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Any UFC or MMA fans here?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Ceewan, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    These aren't things I have ever cared about. That does not mean they are facetious comments, I just con't care about the issue.

    Most stuff online are about PMS affecting mental attitude and the menstruation cycle affecting weight-cuts. So it is an issue with female fighters but it is one they have been dealing with since puberty. MMA fighters are no leaner than marathon runners, less as they need more body muscle. Female atheletes have been around for awhile guys. Just because they are babymakers doesn't stop them from doing physically demanding stuff like climb Mount Everest or swim the English Channel. So really, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you either.
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  2. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    ufc 199

    Spoilers ahead:

    Don't miss the Fight Pass early prelims...if for no other reason than this first fight. Fucking unbelievable. 2nd fight...not so much but it did include Alis' son-in-law. 3rd fight...another winner. Love this sport...as long as I don't have to compete. These guys are warriors. Last fight on Fight Pass was okay but left you wishing it was better.

    Prelims started off okay. Penne looked awful and Andrade may have retired her here. I was rooting for Penne but she just wasn't up to the fight. Penne ended up backing to the fence and just covering up most of the time and the ref finally stopped the fight. Third fight on the prelim card was pretty cool. Nice job Dariush, I became a fan (but that entrance music has to go bro). Love Clay Guida, one of the best to ever grace the octagon. Really tough test in Ortega, who is on his way up. I don't think the Ortega camp had a good game plan going in but Ortega finally went into desperation mode in the third round and got the KO with a knee to the temple. If you ask me Ortega was down on the scorecard 2-0 going into the third round (though the 2nd round was close) and getting the KO with 20 seconds left was a gift.

    The Main Card actually started off looking like a main card for a nice change. Dustin was incredible. Second fight? What did I say about Henderson? Do not bet against this 45 year old classic. I was actually worried for Lombards life after that elbow. The crowd was behind Hendo the whole way, which was incredible because Lombard almost finsihed the fight in the first round. These guys fought like heavyweights, a pleasure to watch. Henderson announced that he was considering retirement and with his wife and children all in attendance for the first time I think he was legit. The Holloway vs Lamas fight was very entertaining, down to the last second. Holloway has skill and guts earning the easy decision. Faber vs Cruz? Except for the first round it was all Cruz. I hate Cruz but no doubt who won the fight. Main Event shocker as Bisping knocks out Rockold in the first round. Good for him. He may not be the nicest guy in the world but at least he didn't go into the fight looking bored like Rockold who got caught then and caught again. Bisping took the fight on only two weeks notice. May he bask in his glory while it lasts.

    Overall a very good Event.
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  3. validimir

    validimir New Member

    I only wonder if the UFC hands out birth control and a timetable that goes with it, for the sake of fairness.
    For some it's a real handicap, both physically and mentally. Maybe the UFC is run via the lunar cycle :)

    What a great night of fights. I'll be back for 202.
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  4. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Well, I was going to watch UFC 200 anyway, if I was able. But now it is a must see. Brock Lesnar Returns! his opponent is Mark Hunt and that just might be the swan song for one of them, Hunt is huge. However, if you think that Lesnar can't body slam a 263lb plus guy, well, I think he can.
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  5. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

    Too lazy to hit the bars for UFC, watch it a week later for free..
  6. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

  7. lowleg26

    lowleg26 Moe Idols, Moe Problemz

    One thing I never understood about Lesnar was why he tried to stand with people who were obviously better strikers than him as opposed to smothering and systematically destroying them like he did in the second Mir fight.

    I'd bet on Hunt, but, then again, I'm always wrong!
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  8. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    A wrestler can't just shoot, it makes him predictable. Lesnar has the power to strike.....I wouldn't want to be the lamp post that gets by him but he lacks speed and defense. Lesnar blames a lot of this on his struggle with his rare blood disease, that he wasn't fighting at his best. It is why he wanted to come back because his health is so much better.

    Love his second fight with Mir, he was a maniac though and punished Mir for saying he hit like a girl. After the fight he got right in Mirs' face, ready to go some more. Scary guy. Hunt is a puncher, a brawler, a knockout artist. His ground game is lacking though. If Lesnar gets a hold of him it is over. Worse, he is talking shit. If you are going to fight a MadBull don't wave a red flag at him unless you are willing to face the consequences. I am not saying Hunt can't knock Lesnar out, he certainly can, but a wise matador treats the bull with respect. Wrestlers can be a strikers worst nightmare, think Lawler is actually looking forward to his fight with Woodley? My guess is not. because if the fight goes to the mat the striker is out of his element and the wrestler is in his zone.

    Another thing about the Mir fight; it is why Mir put on 20 more lbs. and likely why he broke two more bones in his next few fights. Getting your ass kicked can be a life changing experience. Trust me, Lesnar might be willing to take punishment for money but I bet he came back to the ring for some payback.
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  9. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Lesnar has taken a beating in the octagon but he submitted Shane Corwin who was a knockout specialist. Santos beat Corwin but never fought Lesnar, that was Cain Velasquez that TKO'd Lesnar. Santos looked great in his last outing, fooled the shit out of me because he looked awful against Overeem. Brock Lesnars' contract with the WWE is up in August and word is it was problems with WWE that has held him up from returning earlier. Lesnar is not the best heavyweight I have ever seen in MMA (not sure who I would go with there) but he is just so intimidating looking. A freak of nature. If I was looking at Lesnar or Santos....I would rather get my ass kicked by Santos.
  10. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    unfucking believable. The UFC must of paid a mint for Lesnar because they bumped Tate down from the co-main event. what a dis

    UFC 200 July 9th card:

    Light Heavyweight Daniel Cormier (c) vs. Jon Jones (ic)
    Heavyweight Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt
    Women's Bantamweight Miesha Tate (c) vs. Amanda Nunes
    Featherweight José Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar
    Heavyweight Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne
    Women's Bantamweight Cat Zingano vs. Julianna Peña
    Welterweight Johny Hendricks vs. Kelvin Gastelum
    Bantamweight T.J. Dillashaw vs. Raphael Assunção
    Lightweight Sage Northcutt vs. Enrique Marín
    Middleweight Gegard Mousasi vs. Derek Brunson
    Lightweight Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Lauzon
    Lightweight Jim Miller vs. Takanori Gomi

    I admit though, that is a stacked card.
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  11. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Turns out you were right about that, I had my facts wrong. My bad. Lesnar still has something like 18 months on his contract and is scheduled to appear at SummerSlam in August. Pretty risky for the WWE to let him fight actually, I can see why there was a delay. The rest of the UFC 200 card does look good too.
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  12. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    UFN 89

    The Early Prelims were okay

    Not a big fan of Randa Markos but the judge who scored her for all 3 rounds against Jocelyn was blind. I do think Markos earned the win but not only did she lose the third round but she was bloodied a few time in it too. Markos missed weight for the fight so she forfiets twenty percent of her purse to her opponent. If her training and commitment ever catches up to her mouth she might end up to be a decent fighter. I am not betting on that.

    Markos is the one with her hair died red:
    11996325. 11996327.

    The Prelims were excellent

    The Beal vs Soto fight was a beaut. Joe Soto looked out classed at first and was but pulled out a near win in the 2nd and finsihed it in the third. Good fight.He came in this fight on 3 weeks short notice and you could understand the raw emotions that bought tears to his eyes after his win. This is why I love mma, these guys are all heart.

    The Cirkunov vs Cutelaba fight was serious leather, with strikes echoing in the packed stadium. You know the crowd is into a fight by the way the say "ewww" after a big strike. Cirkunov, who was knicked down in the first round, has a beautiful superman punch in the third round against the cage followed by a doubleleg takedown and quickly by an armtriangle. Nice finish.

    The Main Card was good

    They start off with a womens Flyweight fight, first one of the UFC and hopefully a new womens division mainstay in the UFC. 125lbs would be a popular weight class for females. The fight was Calderwood vs Letourneau and after her fight for the strawweight title she would have been the easy pick here, despite the fact Calderwood is a hard hitter. Valerie got more strikes in the first round but Calderwood, that game Scot, about ended it with a spinning backfist to the jaw sending her opponent to the canvas. Very close to a knockout. Second round was really close, Calderwood scoring multiple takedowns but still getting outstruck by Valerie. Last round was Calderwood with heavy hits and kicks. The best I ever saw her getting the finish with another frontkick to the body. A little controversial as the fight could have been stopped more than once in the third round. Calderwood had been hitting a frontkick to the chest all night but one of those, right after almost finishing the fight with a kick to the stomach, and an apparent equipment malfunction (bullshit, she was hurt) bought a slight pause to the action. Calderwood finished the fight in less than a minute after that. Keeping my eye on Jo-Jo Calderwood.

    Calderwoos is the one connecting:

    Another good bout with the excellent Canadian wrestler Aubin-Mercer and a French fighter whom I had never seen before by the name Gouti. Love French fighters in general as MMA is not allowed in France but it doesn't stop them from representing across the globe. Gouti looked gassed in the second round after a very good first round and it looked even going into the third. Conditioning was the easy factor in Aubin-Mercers submission early in the third.

    O'Connell and Bosse was a nice slobberknocker, two lightheavyweights just giving it all they had. Amazingily it went to a decision with Bosse getting the nod.

    Patrick Cote vs the Cowboy Donald Cerrone. Cerrone, who is ranked as a lightweight but was once again fighting at welterweight. Cerrone looked great, I have no idea how he cuts down to lightweight, there wasn't an inch of fat on him. Cote, The Predator, looked his age and Cowboy finished him in the third round. Keeps this up he will be ranked in welterweight too. I was never a huge fan of Cote so I loved this. Cote isn't a good sportsman and Cerrone is and while that might not matter as far as fighting ability it does matter as far as likabilty.

    The Main Event: MacDonald vs Thompson. Thompson looked sharper clearly winning all five rounds. It really wasn't even close.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2016
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  13. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

  14. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Old news (literally, it is over a month old). I have been listening to the rumors and comments from Dana White on the subject. There does appear to be a bid for Zuffa LLC on the table that is being considered for around 4 billion dollars but I am not sure it is going to happen. WWE, if anybody, is probably the frontrunner but that is mere specualtation on my part.

    Joe Rogan said he will quit if they sell. As it is he gets a lot of free reign to say whatever he wants and is good friends with Dana and the owners. He likes that latitude and knows he won't get it with new owners.
  15. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    UFC Fight Noght 90

    Big fights coming in the next few days and they start off with this. I don't know all the fighters well but I will stick my neck out on a few bouts:

    The Main Event is a title shot between belt holder Rafael dos Anjos vs Eddie Alvarez. Now I like Alvarez, I really do but he lost a split decision to Cerrone who got creamed by Anjos (twice) and has not dominated any fight in the UFC. So while an upset is possible, it is very unlikely. Alvarez looks outclassed here. So with no logic on this but pure instinct, I am putting a few dollars on Alvarez. Why? because I like him more and he was a champ at Bellator when I still watched Bellator. Alvarez has power and guts and if he goes five rounds he might score a TKO in the championship rounds.....that is if the fight lasts that long because I get the feeling Anjos is not taking Alvarez seriously and will look for a quick finish.

    The co-main event is Derick Lewis vs Roy Nelson. Roy said he wants a title shot if he wins and Lewis says he wants the winner of the Lesnar/Hunt fight. Nelson has lost 5 of his last 7 fights and Lewis has 15 finishes in 15 wins. I think someone in the UFC is trying to retire 40 year old Nelson. I like Roy, really I do, so I am going to throw away a few dollars on him. His time is running out in the fight game and I don't think he wants to go out laid out on his back....which the most likely scenario here.

    They don't have any womens bouts on this card but at least there are plenty of them on the TUF finale the night after this. I wouldn't put a lot of money on my picks here peeps, I won't. They are emotional picks based on the fact that Alvarez and Nelson are true competitors and on a good day, they can stand with anyone in their weight class. However if either of them win I will be as surprised as everyone else. Alvarez has faced a real step up in competition since he left Bellator (and it has shown) and Nelson has lost some of that quickness he used to have that allowed him to land his jab and overhand right more frequently. That said, Lewis is a banger and he has got knocked out before and Anjos isn't invincible, he only thinks he is. Fighters shouldn't buy into their own hype and I think Anjos has done just that, which makes him vulnerable. The UFC is great for upsets for this same reason, fighters forget that they are just human and the guy opposite is a real threat.
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  16. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    In case anyone has not heard: Jon Jones has been pulled from UFC 200 by the USADA after failing a drug test. Unfucklingbelievable. Just days away and the Main Event is cancelled. Jon Jones fervently denies any wrong doing. The new main event is Lesnar vs Hunt. Lesnar, who goes back a long time with Cormier, (both are former NCAA wrestling champs), sent his condolences to Cormier who stands to lose a ton of cash from missing this fight and called Jones unprofessional. I am officially less of a fan of Jones than I was. The chances of any last minute replacement are pretty slim, not that fighters wouldn't jump at it but we are talking a very short window here. Cormier said Jones should be given due process before condemning him (classy guy) and that he is moving on from Jones and will take anyone on, even a catchweight of up to 225lbs if the UFC can find a replacement.
  17. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    UFN 90

    Congratulations to Eddie Alvarez, the new UFC Lightweight Champion. Winner by TKO in the 1st round. The stoppage was a standing TKO because Anjos just wasn't defending himself well and was getting hit with heavy shots without countering for almost a minute. To Anjos's credit though, he walked away after herb Dean called the fight, he didn't stumble. Tough SOB.

    So I am not a sore loser when it comes picking fights but Roy Nelson was robbed and Derick Lewis was booed because of it. Granted it was a split decision but 7 takedowns are what dominated the last two rounds not a very late comeback from Lewis during the last 50 seconds. While Lewis clearly won the first round he also lost the last two and everyone who saw it knew except for two of the three judges. Lewis dwarfed Nelson in that ring, (one of the few fighters that actually needs to cut weight in that division), and obviously got in some great strikes yet Nelson weathered them all. Lewis didn't deserve to get booed, he is a great fighter and trouble for anyone in his division. Props to him for asking for a rematch with Nelson after the fight, it showed character which is rarity among contenders nowadays.

    UFC 200

    So now Cormier is facing Anderson Silva (Bisping was willing by the way which would have been a better fight). Not sure what the weight will be, I will update when I know. Props to Dana or whoever deserves the credit for making the Main Event the Tates vs. Nunes which is the one of title fights on the card, (and yes Aldo and Egdar title fight are still four fights from main event).
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2016
  18. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    TUF 23 Finale.......So I figured since the season featured two female coaches and half the cast was also female that naturally......we would get more female fights on the card. Nope. Fucking sexist crap. Two female fights....twelve bouts and only two female fights. WTF! Oh well.

    Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Claudia Gadelha for the womens strawweight title. The fight could go either way but all my money would be on Joanna holding on to the title. She has twice broken her hand in fights....then gone on to win them. My money stays on this bitch until someone steps up and shows me more heart than that.

    The rest of the card has some interesting fights, I don't know if the finales for the TUF season actually fall into that category though. Look for those two fights to be decided on the ground. My guess would be Sanchez over Rountree and Tatiana over Cooper. Personally I would like to see Cooper knock Tatiana out and that could always happen but I wouldn't put my money on it.

    We do get to see the South Korean Doo Ho Choi in action with a chance to break into the UFC rankings if he can beat Thiago Tavares. Not an easy task but I just love watching this Korean fight so my money is on Doo Ho by KO. It is how he has finished his last 7 fights and doesn't everyone like a streak?

    I don't know why this is not higher on the card but one of the best fights here could be Jake Mathews vs Kevin Lee and that should be a real good fight between two young superstars. Tough one to call. I am leaning towards Kevin Lee here but it could go either way. Save your money and enjoy the fight. Either of these guys could be fighting for the belt one day.

    Gray "The Bully" Maynard and Ross Pearson are among some of the other talent on the card. Overall it should be real fun to watch.
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  19. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Tuf 23 Finale

    There was only one real fight. Joanna came back from losing the first two rounds to dominate the remaining three. Props to Claudia for staying on her feet, she really took a lot of punishment those last few rounds.

    Sanchez and Tatiana both won their respective fights. Doo Ho Choi continued his KO streak and Kevin Lee managed to finish Jake Mathews. Overall it was a good card but the Main Event was the real winner. Great fight.
  20. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

    UFC prelims set for the DVR..
    Refuse PPV prices.. (I would if the girls fought nude)
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