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    Idol Media Gallerys / Albums

    So we are not allowed to post images of idols in the media index who have their own threads if this rule is applied to all images in the media section you can delete (i guess) about half of what has been posted or am i wrong? I know the images who have already been posted will not be deleted...
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    Idol Media Gallerys / Albums

    A few days ago i posted a image of Ai takanashi n the U15 category in the media index but it seems the image has been deleted May i ask why? It wasn't a full set but only 1 image from the set " Takanashi Ai - kneehigh4takanashia03"
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    Hey, where do you guys store your videos ?

    3 drives mostly idol videos but 500GB jav 1 4TB usb3 drive full 1 1TB sata drive full 1 8TB sata drive 2TB filled but quickly filling the drive
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    Rin Sasayama 笹山りん [] Rin Sasayama - p_dvd_rin-s01
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    [KIDM-493] sexy flight/久保田あさみ

    next time check the thumbnails because you can see it clearly in the thumbnails
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    How much space does your JP folder take up?

    2,6TB on 4TB external drive (only idol videos)
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    [TSDS-42038] Mira Mizobe 溝邉未来 Pure Smile

    Wrong cover This is the real one
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    Game of Thrones

    you do know you can download the episodes?
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    KIDM-484 丸の内OL物語/真丘めぐみ

    Iff you want that video so bad why don't you upload it yourself? And stop making the same request again because (i think) the admins will not like it Es specially the ones who oversee the idol sections