help please

  1. WeedKingVegeta

    Im new forgive me what is the best way to view loli idols (you know what)

    I used my phone but honestly dont think its kosher so anyone with any help i wish to also experience this site but without scrutiny and nerves
  2. ahegaaotv

    Mac and iPhone help JAV VR video file not transfering from Mac.

    The second cry for help in the same week, I have been trying to transfer my freshly unpacked JAV VR video files to my iPhone from my Mac but they will not transfer, I tried Airdrop I tried third party transfer methods nothing seems to be working as they will not be saved to photos or anywhere on...
  3. ahegaaotv

    JAV files are in .rar but cant play them

    This is more than likely a newbie issue but I am unable to play any of the filejoker.rar files after I downloaded them, is there a missing step? also, I am trying to watch the VR vids on ios is there any apps that play the encoded files or will I need to recode them to MKV or something. if...
  4. I

    Help ID series/movie : Father in law records fucking son's wife with camera

    First of all, I would like to apologize for the fact that I don't know the name of the actors/director/producer. I only remember the story. And it goes like this: "Son and his wife visit the father in law who is living alone, and on his birthday, they gift him a video camera. The father in law...
  5. inosbody

    Bright-smiled traditional girl in SW-270

    Hello friends, I'm having a hard time identifying this bright-smiled traditional looking girl who appears briefly in Erika Kitagawa's shotacon film, seen below: Unfortunately searched to exhaustion, but to no avail. Figured it was time to call in the experts. Thank you so much!!