres_Eris_Pluto

    Ceres_Eris_Pluto New Member

    Try SkyBox VR and their media server (AirScreen). I haven't used it in a while but I found that was the easiest.

    I have also used a USB cable and sent VR videos to my iPhone with the Mac's iTunes/Music app, at least for Mobile VR Station and DeoVR. Some of these iPhone players advertise a storage folder that iTunes recognizes. Syncing via cable? I know, so primitive.