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  • Yesterday upon the stair I met a man who wasn’t there He wasn’t there again today I wish, I wish he’d go away

    I am sorry I forgot to send out new years greetings
    thanks for yours
    ezepietro (always cordial) sent me too. he is a good kid IMO

    is not bad for me. the scannings week-after-week for years by now, start to get to me sometimes,
    but is worse fate that could have come to me then ending up doing gentle touch-ups on young magazines cuties bottoms
    - hold still this won't hurt a bit

    but anime, donno if ready for that
    you know how some people have a (seemingly inherent) fear of mimes.
    well, that happens to me with anime.
    same thing happens with ezepietro's winky avatar.
    when I sees it I have to go running to my room and clench my penis.
    make sure I am ok.
    Hey, Ceewan! 好久不談! (Long Time No "Chat")
    Just wanted to say: Man, you are a TOTAL JUGGERNAUT! A non-stop cavalcade of exquisitely chosen Jr. Idol pictures in that Fashions and Themes thread! You, fellow, have exquisite tastes. Thank you *SO* much!

    Year 2014

    :ohgosh::cheery:Ceewan :bigkiss::confetti::confetti:

    The New Year , I hope all your dreams come true
    Hello Ceewan

    thank you for you kind words, I am sure many notice, I wish the best for you as well, and thank you for all your hard well as well, you also do a lot for us here
    Hi Ceewan! Its good to see the akiba vets are still around. I hope you are doing well.
    hello, ceewan. it feels good to not be able to be affected by dmca's, now.

    a brand new akiba is just what we needed :).
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