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What is Paypal Abo? Only way to subscribe to Bitshare.

Discussion in 'Filehost Discussion' started by Senior Idol, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Senior Idol

    Senior Idol Active Member

    The Paypal links for premium subscription no longer work for Bitshare, except for the one month subscription. However, the link is to Paypal Abo, not the actual Paypal website. I checked with Paypal and they have no knowledge of any service or link called "Paypal Abo." If this is an unknown service using the Paypal name, there are serious legal problems here. I like Bitshare, but I am reluctant to send money to a Paypal "service" that Paypal has never heard of.

    Anybody know what is going on? I did an internet search after exploring the Paypal site, and I could not find any answers.

    If this is indeed the end of file hosts, JAV forums and blogs, it has been wonderful while it lasted. In any case, I advise members who want premium service to be careful about where they send their money.

    Maybe after the American Presidential election has passed, our services will return.

    Senior Idol
  2. IdolFun

    IdolFun ★ ☆ I Am God ☆★ Super Moderator