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  • did you find it? SCK-2005. I am looking for it too. my hard disk is broken, my SCK-2005 ISO has lost.
    Hi, how can I pm you ? I wanted to ask you about SUPER Tフロント倶楽部 Vol.5 【秋の大運動会編】 
    i have no idea what that is
    No worries, Mr Spikey. I hope you had a good Christmas.

    I don't do too much "gift exchanging" anymore, but I did get myself the MegaMan Legacy Collection for 3ds. Very cool. Anything interesting on your end?

    PS: have a happy new year

    PPS: remember to watch Bananya

    PPPS: Nya!
    Excellent timing, Good thing I checked in before going to sleep :D I have the 3DS version, but I cant imagine that the Wii U version is all that different. Theres another Shantae game coming out in December, too! (and you should definitely check out Bananya :3 Nya!)
    Hey, Spikey, have you seen "Bananya"? Its a series of short anime vids about cats that live in bananas! Its pretty silly :3
    Doing good here. I took a break from DK Country to play Shantae and the Pirates Curse. Really fun platformer :D Plus the art style is really cool, too.
    Heh, I know exactly what you mean, buddy. Sometimes it's just hard to get motivated to get anything done.

    Good to hear you're doing OK. I'm doing fine, myself. I actually bought a 3DS so I'm spending a little more time than I should playing Donkey Kong Country :D

    I don't know if that counts as "getting something done", but it is pretty fun :)
    So I am watching this silly little anime where the boy turns into an awesome super heroine loli to fight the bad guys. If the series remains watchable I'll post it in a few days. Thought you might like it.

    Fucking crazy what happened in Orlando, huh?
    dont know if its ok here but i know where you can ddl MGDVD-021 and it`s only 2 parts. would you like the site ?
    spikier, thanks for all you do here - we all really appreciate it. I do hope all is well. This is not a complaint, just a FYI, your post of MMR-AP007 is not uploading at all which is not typical of your post. I sure hope you haven't lost your PC or connection. later man
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