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HiJack, SLF suggestions and ideas, and everything related to SLF,

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by 201flyer, May 15, 2016.

  1. 201flyer

    201flyer Akiba Citizen

    Yesterday the regulars at SLF were presented with the shocking, but seemingly true, fact that SLF will close at the end of May. In some ways it is similar to Akiba-Online, but, in other ways it differs significantly. The JAV torrent section, for example is entirely in English and is sorted by month and type of post. For the English speaker this has been a great feature. There is also a wealth of information in the Adult Discussion section that will be lost, such as a very large listing of JAV company websites, and many common Japanese porn word translations. You might want to grab copies while you still can.

    I suspect many from SLF will find there way to Akiba. I trust they will be welcomed here, as I have.

    So, SLF refugees please say hello here!

    All best,

  2. bryant su

    bryant su New Member

    yes, i'm SLF refugees too, so sad that SLF will shutting down at the end of May2016. it still shocking me..:(
  3. arnold22947

    arnold22947 IZUMI ASUKA

    Yeah, I know. It was somewhat cool but it always sucked compared to here anyways.

    Why is it shutting down ? Money ? Fights ?
  4. Hans Kowalski

    Hans Kowalski Well-Known Member

    I don't know how this place compares to Scanlover as a source of JAV movies, I only browsed this forum for new releases when I started to get into JAV years ago, but quickly found other, better sources and when I registered at Scanlover I basically never used it for downloads, only JAV discussions. And as far as that goes, yeah, I found this place to be better because there are more general JAV-related discussion topics. In Scanlover's JAV discussion area, most of it are just various topics for specific actresses with most posts containing of "Here's her upcoming release." "Here's another one." "Here's a pic from her Twitter."

    I dunno, I can find that stuff myself.

    Also, too much love for Hitomi around there.

    Anyway, to look on the bright side, maybe we'll get more active users over here.
    Last edited: May 15, 2016
  5. av_boys

    av_boys Not new to Jav

    Hi bro, I am one of those who will be checking in here from SLF. Will you be setting up new threads that are is sorted by month and a thread for dio23 torrents just like in SLF? The reason why I seldom visit akiba is because it is messy in the torrent section.
  6. arnold22947

    arnold22947 IZUMI ASUKA

    The element lacking there was the best in here = u-15, u-18 and such. Even vipergirls is better in this aspect.
  7. asianbooblover

    asianbooblover Well-Known Member

    There did not seem to be as much participation on that forum aa there is here. Many posts were actually years old-a shame, though. Gong the way of the old JavTalk forum.
  8. lowleg26

    lowleg26 Moe Idols, Moe Problemz

    I'm sorry to hear about the site shutting down. It sucks when an Internet community loses its "clubhouse", so to speak. Welcome to any ScanLover refugees incoming! :D
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  9. grar

    grar New Member

    Scanlover forum refugee here. It looks like I had an account here, too, but didn't use it much, so I will be looking around here more once Scanlover shuts down. I'll miss scanlover, but I hope akiba online will be a good place to share my love of asian girls.
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  10. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    I heard down the grapevine some time ago that DMM was planning on actually suing sites instead of just DMCA'ing them. This was for Chinese sites, but perhaps ScanLover was targeted as well.
  11. jugulear

    jugulear Akiba Citizen

    Boy, I'm so out-of-the-loop! I've run into this "Scanlover" business in talks around here, but now, thanks to the hubbub, I had to go and check it out. (Just when it's coming to an end... timing is everything, I tell you.)

    What motivated me was our thread-starter 201flyer's lamentation regarding "There is also a wealth of information in the Adult Discussion section that will be lost, such as a very large listing of JAV company websites, and many common Japanese porn word translations." So I thought, gee, that would be a shame. Maybe if there's anything of worth there that would be of benefit here, such information could be transferred before all is lost. But... I could not figure out where the "Adult Discussion" section was.

    I also wanted to see why the site was shutting down, to possibly answer Arnold22947's question (second post from top). Luckily, the thread devoted to the shutting down topic was to be easily found (the link... for now), and I subsequently discovered some Scanlover members were wondering the same (I'm not a Scanlover member, and even I would like to know), but the site-owner made a point, apparently, of keeping the reason(s) to himself. Since the site has been around for so long and has so many devoted followers (nearly half-a-million members?), I thought not offering any explanation was unkind.

    (Interesting theory by Inertia, above. I have a feeling, however, DMM's business sense might choose to live with the illegal download opportunities as a lesser evil than losing out on getting the word around, in an intelligent manner, to foreigners far from their national turf.)

    (EDIT: To clarify, there is much to be found around here that gets into the workings of JAV, creating greater interest; addressing the opinion below, there are surely many frivolous comments as well, but we can't expect every post to be enlightening. The overall effect to foreigners who don't know much about JAV would reasonably be, "I want JAV.")

    While on that thread, I ran into some familiar faces... such as one of our dashing moderators, who left a very sweet message.

    Scanlover - CoolKevin.

    And here was another familiar face. (By now, I'd know that Yu Kawakami shot anywhere. Now... given what we know about its imaginative and creative avatar-chooser... disappointingly monikered "CDJ75"...):

    Scanlover - Hans_Kowalski.

    One thing I noticed was that the members there have not lost their sense of enthusiasm, judging by the generous numbers of "thanks" givers. This used to be the case in the old days, with forums. Here, I keep noticing the ones who part with their "Likes" are repeat-defenders. (Maybe Fisheraaa, surmising about the general lack of support for his
    "Guess Who the JAV Star Is" Game, was on to something.)

    Frankly, based on my quick glancing around, I didn't notice any sections that pulled me in. I was also not impressed with nearly half the forums from the home page being marked as "Private." See, I love to belong to clubs that would have me as a member, and I hate getting locked out. (I believe in complete access, all the time, for me.)

    Regardless, even though I was hardly blown away by the site, it's always sad news when another Internet institution bites the dust, particularly one that has made such a serious effort to get into JAV.

    I couldn't help thinking, this could have happened to Akiba-Online. Let's be grateful this site is much alive, and kicking.

    Last edited: May 16, 2016
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  12. Hans Kowalski

    Hans Kowalski Well-Known Member

    The JAV Discussion board is called Adult Advocacy. The problem for you is that normally you'd drop a quick post in the member introduction thread to get your account properly activated and voila, you can access the whole forum now. But they don't take in any new members anymore.

    Honestly, the biggest reason why I migrated from Scanlover to this board, (Technically I was here first, but I didn't start posting until last year and I didn't even lurk here very much.) was Scanlover's "5 images per post" limit. Doesn't work well with some of the posts I like to write.
    Last edited: May 15, 2016
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  13. fruxano

    fruxano Member

    A pity. It was definitely one of the more interesting JAV sites on the web in English.
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  14. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    jugulear: "(Interesting theory by Inertia, above. I have a feeling, however, DMM's business sense might choose to live with the illegal download opportunities as a lesser evil than losing out on getting the word around, in an intelligent manner, to foreigners far from their national turf.)"

    There's wisdom in what you wrote, but the problem lies in the fact that 'getting the word around' on most threads equates to exchanges like this:

    User 1: "Hey, I love <idol name>
    User 2: "Me too! Did you see her in <random (probably new) release she's in>
    User 1: "No, not yet...got a link?"
    User 2: "Do I? Here's a 100GB torrent of all her movies! Enjoy man!"
    User 1: "Wow, thanks!"

    Yes, I know I'm PE#1 for many members here and yes I do repeat myself, but having a discussion-only forum would really be a boon and I'm sure even big studios like DMM could get around that. It's a loose connection I know, but look at how https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/ thrives as a discussion outlet while having a 'no illegal links rule'. It can be done.

    If R18.com's reading this, think on it: your own forum with rules like that; have AV star AMA's, forum contests, threads for new releases, genre discussions, etc.

    Going back to SLF's situation, the fact that the admin simply announced the board is shutting down without any reason why makes me think there was a legal situation requiring him to do so. I don't think he 'found Jesus'. Instead, he more likely found subpoena papers.
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  15. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    "There are current offers to buy the site but ScanLover doesn't respond. That seems odd to me."

    This is why I think there's either a very big legal reason or the admin 'found Jesus'.
    You don't just announce the closing of a board that big with 2 weeks notice unless something very big (and not in a good way) is happening behind the scenes.
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  16. ryuuga

    ryuuga みうみうの恋人 Super Moderator

    Is it? Personally I think we are generous enough to inform the members about this with 2 weeks notice. Heck, it's much better than other old sites such as Javtalk, where it was vanished without any prior notice.

    And no. There's no agenda or any suspicious things behind the scenes. Believe it or not, it's up to you.

    And in case some of you may ask, no. I don't know if scanlover will take the offer to sell it to another person. It's his forum. There's no places for us to judge on this. All we can do now is wait and see. Respect his decision is the least thing we can do for him, in return for all his hard works in the forum.
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  17. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    ryuuga: no, sorry I don't buy that. You don't just shut down a forum getting that kind of traffic with a user base that high and with a decade+ long online history for no reason. Either the admin's not telling you everything or most likely there's a very real legal reason why it's being shut down with such short notice.
  18. ryuuga

    ryuuga みうみうの恋人 Super Moderator

    Why not? Are you the owner himself? No. Did you work with scanlover? No. So the statement you posted in here are purely speculation.

    The fact is, I joined SLF team since 10 years ago. I know scanlover for much longer time than anyone of you in here. So ya. I know why he shutting down the forum. The truth is the man has taken care of the forum for a very long period and he decided to close it for good. Reasons? Plenty. Legal issue is only one of them and it's not the main culprit. In short, the man wants to move on further in his life and he realized the forum happened to be one of things that he needs to give up. That's why I said there's no agenda or any suspicious things behind the scenes. It's simply because the owner wishes to move on to other new stage in his life, after spending so much of time on managing the forum.

    And again, as for whether you guys trust me or not, I really don't care. The reason I posted in here is to answer some of your questions and doubts. I do not have to prove anything in here. Heck, I don't even have to post in here if I want to. But I insist to share those infos in here so that I can keep you guys updated. Also, more people will rush into A-O after May. This is kind of expected. I hope A-O members can be nice to the SLF refugees. Last time when A-O was shutting down (for multiple times), A-O refugees were welly accepted & welcomed in SLF. So I hope you guys can do SLF a favor, to accept those SLF refugees. Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
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  19. Hans Kowalski

    Hans Kowalski Well-Known Member

    Hm, sounds to me like there are criminal ties involved in all of this. I hope you guys make it through this alright.
  20. barba

    barba we all make mistakes

    drat and double-drat. scanlover is going the way of the floppy disk, gopher, ascii art and dial-up. i’m not saying you shouldn’t control it, or even alt it. but do you need to delete it? back in the day when akiba-online was going up and down like the people on the bus, you could always go to scanlover and find out what the state of things was here. i don’t think it rebounded well after the cyber crash-and-burn of january 2012 (or as i call it, “one-twelve”). tons of stuff lost. a lot of posters just said ‘fuck it’ and never returned or re-upped. and now it will be just a memory.
    i spent a lot of time and sperm there.

    time and sperm.
    time and sperm.