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Did anyone like Coppelion?

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Ceewan, Mar 3, 2015.


Did you like the anime Coppelion?

  1. I liked it

  2. It was okay

  3. I hated it

  4. I haven't seen it

  5. I don't watch anime but I am taking this poll because I am bored

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    I recently watched this and was going to share it here but.....I thought it really sucked. Sure, some of the background artwork was amazing but the story and dialogue was boring, moronic and seemed like it was written by a twelve year old. Of course this is just my opinion, could be it was just not to my liking so I am judging it too harshly.

    Did anyone else see Coppelion? What did you think? Not looking for an argument just want to hear some feedback if anyone is interested in sharing.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2015
  2. C00Lzero

    C00Lzero Administrator Conqueror

    i only have yet watched the first episode.
    i really do like the art - but i don't yet understand the story. until now it wasn't that interessting, so that i had to continue watching right on the spot ^^
    Ceewan likes this.
  3. Little Chucky

    Little Chucky Hi, I'm Chucky, Wanna Play?

    It seems we all have the same opinion on the art
    I liked the choice of colors in this anime

    The anime itself was boring and i didn't watch all episodes
    I watched maybe 6 episodes and i already removed it from my Hard drive
    Ceewan likes this.
  4. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Well, I did "endure" the whole thing and at episode 6 is when they introduce the first interesting character.....and do abolutely nothing to capitalize on it. There are two characters in the series that I like but they are both villians (the sisters) and they only get a few good lines in the last few episodes.

    Concerning the artwork: The background graphics, which is done by a different team of animators, are excellent (and these background graphics are reused in quite a few scenes) but the character graphics weren't that impressive at all. The machines were pretty good, probably done by the same people who did the backgrounds. All-in-all I seriously suggest that people give this series a miss.
  5. hollywool

    hollywool New Member

    It wasn't bad...but it wasn't great. I'd have liked to know more about the disaster that turned the city into a modern ruin, and I agree with you that the only real character development was with the Psycho Sisters. If they'd done that a bit more, we might have seen a full season, at least.
  6. TravelingWind

    TravelingWind That Bastard

    it looked a mile long but was only an inch wide
  7. Naruho

    Naruho New Member

    I thought it was okay, but I never had high expecations in the first place.