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How to Remove Romaji Subtitles

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by katsukage, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. katsukage

    katsukage New Member

    Hi guys! Anyone who knows how to remove the secondary romaji subtitle from this JAV title using subtitle workshop or any other subtitle editing software? I notice there are bars placed in between the romaji and english subtitles and you can manually erase the romaji subtitle one by one but that will be too time consuming. So is there a way to remove all the romaji subtitle at once?


    Any help is appreciated
  2. DarkSpiderVenom

    DarkSpiderVenom New Member

    remove hardsub?
  3. katsukage

    katsukage New Member

    @DarkSpiderVenom I'm trying to edit the softsubs/.srt file using subtitle workshop and wanted to remove all the second line romaji subtitles leaving the english subtitles only but I can't find a way to remove all the romaji subtitles all at once
  4. DarkSpiderVenom

    DarkSpiderVenom New Member

    With Expression regular (Regex)
    Most subtitle programs should have.
    Aegisub or subtitle edit have it. I guess Workshop also has it.
    In Replace should have an option called RegEx or Expression regular or something similar, activate it.
    In the Find fields field:
    (Search from the beginning of the line until you find the character Pipe |.)
    And in the field of Replace: leave it blank.
    (And it replaces it with nothing.)
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