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    can i change my username?

    i got a new name ,wow is not just about akiba online(is about a few other (adult etc )site within these few year i register so i just clean up my name a little bit from the dark ) :exhausted: akiba are one of the few main i attend so shouldn't be too bad to change the other i think anime forum...
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    can i change my username?

    sorry,it does take long for me to ,now i have to :study: do a search and begging for admin to change it
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    can i change my username?

    i starting to think using my real name is a bit much :scared: since i might need my real name for other use:sadomaso:,can admin or moderater help me and change my username to NOSIHC please :please: and thankyou
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    RMVB and WMV - Why?

    agree you at our age..watching anime rmvb is our god life saving(it cope with download speed) (them baby never know how everything come with a reason):attention::attention::attention::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno:
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    What is your Megaupload download speed (with premium account)

    i get used to old age downloading megaupload free download 200k is more than extremely fast to me.w.happy
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    Anime Coloring Book

    thank..keep it up but at the end... if you direct trace ...that still sort of in it copyright stage bit hard to use for display..signnn
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    Why do Americans find tatoos, fake breasts, and anorexia attractive?

    in hong are only for gangster only very small fraction for men will have it...don't evern mention women have tattoo but in seem to more of an art thing personal i get used to gangster system so dislike tatto (sort of trouble)in natural
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    ~:::Hi japan and hi japanese:::~

    surely this forum were not build for leraning japanese...xd so.if you actually want to talk to japanese.use google japan..99%japanese by then and maybe give a search on keyword "learning japanese forum",i'm quite sure you'd be getting much better result..they are also far used to teaching
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    Eden of The East

    otaku armydo little instead of thinking of an solution but phone-lady did the last most important bit.. but the lady run thought naked shoppiinghall was an interesting event..XD
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    oekaki sites

    buy some proper training book... promote youself a little outside so you never bore but if you want to learn all from oekaki's artist are better talking to more time to go to the orignal than the third party... try them all out!!
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    Browser Opera

    firefox all the way...anything just not IE
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    Hi some one have the forum list like this site (akiba-online) please PM me

    SEARCH ON AV TORRENT you will soon end up will a few site but akibaOnline is more than good enough anyway
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    Rape fantasy experiences?

    definity not a easy play... highly complex in both action and mind XD.
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    Naked Japan major nabbed with women's underwear

    that is a bit too much to lost a job for saying that? = hero
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    Slot machine 'hunt' for fugitives

    the photo quility are too high?almost make me think of a filmstar or something seems interesting...wait and see what effect it can bring!!