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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by chompy, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. MaxFJ

    MaxFJ Representative

    @granatnik, please, contact to our support, clarify your account and we will check out the situation.
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  2. granatnik

    granatnik Akiba Citizen

    If anyone is wondering: no changes - captchas go in a loop, downloads not possible. Was paying for premium not supposed to actually AVOID going through captcha?
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  3. granatnik

    granatnik Akiba Citizen

    Downloading files still DOES NOT WORK. Free users are better off than me /scoffs
  4. MaxFJ

    MaxFJ Representative

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  5. granatnik

    granatnik Akiba Citizen

    After four days nothing did change, there is also no progress. I'm just waiting for reply.
  6. granatnik

    granatnik Akiba Citizen

    Current state - tried again, after one captcha (two screens) on the first file it went to download nine other files as well, then asked for captchas again and can't go out of them.

    Edit: looks like it's necessary to use a direct HTTPS view for a file, complete one or two captchas, download the file, several next files will work without captchas, rinse and repeat. At the end, find these "captcha files" and fix locations/names. If only I had an idea, why do download managers trigger such a weird reaction?

    Edit 2: there is also an error "ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key", if all of this was not confusing enough already.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2021
  7. colweb

    colweb Jade Collector Uploader

    Tried to download from Filejoker but it gives, Service temporarily unavailable. Ok, so I wait a few minutes and try again. Still the same message.

    But every time I try to download it, it is subtracted from my Traffic Available :(
  8. MaxFJ

    MaxFJ Representative

    @colweb, we have reset your traffic. Also, check your PM and reply to me, please.
  9. manman

    manman Well-Known Member

  10. MaxFJ

    MaxFJ Representative

    @manman, please report this file to the uploader and contact to our support to get help with traffic for your account.
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  11. reversevil

    reversevil Akiba Citizen

    I already re-uploaded it could have been corrupted while uploading so it had nothing to do with filejoker.
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