35 Surprising Facts About: Anime

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Aug 28, 2013


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Nov 20, 2008
I never new there was any significance behind the hair color. I always assumed the different hair colors were just a means of making the characters more distinguishable from one another in a comic book and cartoon format.
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Jul 23, 2008
The hair color bit was new to me too, wish they went into more depth (I would like to know his source for that tidbit). To be honest this was basically a "puff" piece with very little real information. They didn't make mention of "light novels" or "visual novels" which often inspire anime and they glossed over why Evangelion was controversial. There are also a lot of anime studios, writers and directors of note yet they concentrated only on one. As far as releasing anime worldwide Disney is a small time player, certainly other companies deserved a little free press here. Still, I do appreciate the share Chucky, I did learn a few items I didn't already know.
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