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Any UFC or MMA fans here?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Ceewan, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. lowleg26

    lowleg26 Moe Idols, Moe Problemz

    I agree totally with the Diaz prediction. I'm not sure what fight some people were watching, but Nate was never really in trouble. He got cut and it looked messy, but he was really the guy in control the whole time.. I think another sub is in the future.

    Disagree with the Glover prediction. Rumble is in his prime right now. Go Rumble! :cheers:
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  2. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Can't blame you for picking Rumble Johnson. At the press conference they kept asking him who he was going to fight after this, Jones (those questions were pissing him off) or Cormier. They were almost completely taking this fight for granted (despite Johnsons repeated protestations to the fact). I mean Glover was "right fucking there" and they were doing this. Glover did get a question or two but if that conference didn't fire him up a bit then he has no self respect....which he does. Still, Johnson is trouble for anybody and everybody he faces. I totally respect your pick.

    Nate fights tall and keeps his head a little high, his chin is vulnerable. He is also vulnerable to leg kicks (although leg kicks can be countered with straight punches). But yeah, Conor really looks out of his depth here, Nate is a great striker and at his peak. Nothing like when he first turned pro. I think he might even be better than his brother now.
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  3. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    I got skunked. Oh well. To be fair, all my three picks were underdogs going in.

    Some great fights. Donald Cerrone vs Rick Story: if I was going to be wrong about a fight I wanted it to be this one. I think Cerrone hurt Story in the 1st round with a knee to the body and that stopped Story from closing in and pressuring, fighting his fight. Cerrone dominated the standing game, which is what he does, and finished this nicely in the 2nd with a TKO. Glover was KO'ed so badly he suffered short term memory loss. Congrats to rumble Johnson, I just never stop underestimating you. Props. The Conor vs Diaz fight.....close fight and Conor got the decision but it could have gone either way.

    The undercards were great, enjoyed them. The girls put on a good show as well.
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  4. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    UFC on Fox 21

    I usually prefer to watch the weigh-in videos before I make my picks but I don't think I will watch the weigh-ins....well, maybe just to see Paige Van Zant.

    Demian Maia vs Carlos Condit
    Tough match-up. I would usually pick Condit but I think this is Maias' last chance at a title fight, which he has earned and been denied. Maia has won his last five fights and has faced the best of the best in his division. 2 of his 6 losses are to previous title holders. He has the best ground game in MMA (debate that if you must but his 11 submission victories are on record). Condit is a artist but Maia is an technician. My pick here is Maia.

    Paige Van Zant vs Bec Rawlings
    This could be good. Bec is a tough customer. To be honest I don't know who to pick. Rawlings is a tough out but she has consistently underperformed against top competition. Paige is no longer a novice but her skills are a bit suspect. Both are totally unafraid of getting into a brawl and that is what I see happening here. I haven't seen anything on Van Zant since her loss to Rose Namajunas last December (I hear she did real well on Dancing With The Stars). I think I will go with Van Zant here just because she is cuter. Fuck it, why not?

    Joe Lauzon vs Jim Miller
    Fan favorite match. Both veterans coming off great wins against tough veteran competitors. Miller beat Lauzon 4 years ago by decision but can he repeat? This is Millers 3rd fight this year (Lauzons' 2nd) but both fighters are at their peak or near it. My money is on Miller to do even better and get a TKO here.

    Joe Alvey vs Kevin Casey
    Smilin Joe just fought last month, pretty quick turn-around but he did win in the first round. Kevin Casey is no joke though. Big guy. Too big for the division I think but maybe he just looks that way. Dangerous. Caseys' last fight actually ended in a draw, not something you see much in the UFC. The smart pick here would be Casey. But I just "like" Smilin' Joe Alvey because...well he really does smile a lot. So I am going with Alvey here.

    There are some really topnotch fights on the undercards and I didn't even mention the Pettis co-main event here. This isn't a pay-per-view people. This is on regular cable. Catch it. This is a great fight card. On tomorrow night live from Canada.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2016
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  5. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    UFC on Fox 21

    I went 4 for 4, vindication. To be fair, I picked 2 underdogs too.

    Main Event
    Damain Maia finshed Condit by rear naked choke in under 2 minutes. Once again he called for his title shot. I think he will get it after the Thompson vs Woodley fight. I think he will win too.

    I didn't call the Pettis fight, Olivera was very tough competition, top ten ranked fighter, and Pettis was dropping weight class to 145 for the first time. Pettis was brilliant, looked great. Props.

    Paige Van Zant finished Bec Rawlings with the mma equivalent of a jumping roundhouse (they call it a switch-kick because there is no "wind up") to the jaw dropping her and then finishing her with a few blows before she covered up and the ref stopped the fight. Beautiful. Nice finish too.

    Jim Miller won a split decision over Lauzon but to be honest it was very close and I thought Lauzon had won the fight. Miller dominated the stand-up but Lauzon spent a lot of time on top of Miller and controlled the ground game. Joe is tough. Miller came out in the 3rd round looking to finish the fight and landed multiple clean shots to the body and head but couldn't put Joe away.

    Kevin Casey looked in great physical condition. He had obviously trimmed down in an attempt to improve his endurance and Alvey looked the bigger man. Alvey found his rythym and put Casey away. Endurance isn't a factor if you are taking heavy shots to the head from a finisher like Smilin' Joe Alvey.

    Great card. Enjoyable fights. Wished there were more womens bouts but INVICTA FC 19 is later next month so I will take some comfort in that.
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  6. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    UFC 203

    I figured I would comment on this one. Pretty busy so I it might be a few days before I actually get to see it but for those interested it is tomorrow night and it looks like an great fight card.

    Main Event Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem
    Big fan of Stipe Miocic and I wish him the best here, I will be rooting for him. Don't put your money on him on my advice though, that is a risky bet. Overeem is one of the most qualified and experienced, if not thee most, in the heavyweight division. Overeem has 56 fights in his prosfessional career and won 41 of them. Stipe is 15 and 2. Overeem is only 2 years older then Stipe. Stipe and Overeem are both strikers and Stipe is a great hitter. Overeem is superb. Overeem is not a brawler however and Stipe can brawl so if Stipe has any chance it is to win by an early knockout. As far as I see it, Overeem can win by an early knockout or KO or TKO in any round and if it goes to a decision, which it won't, the odds are stacked in his favor to easily outpoint Stipe. Let me cheer on Stipe Miocic but the smart money will be on Overeem (I bet he will be the favorite too, which for a title challenger is pretty 'effing rare).

    Co-Main Event Travis Browne vs. Fabricio Werdum
    Werdum beat Travis by decision two years ago and the only loss in his last 7 fights (dating back to 2012 mind you) is to the new champion Stipe. I like Travis Browne but I don't see him winning this fight on paper or in the ring. Werdum gets him to the ground he finishes him and the stand-up, based on what I have seen of both fighters, is fairly even. Browne was brutalized by Cain Velasquez last time out and even though he is a much improved fighter from when he lost to Werdum in 2014 this is a tough match-up against the man who dethroned Velasquez. My money is on Werdum.

    CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall
    Really, this fight shouldn't be so high on the card. I am a fan of CM Punk. I don't like him personally that much, he is a bit of an asshole. He has no real martial arts depth or training besides what he learned training with Duke Rufus the last two years since the UFC signed him. Mickey Gall trains with the Miller brothers, both UFC veterans, and is a dozen years younger than Punk. Dana White personally scouted Gall to fight Punk and Gall has only two pro bouts to his name, both finishes. Only an idiot would put his money on CM Punk. I am that idiot. Fuck it. I just want to see an ex-pro wrestler come in and kick some bright eyed and bushy tailed kids ass. Sue me.

    Urijah Faber vs. Jimmie Rivera
    I thought Faber looked really good in the 1st round of his title fight against Cruz. He got knocked down in the 2nd and then looked tentative the rest of the fight. I was dissapointed and think that is not a good sign in an aging fighter. Faber is a great fighter, or maybe he just was. This fight should tell us one way or another. Rivera is no joke. He wins (his last 18 fights in a row, the last 3 since he has been in the UFC). I see him winning here.

    Joanne Calderwood vs. Jessica Andrade
    Great match-up between two potential future title challengers. Both fighters looked outstanding in their last outing. If Andrade thinks she can push around Calderwood then I will have to see it. Mind you, Andrade used to fight in the 135 lb division, where she won against good competition. She was still looking up at Calderwood during weigh-ins. Calderwoods' last opponent was recent title challenger Valerie Letourneau who went 5 rounds with the champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Calderwood won by TKO....and was easily winning on points before she stopped her opponent. This should be a really good fight. I see this going to a decision with Calderwood taking all 3 rounds.

    Jessica Eye vs. Bethe Correia
    Both fighters coming off dissapointing performances. They got in a fight at weigh-ins. Well, actually Bethe got in Jessicas face and then got herself pushed off stage where security kindly assisted her away so they saved it for the ring. Loved it. Who cares who wins, I just want to see them scrap.

    Hard to pick the other fights because I have not seen enough of both fighters. There are some good fighters though on the rest of the card. The fighters I have seen a lot of are the ones I would put money on, though betting in the blind without knowing that much about the opposition is pretty risky business. Picking Nik Lentz over the bigger McBride (who looked horrible at the weigh-ins and still missed wieght), Brad Tavares over Magalhaes, Yancy Medeiros over Sean Spencer, C.B. Dollaway over Francimar Barroso and Drew Dober over Jason Gonzalez. The risk is mine here though, so don't put your money on just my say so. I just think these fighters are impressive no matter who they go up against.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2016
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  7. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    UFC 203

    Betting wise I went 7 out of 9 and my bookie is now trying to get me to bet on college games.

    Main Event
    Stipe and Overeem? Weird fight but Stipe got the KO at the end of the 1st. Some fights aren't justified by explaining, catch this on youtube or somewhere if you missed it.

    The Play by Play ( in reverse order, from the Co-Main Event down):

    Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne
    Interesting Werdum and Browne fight with another big mistake by referee Copeland. Werdum opens the fight landing a jumping sidekick to the face and if Browne hadn't been moving away from it that could have been the fight. Werdum outlands Browne and dislocates one of jis fingers defending a punch. Browne tries to call a timeout for a doctor, Copeland allows it and Werdum rightfully sneaks in some hard punches saying the referee never called a stop to the fight. Werdum finishes the round on Travis's back without enough time left to finsih Browne but that is clearly where the round was heading.Not a very exciting 2nd round with Fabrico easily just scoring some easy points and setting back waiting on Travis to do something so he could counter. I think that Fabricio could have finished this fight if he had fought with the same energy and purpose as he started the fight with but Werdum pretty much coasted to a easy decision win. Cleveland let Werdum know what they thought of his performance and Werdum mocked a crying face at the crowd and a brawl almost started between corners when Werdum kicked an insulting corner man of Brownes, consequently security cleared the ring of both sides cornermen who were ready for a barfight in the ring. Werdum left the ring after the decision accompanied by boos.

    Mickey Gall vs CM Punk
    CM Punk walks out to his old WWE theme song, "Cult of Personality". Fucking classic. Nonetheless, two mma nobodies fix to faceoff, not sure what to think. Punk knows how to make an entrance though. CM Punk gets choked out in the first round. I am not really surprised but I would have liked to see the fight go a 2nd round. Punk showed great sportsmandship and humility in defeat. Basically a glorious exhibition fight and Rogan told it like it was. Still, Punk showed class and guts.

    Jimmie Rivera vs Urijah Faber
    Big Faber fan, I wouldn't just pick anyone to beat him. Jimmie Rivera and crew came in looking like this was title fight. The California Kid came in like he has always done, with style. Interesting 1st round. Faber looser and pressuring but paying for it with Rivera tenser, wound up and looking to counter. 2nd round, Faber lands a kick to the groin and instead of sending both fighters to neutral corners the ref inadverdently sends Rivera to his own corner where he gets some illegal coaching. Rivera then lands a few beautiful left hook counters when they resume and actually knocks Faber down with a leg kick (a rare event in mma). Very good round for Rivera who landed some hard shots and a few more very hard leg kicks. Rivera looked even better in the 3rd round, despite an almost adverdent openhanded eyepoke but I suspect it was just a tired mistake on Fabers part as he was getting lit up. After the round though, Rivera was clearly telling his coaches he couldn't see out of right eye. I have it an easy Rivera decision and the judges agree. Faber showed heart but Rivera was the clear better fighter at this point in their careers.

    Jessica Andrade vs Joanne Calderwood
    Calderwood, who has this tiny feminine voice that totally is in abstract with her looks and fighting style, looked loose and relaxed coming in. Andrade looked muscled, determined and comfident. 1st round Calderwood getting the better of the striking game so Andrade went to the ground game with a beautiful body slam but Calderwood showed an active defense off her back. Some nice elbows from Claderwood, one standing and two from the bottom opened up some cuts on Andrade. Andrade lands some nasty ground and pound, Claderwood sweeps....Andrade goes for a guilotine choke with 30 seconds on the clock and gets it! Andrade by submission. Nice fight. Color me impressed. One more win like this and I just might get on the bandwagon, hell, I am on it now regardless.

    The Prelims:

    Bethe Correia vs Jessica Eye
    I was waiting for this fight. Bethe came out carrying some serious booty and just the idea that it was all muscle bought fully inappropriate and sexist thoughts to my mind. Oh well, I am man afterall. Jessica came out looking leaner and both fighters looked relaxed and ready for a brawl. Eye was the hometown favorite. I was surprised how much smaller Jessica Eye looked than Bethe, fighting smaller with nice technique but less power than her more muscled opponent. 1st round you have to give eye the nod here, landing a little more and staying active but it was a close round with Bethe throwing with more power and winning the clinch. Bethe came out with a very determined look in the 2nd, "The Eye of the Tiger", but Jessica was "business as usual" weaving and bobbing picking her moments. Both girls bloodied up in the 2nd, great round. I gave it to Bethe but it was close. Correia landed with more power but Eye might have landed a few more strikes. 3rd round was a bit of a disapointment, Eye staying away and getting a few strikes in but I think Bethe took the round being more aggresive and landing some clean hard hits. Bethe Corriea got the win by split decision. I thought Jessica gave the fight away in the 3rd round by not fighting hard for the win. Overall, entertaining bout. Great crowd but the boos were a bit sourgrapes because they saw the same fight I did and know Bethe earned that win, even if it was close. MMA is not boxing, you don't just go into a fight looking to outpoint your opponent. It is a fight, you go in to win and Bethe was looking for the win from the first bell.

    Brad Tavares vs Caio Magalhaes
    The Tavares fight started out looking pretty evenly matched. Tavares looked to have the edge to me going into the third round, landing cleaner and out grappling Caio while clearly trying to finish the fight but fell short against a very tough Magalhaes. Unbelievable Tavares wins this by split decision as I didn't see Magalahes winning any rounds (although the 1st round was close).

    Nik Lentz vs Michael McBride
    Nick Lentz gave up a 7 inch reach advantage to his opponent McBride. Lentz smothered McBride and beat him up in the first round. 2nd round looked the same and Lentz got the stoppage after his pounding became too much for the referee to watch. Nice example of how a smaller man can kick a much larger mans ass. To be fair McBride took the fight on 9 days notice but that often works just as much in a fighters advantage.

    Drew Dober vs Jason Gonzalez
    Drew Dober, giving up 6 inches in height and a 4 inch reach advantage, found his range, forced Gonzalez against the cage and knocked him out on his feet. I mean Gonzalez went to sleep standing and his kness just folded under him while his eyes closed. Never seen anything quite like it. I have seen fighters fly and crumble but not hit their knees with their forehead dropping to the canvas. Great first round finish.

    Yancy Medeiros vs Sean Spencer
    Yancy looked great at 170lbs., first outstriking his opponent and then finishing him on the ground.

    Overall a really good event. The Undercard was very good and worth every bit as much as the Main Card
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  8. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    I have managed to keep up with INVICTA and the UFC but I haven't felt like making the time to comment on them. Surprisingly good Main Event in UFC 204 "Bisping vs Hendo" 2. Bisping looked mawled after the fight but I watched it round for round, was rooting for Hendo and still thought Don probably came up short. Don just couldn't put Bisping away and pretty clearly was outpointed by him. Not a bad showing for the 46 year old contender though, who came out of the fight without any apparent scratches or bruises (though I am sure some appeared later, he got hit a lot). I am surprised that he lost by unanimous decision though. The first round was clearly Hendersons' but the 2nd and 5th rounds were close enough that you would have thought at least one judge would have gave him both. Instead one judge gave Bisping both and the other two gave Bisping the 5th and Hendo only the first two. A fight worth watching, if you haven't seen it.
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  9. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

    Old MMA Titans..