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For the first time...

Discussion in 'Adult Discussion' started by pogi420, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. pogi420

    pogi420 HG-gang bang announcer

    Your first time...


    mine is 17, with my girlfriend, she was at my house and we ate hotpot

    then i put on some barry white, and one thing led to another we made love.

    then she called her friend over and we had awsome 3some :mad:
  2. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    You serious, pogi? XD

    I still haven't had my 3some yet. ;)

    But yeah, my first time was when I was 16 and my girlfriend stayed the night. Was really funny, 'cause I wasn't even expecting anything, and she rolled over and said "Let's have sex" or something along those lines. Can't remember exactly what she said. xD

    But, obviously, I wasn't going to say no. :p

    And we're still together today. ^^
  3. pogi420

    pogi420 HG-gang bang announcer

    haha no i was joking about the 3some.

    but on the contarary i did almost get a chance for a 3some when i was 16, i was a my good friends get togethere, one of my firiend was fu*kin a greman/thai girl he brought over.

    after 2 hours he came out of the room and we were passin round the bong and played some NFS:U,

    then he suddenly said "Leo wanna join me"

    and im like "with you and her?"

    and he was like "yea i know u want her"

    honestly i do, but i dont wanna give my first time with a girl my friend just fu*ked and no way im doing it at the same time with my friend, and i dont ever want to go 2 guys 1 girl. its sick

    but she was really hot though, german/thai girls is h4x0r!
  4. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    Rofl. I wouldn't have wanted to do it either. And if you ever do a 2 guy 1 girl 2some it better be with a guy you trust. :p

    The only other time I almost had sex was when I was 11 with some hot 9 year old...

    God I wish I was 11 again. :p

    Oh, and it was a tobacco bong, right? :D
  5. pogi420

    pogi420 HG-gang bang announcer

    i-e desu,

    it was wackky tobackky, i dont smoke that now not for a long time
  6. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    Lmao, I know. I was joking. :p

    Drugs are bad! =P

    I was gonna post a thread in here... I'll do it later. I wanted to be the first. =P Guess you beat me to it. ;)
  7. KhalReblic23

    KhalReblic23 New Member

    It's funny that you said that. I was just reading a news article about this little boy and girl (12 and 13 respectively) who are both the victims and perps in a sex crime against each other. Apparently they did it but under the state laws...cant remember which state, its illegal for kids under 14 to engage in any sex acts. So theyre actually going through with charging both the kids as sex offenders!!! how lame!!! lol anyways yeah that just reminded me of that...lol
  8. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    WOW. LOL. That's INSANE. xDDD

    Come on, you seriously can't do that... xD

    But, meh. I realy doubt that they could do anything to a 9 and 11 year old. They're even younger! =P
  9. pogi420

    pogi420 HG-gang bang announcer

    yea back in the other forum we had a topic about each countries age of consent.

    Japans is relatively low *drools
  10. KhalReblic23

    KhalReblic23 New Member

    What is it in Japan?
  11. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    I can't remember, it was a while ago... But I think it's either 12 or 13.
  12. KhalReblic23

    KhalReblic23 New Member

    Holy moley! No wonder theyre all pro-loli haha
  13. Kasuga

    Kasuga 大阪

  14. chompy

    chompy slacker Staff Member Super Moderator Emperor

    This map is awesome
  15. streetballbn

    streetballbn choked to death

    what's the map about? :) , .. ermm , ages when they start to have sex? :) .. .i mean.. something like that :p.
  16. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    Ages when it's legal for them to consent to having sex. ^^
  17. Denamic

    Denamic Swedish Meat Staff Member Super Moderator Former Staff

    We get to fuck 15 year olds.
    Then again, if they claim sexual assault, we're fucked.
  18. Igrat

    Igrat hypocrite critic

    Gotta give the map credit.
    Man, look at the red colored area. Anyone been to Madagascar before?
    I wonder why that area is the highest among other countries?
  19. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    Yeah, that map was posted on the other forum we had that discussion before. (A huge argument started. It was mostly between the lolicon and anti-lolicons. Haha)

    Let's just hope that they don't do that, Denamic. ;)
  20. KhalReblic23

    KhalReblic23 New Member

    Those madagascarians sure have high standards lol

    I think its time for a visit to canada!