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    What games are you playing?

    Actually, the ending to Far Cry 5 kinda grew on me. Not that it was a good ending but it was ironic as hell. The gameplay was good and the characters were at least interesting but the story was offensive. As an American and a Christian they found a way to insult me on multiple fronts. I try to...
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    What games are you playing?

    Playing Far Cry 5. No real complaints, it is fun and all, storyline is weak. Need a Japanese VN writer at Ubisoft, they are a bit PC. Also enjoying, "South Park: Phone Destroyer" on my phone. Cool game, they add to it all the time.
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    Recommend me great anime

    Black Clover has been pretty good. Also enjoying My Darling Franx which started out interesting and just got better.
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    Making out with transgender

    Awwww who the fuck is normal anyway? Me, I don't really accept the term transgender. Nonsensical word. If you are into feminine guys then that is what you like. It still means your gay. No worries, if that is what floats your boat then go with it. Maybe then you can go to gay spots and meet some...
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    Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ?

    Actually he has done a pretty good job so far. Not the most diplomatic of personages but he has a solid business sense that has been a benefit so far. He makes enemies of the media though but most of them seem to be bought and paid for nowadays. Chances are they mostly always have been, it is...
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    Free! Eternal Summer + OVA [Dual Audio] [BDRip] [1080p]

    Been busy. Still watch anime but mostly just streaming nowadays. Not as good as having your own collection stored away and added to yet still keeps me current with what is going on. Thx for thinking of me.
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    Didn't think anyone would miss me

    Didn't think anyone would miss me
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    what are you watching? (tv shows)

    Nice share. Haven't seen you in awhile. Nice to see you in good spirits. There are even a few on your list I might check out. Saw a BBC comedy called Zapped recently. Not a big BBC fan but I found this series opener entertaining.
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    Toyota, Suzuki tying up in technology, ecology partnership

    TOKYO (AP) -- Toyota, the world's top automaker, and Suzuki, a Japanese rival that specializes in tiny vehicles, are tying up in a partnership. Both sides announced in a joint statement Wednesday they will study areas where they can work together in developing technology for the environment...
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    Any UFC or MMA fans here?

    I have managed to keep up with INVICTA and the UFC but I haven't felt like making the time to comment on them. Surprisingly good Main Event in UFC 204 "Bisping vs Hendo" 2. Bisping looked mawled after the fight but I watched it round for round, was rooting for Hendo and still thought Don...
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    Internet Freedom Act (USA only)

    The trouble here is that it is hard to fortell the future and impossible to comprehend someones intentions or motivations not only without knowing them well personally but in many instances even when one does. I read articles at torrentfreak quite often and try to keep abreast of news and views...
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    Internet Freedom Act (USA only)

    Too late. Obama has already succeeded in another stunning presidential failure.
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    what are you watching? (tv shows)

    Totally agree. There was never a better pairing of such an odd couple in the fantastic Yul Brynner and Richard Benjamin either. However you can expand on the concept of Westworld, which is what HBO is doing. The next best thing to being creative (at least in Hollywood) is stealing/borrowing an...
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    Children struggle with multiplication tables containing 4, 7 or 8: study

    Children can easily recite multiplication tables when it comes to one figure multiplied by the same figure, while it takes longer for them to say tables containing the figures 4, 7, or 8, a Japanese researcher has found. So Goto, professor at Hokkai-Gakuen University in Hokkaido, discovered the...
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    Reported an offensive image but nothing happens

    Love the South Park reference. However if I was to dissect the joke (which always removes any humor that might have been present to begin with), I would say: First of all, everyone loves Tacos. I mean what is not to like? The joke is a play on words; "said no one ever" sounds akin to "said no...