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Uncensored jav and censored jav

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by Charming69, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    yes, duration is the reason why most uncenssored JAV don't have storyline

    and uncenssored make the movie maker more focus to the penetration scene, the other reason is like Inertia's posted
  2. Blade Runner

    Blade Runner Well-Known Member

    I'm not doubting your statement but it seems contradictory.

    For example, Ayumi Shinoda has an uncensored movie scheduled for release in May.

    She will have at least 2 possibly 3 scenes in a 120-min movie. Uncensored movies don't have stories so there's no need for writers. Set rarely changes. Scene opens with actress already on the set or she walks into the set. Stud(s) enters scene or already on the set. They have sex. Money shot. Move onto next scene. It appears uncensored costs less than censored. According to your statement, an actress' uncensored pay will exceed the cost of writers, actors in non-sex roles, extra cameras, acquiring locations etc.

    I consider Ayumi to be an A-list actress so she commands top dollar for any movie whether it's censored or not. If Ayumi can get a 100% or higher premium above her censored rate then your point make sense. Kudos to her if she can get it. I agree that studios assume risk with uncensored movie because additional revenues must offset costs above censored one.

    I'm trying to understand JAV economics.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2016
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  3. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    Blade Runner: sometimes those 2 hour uncensored movies just consist of scenes already posted on sites like http://caribbeancom.com/

    I don't know Ayumi Shinoda's filmography well enough to tell if that's the case for the movie you posted, but there definitely is a strong chance it follows suit.

    "Uncensored movies don't have stories so there's no need for writers."
    This holds true for censored as well. :) Studios like Attackers and FA Pro may have someone on staff who writes up dialog on top of a slew of other jobs, but pretty much all AV outside of drama titles is totally improvised.

    The pay for the actress is what makes uncensored cost more. Even though Ayumi's done uncensored before, she'll still receive a lot more for doing it again compared to her standard censored pay. A top tier actress may receive $20-30K US for her first uncensored and maybe half for future shoots (and this is going for a full day's filming so maybe 2 hours of content). Censored pay for top tier actresses is still nice, but unless it's something really special, it'd almost always be well under $10K US. Set changes aren't too costly if they're already renting out a large space.

    If you're more interested in the price of an AV shoot, I think both 'R18.com' and myself wrote about it in the DMM sticky.
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  4. Blade Runner

    Blade Runner Well-Known Member

    I've noticed uncensored movies have one new scene edited with previously released scenes marketed as 'new'.

    I didn't realize censored pay was low even for A-list actresses.

    Thanks for replying.
  5. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    thanks for your info, its answer my question why most actresses only appear 1-3 times for uncenssored ;)
  6. Sugusug

    Sugusug New Member

    Hey guys could I know the sites you keep watch and be updated about uncensored releases?

    To be more clear, what sites should I bookmark to become updated on new releases?
  7. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    Sugusug: Japanese-only, but this site pretty much is the nexus of all updates for Dreamroom's gargantuan network of sites: https://www.d2pass.com/guest/

    There's a few other players besides them, but they're the Kindle to everyone else's Nook.
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  8. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    Ahh... I didn't know there's a catch-all site for DRP... That clarify the pictures very much!
  9. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen


    Their output is beyond overwhelming when it comes to quantity. It's a major snafu not to include them in any sentence that has 'big AV studio', 'DMM, and 'SOD' in it. They are as large, if not larger*.

    *I'm only referring to adult output so obviously DMM as a whole is probably still bigger since they do many non-adult things.
  10. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    Okay, that's some nice conversation... Now back to sex.

    I don't mean to make this only about orgy, but seeing as both active participants are fans, let me throw this one down:
    RHJ-229 Red Hot Jam-229 CRB48
    First scene is also released as Carib-100811-827

    RHJ-229. Carib-100811-827.

    There was a time when Caribbean made a series of group sex vids with the theme of "CRB48". It's probably exploiting the hot scandal of the day when a AKB48 (an idol group) member made a JAV. Well that JAV with the real AKB48 star was a complete dud, but these CRB48 vids are wonderful.

    I want to emphasize if someone put mosaic on RHJ-229 it would still be a winner in the mainstream AV arena, but of course without mosaic, it's 100 times better.

    Scene 1: CRB48, in school uniform, comes to a meeting with their agent, who inform them their new sponsor is a producer of dildos and vibrators. The agent than tell the girls to get familiar with the products and you know how it develops from there. The sponsor is on hand to demonstrate the products and help himself to some young delicious flesh. The scene ends with, nude and sperms still dripping from their pussies, the girls do a little talking and presenting performance in the sort-of "idol" style.

    Scene 2: the girls are in a photo session in some colorful skimpy outfit. You know how these sessions work out, the photographer isn't happy with the girls' energy, so to get them in the mood, so he whip out a massive vibrator and pick the smallest girl and begins to molest her. Oddly in scene 2 the girls were more shy and resistant to molestation. Each girl take turn to get molested and sucks off the photographer. The girls didn't get fully naked and there's no penis-in-pussy fucking in this scene.

    Scene 3: only the lead girl is in this scene, the one with big(-ish) tits. The agent introduce her to yet another sponsor and tells her to take care of him. She follow him into a home-made prison and drugged her into unconsciously (is that really necessary??) and then 3 masked bad guys tied her up and proceed to rip off her cloths, molest and rape her. Part way through the "ordeal" she become much more compliant and freely suck and fuck the guys.

    I don't know if scenes 2 and 3 are similarly released as Caribbean vids so I don't know if there are FHD versions out there.

    The girls are solid 8/10. The "lead" girl has fake tits, but still nice. The "second" girl is quite slim and A+ or B- breasts. Not someone I'd watch (or fuck) over and over again, but for an one-off in uncesnsored, good enough. The "third" girl is borderline malnutritioned with A- tits, too too thin to get my cock hard on her own. But as a variety addition in a group sex scenario, she's perfect. Really if I get into a group sex with 3 hot girls who are too similar, it's actually not as fun as having one or two being the a-bit-too-fat or a-bit-too-thin type. The lead girl is pretty, has nice body, but definitely not in the super-hot category, the other girls are passable, not pretty and not hot in the figures. But the three of them as a team, that's pretty awesome.

    The sex: scene 1 is by far the best, but all three scenes are more than watchable for the sex.

    The situation or setup. This is the real winner here. The costumes are simple but well selected. The situations are nicely varied but consistently and convincingly setup as a probable (may or may not reflect the real world) sexual travails of minor celebrity idols.

    To put it quite crudely, being molested and irrumatio and creampied is "part of the game" for AV performers and/or girl idols in this slightly fantasized world. I get a huge boner for it.
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  11. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    what i do not under stand is this. how come law has not been change over years. is it because afraid that usa or other markets porn films hurt their sells. or they just want to control whole business
  12. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    chirsfallout: short answer: money.
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  13. I always check:
    To see new releases, since they aren't cheap, I am content buying 'bootleg copies' from a Taiwanese site, I don't have unlimited internet and even if I had it's to much hassle to DL a movie.
  14. I don't get it, if the law was changed the JAV movies would actually appeal to those that are put off by the censoring.
    You know the Japanese are so lazy they could add English translations so that we non-Japanese understand the plot, I mean the Chinese add Chinese subs to them anyway, so if they can do it why not the actual companies.
    The censoring has to go, its stupid and you can see most of what they are trying to hide anyway, so might as well show it uncensored.
  15. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    Metroplex1978: the law won't be changed. At least not for another generation and that's even pushing it. The reason (short answer)? It's not the studios who want censorship and it's not exactly the government either. And it's also not religious groups (for the most part). There's another very powerful party (and no, it's not the yakuza) that wants it to stay.

    Do you really feel like the Japanese are 'lazy' about adding in translations? Chinese, Japanese, English, Sanskrit, it's all the same to you right?
  16. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    Let me try try to make a short post, for a change. Also for a change, a non-orgy title:

    HEYZO-1137 Miniskirt Creampie Interview Honoka Orihara
    折原ほのか ミニスカ着用で中出し内定ゲットしました!?
    This is new release so the torrent is super fast, grab it. The title translation is mine I don't know how accurate it is, but it's my best effort of fixing the machine translation. Simple story Honoka Orihara goes to an interview of some kind, looking for a job, who knows?

    It's a single 60 mins scene. 60 mins is too long for a single scene, but it's standard for uncensored. The scene goes: she's in bathrobes scanning a newspaper (a bonus META: all the sexual organs are uncensored but almost half the screen is blurred out for this part, to obscure the actual publication she's reading, LOL) and find something (a job ad?) and change into an OL outfit. Just an excuse to ogle at her in underwears for a couple mins. She comes to the interview with 2 guys, a little chat and they make her bend over to show her legs and rear end. So the "miniskirt" (actually I would only call it short skirt) of the title comes in, and the interviewers enjoy a few of her pantyhose and pink panty. Right on que the sexual harassment escalates and soon they are touching and groping her and the rest of the vid progress to nudity, tits play, pussy play, fellatio, finger fuck, and V&M double penetration.

    Slightly predictable, but well paced, well filmed and most importantly, well fucked. I especially like that it wasn't yet-another twisted tale of rape and victimization. Just 2 guys use a little situation advantage and get a nicely figured girl into threesome sex. She was shy at first but it doesn't prove difficult to bring the slut out of her. Uncomplicated, carnal pleasure, yet not a soul-less all-sex scene. The vid has just enough set-up (especially compared to most uncensored vids) to establish the roles and relationships.

    The highlight (for me) was actually the (very belatedly) discovery that "Honoka Orihara" also do uncensored vids. She's the artist formally known as Mizuki Akai. And I was a great fan of hers, watching and rewatching several of her AVs both censored and uncensored. But Mizuki Akai faded away and I missed the memo about her disappearance was only a change of name. But then I was wondering is she going hold off on uncensored vids for a period of time to protect her "chastity" aka "brand value" under the "Honoka Orihara" name. The answer is, happily, no. It turns out there are at least 3 uncensored vids so far. This one looks like the best out of the 3. Carib-030416-110 Magic Mirror Guillotine Guess the Ultimate Licker is too gimmicky. And the other one... well the still photos look pretty bad, as if she's 40 years old. Yes unfortunately she's gotten a bit older and fatter since the E-Body days. But in this HEYZO-1137 she's still great for fappers.
  17. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    The title in that's more like: Honoka Orihara scores a job offer by dressing in a miniskirt and having sex with a nakadashi ending.

    'Naitei' = tentative offer.
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  18. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    usually I don't like 1 vs 1 action, except if the actress is my favorite, and Honoka Orihara is in my favorite list

    the advantange from uncenssored JAV is beside I can clearly see their pussy, I can see if they get fucked by real big cock or just standart or event under sized
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  19. Fisheraaa

    Fisheraaa Active Member

    The thing with censored is ... it's not that much that you can't see what you can't see, but the fact they you have blurry pixels on half of your screen which destroys any immersion.
    I'd rather have those erotic movies that intentionaly hide the penetration instead of the blurry mess.
  20. princeali692

    princeali692 Jav is love... Jav is life...

    How much do you get paid to censor jav? Do they have another company do it or do the studios do it themseves? Would be a cool job. :D