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  • Hi, lowleg26

    Thanks for getting back to me.
    Now I don't what to curse anything! But just to let you know, Faith is on the mend and she seems a lot better now. I think the heat got to her like I said.

    I mean she is 18 years old now, But that does not stop her from being crazy some times!

    Hi, lowleg26

    Sorry once more for the late reply!

    I'm alright my friend. But saying that I'm just a little worried because my best friend Faith is not feeling very well at the moment. She's just not herself, she looks very tired. I think the heatwave we had last week has got to her. I just hope she will be back to normal soon?

    Anyway I hope you are well my friend?

    Take care now...
    Hi, lowleg26
    Sorry for my late reply! I'm OK at this moment in time. thanks for asking. I hope you are doing fine?

    I've just was feeling a little stressed out, So I thought I take some time away from akiba, The SHA thread and the mod job I got over at ScanLover to try to get back to some normality.

    Apologies again for the slow reply,

    MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend!!
    i forgot we were have this discussion until today. and for that, i'm sorry, lowleggy. but yeah. that was some coincidence (fate maybe? :p); being online at the same time. hopefully I'll be able to allocate some cash sooner or later to buy the wii u version!. I'm gonna start on bananya this week; looks to be cute and funny.
    (Shantae and the Pirate's Curse) which one do you have? the 3ds version, or the wii u one? i just looked at a video of it's game play for the wii u (seems fun).
    and thanks 4 the anime recommendation. I'll be sure to check it out; i already did a quick google search of it and it sort of gives off a hare+guu (it's an anime) vibe ^___^..
    hey, lowleggy. I'm doing ok. just been a little too lazy to put much effort into anything lately.

    but i'm trying to get back on track. what's been with you? buddy ^__^
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